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Cobalt Ra'ann is a 34 years-old female Nelvaanian, formerly Jedi Knight of the GLA Jedi Vanguard, and now Verd'ika of Mandalorian aliit Runi, living on Bakura.


Diaspora and early life

Cobalt was born on Nelvaan but never truely knew her homeworld, as she was still a sleeping pup in her mother's back-crib when her parents departed for Taris, mesmerized by the false promises of the so called "Outer Rim Coruscant"... But like many other non-humans, Cobalt's family soon ended up in the Lower City's slums.

The Nelvaanian grew up down there, and while it wasn't easy, it at least had the merit of teaching her how to defend herself with a blaster. Additionally, Cobalt also grew fond of swoop races (an entertainment that seemed quite popular down there) and while she never took part in any of them, she did manage to learn a lot of things about engines, at the contact of swoop pilots after the races. Upon reaching adulthood, it helped her get a small job as a mechanic. Not the Eldorado in any way, of course, but still...

It was soon after her 27th birthday she started experiencing unknown sensations...


Though she knew about the Force and what it could do, those were rumors at best, and even then, many of the Lower City's poorest inhabitants considered this as a mere fairytale to fascinate little children before bedtime. Cobalt however wanted to believe there was more to it than sorcery tricks.

As a result, gathering the few Credits she had, the Nelvaanian departed for Yavin IV, Home of the New Order of the Jedi, in a hope of finding answers to her questionings ; while she appreciated her sojourn there, she soon realized most of the Jedi Masters weren't of an easy access, save perhaps for a few persons, Also, she had the bad luck of arriving there at the moment of a major schism in the Jedi council, which understandably left the Masters little time to deal with new applicants for the Order.

The Knights Academy and the Imperial invasion

She however persisted, and eventually managed to join the Knights Academy. This newly formed order, first based on Naboo, was soon moved to Coruscant; Cobalt began her training there under the guidance of Master Zero Upshaw.

However, both got separated when the Imperials attacked and took control of the city. Managing to escape the Empire's soldiers, Cobalt hid among the city's sewers for a few weeks, before eventually sneaking past the patrolling guards and stealing the last remaining jedi starfighter. As soon as the Nelvaanian reached the planet's orbit, though, her ship was assaulted and damaged by a TIE squadron, and she only avoided destruction by randomly jumping into hyperspace.

Zonama Sekot and the Potentium

Cobalt Ra'ann's curved lightsaber hilt

Crippled, her fighter drifted away at lightspeed from Coruscant, until she came to crash on Zonama Sekot, home of the Potentium Knights. Having survived, she was rescued and healed by the Masters there. Later, discovering their philosophy, she decided to join their Order. She later resumed her training as an Apprentice to Master Susallia Arida, and was soon experienced enough to consider building her first lightsaber hilt. Having discovered a crystal on Polis Massa, she first had the idea of crafting a forked lightsaber hilt, like the one used by famous Jedi Master Roblio Darté ; yet it proved too difficult a task, and in the end, Cobalt rather made her choice for a curved hilt specially designed for Form II (Makashi), a fighting style she's profficient in. At the end of her apprenticeship, she successfully passed the Council's trial for knighthood.

In the course of the years spent on Zonama, Cobalt developped a close relationship with Ashram Starkiller, Captain of the Potentium Fighter Squadron, and Force scholar ; as the two studied together, this relationship soon turned into a romance, and months later, Cobalt found herself pregnant with Ashram's son, Ahanu.

Uvena Prime : A new Beginning... and an abrupt disappointment

After her son's birth, however, the Nelvaanian gradually became disillusioned with the Potentium, and decided it was time to move on ; leaving Zonama with her mate and child, she spent some time on Dathomir, in the company of Saarai Kaar Vitari and his followers, before once again moving offworld.

Therefore settling down on Uvena Prime, Cobalt decided to start over regarding the Force, having been generally dissatisfied with her previous experiences. In that optic, she joined the ranks of the GLA Jedi Vanguard of Uvena Prime as an Initiate, and ranked up to Padawan, under the guidance of Sir Owynn. However, things soon got awry once more, and the Nelvaanian soon grew generally dissatisfied with both her training's lack of progression and Ashram suddenly becoming more and more distant. Simultaneously, her relations with her now teenage son Ahanu started to sour, as he would attribute his father's repeated absences to Cobalt's new choice of life. The last straw was pulled when Cobalt received news of Ashram's death. In disarray, the Nelvaanian only fell deeper into an already brooding state of depression, and started cutting all ties with her peers.

Her eventual Knighting at the initiative of Master Viprous Auroras didn't improve her mood the least, as she felt it had been pretty much conducted "by default" due to her age, and overall felt rehashed.

In the end, Cobalt decided to renounce the Force once and for all, announcing her resignation from the Jedi Order as a whole.

Personality and traits

Cobalt evolved from a wide-eyed, idealistic aspirant to a sharp-minded, serious and unsubmissive young woman. Her childhood in the slums of Lower Taris taught her a lot, especially that life doesn't have to be a flower field, and that crying on yourself is useless and unproductive. She can be impulsive at times, and generally says aloud what she thinks, which can sometimes have her be perceived as harsh and unforgiving. Nonetheless, she's a very friendly woman, and a loving - if severe - mother.

It should also be noted that Cobalt becomes unusually aggressive when undergoing her heats, which happens once a year... During that period, she will however usually avoid contact with others, especially females, as her predatory instincts tend to overtake her reasoning.

Powers and abilities

As a member from a lupine species, Cobalt naturally has sharp senses of smell and hearing, that are even more accentuated by her Force ability. Her sense of sight is also good, though partly impaired in bright light, forcing her to wear ocular filters during daytime.

Cobalt is scholastically gifted and pursues in-depth studies on the Force. While not as much of a fighter as some others of her Jedi fellows, she can use a blaster and is profficient in Form II Lightsaber combat, that is why she wields a specially designed curved hilt with a cyan blade to reflect that choice. As of late, she additionally began training in the discipline of lightsaber throw. She is also gifted as a mechanic and can fix a wide variety of electronic equipments ; at the age of 12, she had already built a small remote droid that is still active to this day, and follows her everywhere she goes.

As far as the Force goes, and as a Consular, she possesses decent skills in various domains and does her best to be polyvalent. Using the Force to enhance her natural mobility and agility is something she tends to be skilled with, even though, in the past, she occasionally missed a Force Jump and ended up smashing her head into the roof edge of Zonama's library...

Behind the scenes

Cobalt Ra'ann is played by Cobalt Carter. I have been in SWRP since August 2007. I am a self-taught builder and i have created most of my equipment. Feel free to contact me if you need building tips.