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Tal’galar Clan was a Human bloodline that dates back to the Mandalorian Wars. Tal'galar is a Mando'a verb which means "to spill blood" or "to bleed" and their banner was a Neo-Crusaders emblem on a blood red background. The Clan members fought as Mercenaries in many campaigns and under many Mandalore. They sided with Jaster Mereel and the True Mandalorians during the Madalorian Civil War, but the Clan paid a heavy price during the war. After the Jedi massacre on Galidraan the Clan was all but wiped out.

Soon after this the remaining members of Tal’galar Clan moved to Concord Dawn and it was several generations before members of the clan decided to followed in their ancestors footsteps and took up the roll of Mercenaries. It was during this quiet stage in Tal’galar Clan’s history they shortened their name to Talgal.

In 135 ABY Sem Talgal, believing he was the last surviving Clan member, decided to use the Clan name and banner for a group of Mercenaries. He declared himself Alor (Leader) of the Tal’galar Clan and set about rebuilding it. The newly rebuilt Clan was based in Mos Eisley on the planet of Tatooine.

Members of Clan Tal’galar

Behind the scenes ((OOC information))

The full group name is: Mandalorian Clan - Tal'galar