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Corellian Jedi Order Symbol

The Corellian Jedi Order is an order that was founded in the Outer Rim in the Yavin Prime system, on the moon Yavin XIII, by a Corellian Jedi. This Jedi is Master Helion Dragonash.

As Corellian Jedi, we seek to help those in need, but we reserve our rights to be who we are. We do not demand respect, as some Jedi do. We feel respect must be earned and not expected.This is how our order was founded and is how our order shall stay.

"Be who you are, no matter who likes it or not."

— Master Helion Dragonash

The Corellian Jedi Order is not out to be the biggest or the best order around. We are simply doing the best we can and being who we are.

It was later renamed as White Moon Jedi Order.

Master Daegus of the new corellian jedi order shall be bring back the old ways and people shall once more know of the corellian jedi order though Daegus.


Council Masters


  • valcanis Seetan

    Some of the Corellian Jedi Masters

  • Dro Plund


  • Kasey Tennen - Kit Scathach
  • Dyllan Bellic
  • Sue Veliz
  • druidgirl Kelberry - Tayla
  • Voren Redden (gunther Burner)
  • Shyla Hastings
  • Daegus