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The Mandalorians of Clan Socarras were a group of warriors founded by A'denla Kad.

Early History


The Origins of clan Socarras can be traced directly to clan Fett, lead by the infamous Jarod Fett, who claimed to be the rightful Mand'alor and was in constant conflict with those in the core coalition of clans, at the time lead by Mand'alor Ardon Mereel. Jarod was thought by his followers to be a hero, a father, like all clan members generally view their Alor, though they were blind as to Jarod's true motive, and leadership ability. Members of Fett, including those who would eventually become Socarras, served him blindly, naive to the fact that he didn't hesitate to throw away the lives of his warriors if it came down to it.

a banner of Clan Fett, taken by the rebels as a trophy

This was realized however, when one of those closest to him, known as Ralfredo Socarras, was betrayed due to a conflict of interest, and cast out. Ralfredo, fuelled by an undying need for vengeance, called for all those in Fett to whom he had earned allegiance from, who took Ralfredo's unlawful exodus as a realization of Jarod's true persona. Quickly, they rallied to Ralfredo, and organized, armed, and prepared to openly resist Jarod's rule. With this, Ralfredo decided to reform the Fett exiles into a clan within itself, using his own name, Socarras.

The followers eagerly adopted this new name, and became the first Socarras warriors, resistors to the corrupt rule of Jarod and his minions in Fett. Jarod, to no surprise, reacted violently to this blatant show of defiance, and sent forth across the galaxy assassins, mercenaries, and traitors, to hunt down members of the newly formed clan, and overwhelm them when alone, dishonourably murdering most of the clan, and driving what was left into hiding. For the first, and last time in its history, Socarras was defeated and forced into hiding. Though the few Socarras members that remained had no intention of backing down, and aimed to rebuild and strike again. Jarod, however, took no chances. He constantly sent more and more agents of dishonour to seek out the remnants of the rebel clan. It was then that Ralfredo met a much older Mandalorian known as Ge'tal of Skirata. Ge'tal, curious of this new, and battered clan, observed them and their leader first-hand, and eventually became satisfied that they truly embodied what Mandalorians were. Upon reaching this conclusion, Ge'tal began helping to train the young inexperienced Warriors, the young Ralfredo included. Eventually, they became comparable to the warriors of Skirata themselves, and by this time the young Socarras clan had regrouped, re-armed, and was more populated.The time had come to get vengeance on the Tyrant, and all those who served him.

members of Socarras during the rebellion.

The crusade on Fett was launched. Socarras, now having the full support of Ge'tal, went forth and destroyed a grand majority of the Fett Clan. Unfortunatley, Ge'tal managed to reach Jarod before they did, but the deed was done. The newly-formed Socarras clan had defeated its oppressive master, and gained its right to master itself, through nothing less than blood, sacrifice, and what would define Socarras for the rest of it's history: War


Immediately after Socarras won its interdependence, it began developing a reputation as a generally aggressive lot. The many hardships that many of the Socarras suffered during the rebellion became vented at aruetiise, often Socarras would be seen deliberately taking offence to slight comments, and being very prone to violence. At this time, Socarras relied mainly on brute force to get it's way. This attracted more potential warriors to Socarras, such as Tyro, Kaze, and Ravenor Ward whom, much later on, would have a great impact on Socarras' culture. During this time, Socarras was a fiercely independent clan, void of all outside entities and clans, though they acknowledged Ardon Mereel as the rightful Mand'alor. The young clan had wreaked havoc many worlds, though mainly in Tatooine where they found the most promising adversaries to be.

the Young Alor A'denla, sitting on Jarod's throne with Tyro(Right) and Kaze(Left)

The two new young hopefuls Tyro and Kaze, were personally trained by Ralfredo, eventually becoming formidable warriors themselves, though Tyro more so. Both of these warriors became fierce enforcers of Socarras ways, Kaze even becoming Alor'ad of the clan. Tyro, while a formidable one himself, had a controversial mind, and it prevented him from advancing in position as quickly as Kaze.

Eventually, Socarras grew in size. And with it, so did it's holdings on planets. It was then that they acquired their first fortress in Ord Mantell. With their new Fort, they became primarily based in on the planet, where their attitude was no different. On Ord Mantell, they spread across quickly, with their thirst for battle, and went about challenges all those deemed worthy.

The Beginnings of Civil War

after becoming comfortable with the various properties they held on various planets, the warriors of Socarras became comfortable and settled to live a rather calm lifestyle for the time being. It was here that an Elder known as Garth took notice of the Clan. And while Ge'tal still mentored many in the clan, the warriors didn't mind another helping hand. Ralfredo, now renamed A'denla Kad by those in the clan, accepted Garth's offer for mentor-ship, and he as well began teaching where he could.

Garth and Ge'tal had fundamentally different beliefs, Garth seeing the central clans as an oppressive entity, and Ge'tal seeing them as rightful. Both mentors educated the clan according to their beliefs on the matter, it was here that the Core clans themselves began taking notice of the young and aggressive clan. Ge'tal, having relayed many good news of Socarras to the Elders and Mand'alor, had gained them favour in he eyes of the core clans. At the same time however, Garth was trying to convince the clansmen to stay away from the core clans. This quickly began a split of ideologies within the clan, and the once unified clan became drawn between those who believed in Garth, and those that believed in Ge'tal, though like in any clan, it's fate rested on the sole word of it's Alor, which at the time was the young A'denla Kad.

A'denla had dreamed of Socarras sitting amongst the most powerful of the Mandalorians, and was much inclined to become part of the Core clans, as an offer had already been made by Mand'alor himself. Though, the fear of Civil war kept him from going along with the decision, and he sought to find the benefits of remaining a derelict outter clan. He attended a grand gathering of all the derelict clans, which included clans like Beskar Buy'ce, and what remained of the defeated Fetts now under new leadership. Much to his dissatisfaction, all talks were about how to overthrow the Mand'alor, and how to defeat the Core Clans. Disgusted, and finding it defiant of the Resol'nare, A'denla declared finally that Socarras would become a Core Clan. Angered by the declaration, Garth pleaded with the young Alor to decide otherwise, but the Alor respectfully declined. Infuriated, Garth left, and took with him those that believed in his ideals, betraying Socarras and cutting it's numbers in half. Amongst those that betrayed the Clan were Kaze, and one named Ashiany.

For the most part ignoring the action, the Clan travelled to Dxun, where the Core Clans of Mereel, Ordo, and Skirata welcomed them with open arms, gave them a compound, and immediately took to treating them as one of their own. Soon, Socarras replenished it's lost numbers in the split,and was as it was before, except more powerful. Meanwhile, the traitors of Socarras, now fanatical in their regard for Garth, formed a new clan in rebellion to Socarras, naming it "Darasuum". History had repeated itself quite clearly, and the young Socarras'Alor found himself in the same position that Jarod was while dealing with the Socarras rebels. With the blessing of Mand'alor, Socarras declared war on the newly formed Darasuum, and soon, before they had a chance to grow in strength, were being eradicated. Tyro, having exiled himself from Socarras for personal reasons, was now replaced by Ravenor Ward as Alor'ad, a young and eager Kel Dor who eagerly took part in slaughtering the traitors.

Ravenor's Crusade

Before long, several otherwise minor clans joined to the cause of the supposed "Rebels", and soon the Core Clans felt threatened. Collectively, the smaller clans voiced accusations of Elitism, oppression and the like. finding perhaps any excuse to enter conflict with the major clans. Socarras was on the forefront of the conflict, being a target for the majority of the slander thrown toward the clans, accused of murder, unruly conquest, and crimes of war. The clan as a whole ignored the insults, but it became clear soon that action must be taken.

before long, the "United Mandalorians" were formed in opposition to the Core clans, and it became clear the the Central Clans that diplomacy would come as futile. It was then, that A'denla Kad was proclaimed the new Mandalore by the Clans to respond to this threat. Ravenor Ward, Alor'ad to the clan, proclaimed himself the new Socarras'Alor, and swore to achieve victory against the derelect clans. The new Alor chose Ori Kot, a formidable Trandoshian, as his Alor'ad.

Ravenor immediatley began reforming many of the clan's ideals. Up until his Alorship, the Clan relied on little more than brutish tactics, and a blindly aggressive approach to situations. He theorized that the Clan's prowess

Ravenor Ward, Alor of Socarras and first Akaan'Mirshe.

in battle coupled with a strategic competency could make for an unstoppable force, and so he got to work, at first creating a new position of prestige: The "Akaan'Mirshe"(Brains of War). It was a position reserved only for those in the clan to show the upmost prowess in warfare, both on the front lines and from the end of bonoculars. Those that Ravenor chose as Alaan'Mirshe would be his commanders, the ones to lead forcesof Socarras uon the enemy.

The new reforms came just in time as open hostilities began with the alliance of outter clans. Civil War finally broke out between the Central clans, at the time consisting of Socarras, Ordo, Mereel, and Skirata against the derelect clans headed by Dralshy'a, Kata, and Beskar Buy'ce. Ravenor reacted promptly by unleashing Socarras upon them. he realized the Central Clans were vastly outnumbered by the so-called "United mandalorians", and that strategy was more essential than ever. Ori Kot arguably launched himself against the outter clans before Ravenor could command him. At a relentless pace, the Trandoshian berserker made it his priority to hunt and destroy any of the outter clans that he found. Leading from the front, the Alor'ad successfully scored victory-after victory for the clan. Under Ravenor's revolutionized combat doctrine, the Clan's tactics completely changed; attacking points of exceptional value, outrageous flanking maneuvers, and complicated battle strategies that left the enemy largely dumb-founded.

After a drawn-out conflict, the collective efforts of all the Clan, and the effective leadership of the Mandalore, the outter clans gave up in trying to dent the central clans, and mostly retreated to their own settlements. While the occasional skirmish ensued between the two sides, the Civil War was mostly done with, the Central clans emerging largely victorious.

The False Mandalore

After the victory over the derelect Clans, A'denla Kad stepped down from the position of mandalore, not wanting any more of the inter-clan bloodshed, though he would vow to become so again. Ravenor then willingly gave up his position of Alor, having done his service to the clan in his view. A'denla became the Socarras'Alor once again, and Ravenor an Akaan'Mirsh. Ori Kot still remained Alor'ad of the clan. A'denla maintained the new combat doctrines and ideals that Ravenor set forth, agreeing with Socarras' new and successful approach to Warfare.

a period of relative peace followed for a few serene years for the clan. Ori Kot had gone into self-exile, Ravenor,with the Clan's blessing, attempted to found his own clan born of Socarras. Bickering did however still exist between the CoreClans and what was left of the United Mandalorians, and while largely at peace, Mandalorians still found themselves pitted against each other. The ultimate insult to the Core Clans came when Rhubardin, a Mandalorian woman who was stripped of honor and exiled years prior, declared herself Mandalore. Immediatley, the Clans of Socarras, Mereel, Ordo, and Skirata, and the new Vau refused to follow the so-called "Mandalore". Collectively, Socarras called for aggressive initiative against what they reffered to as "The False mandalore". Before Rhubardin could make her first edict, Socarras was already on the march, aiming to spill the blood of any who supported Rhubardin. This meant going against their old rivals, like Kata and Dralshy'a. members of Socarras met the Rhubardin-supporters in battle, and emerged swiftly victorious, the other Core Clans doing the same. The followers of Rhubardin could not stand up to clans which held such importance on Military prowess.

It was here that members of Socarras came across Lok. While scouring the world for followers of Rhubardin, the clansmen came across a massive, abandoned factory. Immediatley, Ravenor and A'denla directed a complete revamp of the factory, rebuilding it into a grand Mandalorian War forge, specializing in building weapons of war, greatly increasing Socarras'potential for war. Within weeks of being rebuilt, the forge became a settlement for many Socarras, where they worked and produced a variety of weapons. it was here that relations with the revenant Armada began. An envoy known as Grand marshall Preacher brokered a trade agreement with Socarras, which saw the Revenant actively purchasing from the clan,in turn growing friendly relations between the Armada and clan. The Revenant then saw fit to allow Socarras to create business in their stronghold, opening Ne'tra vhett bars.

After a demoralizing campaign which brought forth more bickering than bloodshed, Rhubardin finally renounced the position of Mandalore.The clans, while still at odds with each other, lived in a state of relative peace.

The Mandalorian Charter

in the years the followed the fall of the false Mandalore, Clan Socarras won many minor victories against various outside forces, though nothing extravagant. friendly relations between clans that were once enemies grew rapidly, and the remnants of the period of civil strife were almost completely forgotten. At the time with A'denla Kad as Alor, the Clan lived a steady existance, supplied with good income from the Forge on Lok and scattered bars, quenching their thirst for battle when members saw fit. There was still constant bickering with Clan Kata, but at least there wasn't bloodshed like the years prior. During this time, there was a Mandalore whom was so for a very short period, and in that short period creating discourse. She was swiftly removed from the position. It was here that inspired the need for more organization within the Mandalorian people. Alor A'denla proposed to the leaders of the other clans the drafting of a "Charter", a document of sorts that would better outline the needs of the Mandalorian people, to favor all clans, and further unite them as a people.

Immediatley, writing began. The Alor of Socarras gained others to help in the writing, such as Tyro Socarras, Niv Dralshy'a, and Myles Shy'sa, all of which essential to the drafting. Before long, a gathering of the Alore of all the clans were called, and a massive gathering was held in an outlying settlement on Mandalore. Socarras as a whole was already supporting it. As was Mereel, Shy'sa, and others. With a large majority of the clans in favor, the Mandalorian Charter was officially ratified, and like others, Clan Socarras tooka prominent seat on the

The Mandalorian Charter, with the insignias of the first clans to support it.

newly-born High Council. Kata, always opposedto what Socarras supported, grew strongly against the Charter, as did Ordo, now under new leadership. While the Charter was a grand step toward unifying the Mandalorians, the vocal opposition of the minority planted the seeds for civil strife, strife that was destined to throw Socarras gainst their once-trusted brothers and sisters in Ordo.

Within weeks of the Council's rebirth, in a field on Irridonia, the Warriors of Ordo and their supporters met the collective forces of Socarras, Mereel, Shy'sa, and Skirata. Both sides bickered and yelled insults for an extended period, before the Socarras Alor'ad; the young An'ila Kad, son of A'denla Kad and accomplished warrior, rushed forward and fired the first shots, lighting the fuse and causing an eruption into battle. The battle was brutal, but saw the Council's Mandalorians overcome Ordo's might, and emerge victorious. While Ordo Kata remained opposed to the Council and its Charter, there was never again a direct skirmish between the two.

Recent History

The Clan under Tepes

It wasn't long before a Mandalorian veteran known as Tepes Karr rose to claim the title of Mandalore. Socarras, like many clans adhering to the six actions, rallied to his call. Tepes' prowess on the battlefield was well known and respected throughout, and Clan Socarras as a whole welcomed such a leader of the Mandalorians. The Socarras'Alor quickly rose to become one of Tepes' closest afvisors.

In the Galaxy, one of the prominemt powers were known as the tetan Empire,and Mandalore Tepes saw them as perhaps a worthy opponent, ripe for conquest, a challenge fit for the Mandalorian people. The newly-proclaimed Mandalore then issued a declaration of war to the Tetan government, and so it began. The mandalorians mobilized to confront their new enemies, and Socarras was no different. Fighting alongside the Mandalore, the Clan once again proved it's relentless mastery of warfare, making battlefieldsout of Bakura, aiding the Mandalore in taking temples, cities, and all the spoils which came with it.

In the midst of the war, the Mandalore also had domestic issues to keep watch over, among those was the prominent rivalry held between Socarras and Clan Kata. From Socarras' standpoint, Kata's very existance was offensive, and longed to destroy them. They did however refrain from being the cause of civil strife in the Mandalorians, having seen enough of it in the past. Tepes did, however, have to be the one to diffuse several volitile situations that, were it not for him, war would have erupted between the two clans.Though each situation that tepes calmed down only strengthened the tensions between Socarras and Kata, and many members of Socarras eagerly would look at the Elders for a declaration of Crusade on Kata. The Socarras'Alor and the Elders of course refused to go to war, believing such a war would not only yield no challenge, but be detrimental to the stability of the Mandalorians, and so peace, while fragile, lingered.

As conflict with the Tetans slowly came to a close, Tepes' leadership ability came into question. Here, Tyro Votino Socarras rose to challenge Tepes for the title. The two met on one of Kata's bases. Most Socarras refused to even set foot on Kata territory, and so the Clan's presence during the duel was near-none. Some, however, did witness it. The Duel saw Tyro emerge victorious over Tepes, dealing him an honorable death at his hands, and claiming the mask of Mandalore.

Alorship of An'ila Kad

During the later stages of Tepes' reign over the Mandalorians, A'denla began to convince himself that perhaps he had served as Alor to his proud family long enough. His reign now entered over twenty three years since Ravenor relinquished the title to him. Finally, in a Ne'tra Vhett bar located on a settlement on Kerest, A'denla gathered members of the clan, and announced an end to his long reign over Socarras, relinquishing it to his Alor'ad and son, An'ila Kad. While many in the clan voiced discontent over his decision to step down, the Elder affirmed his stance as final.

Within literal minutes of being proclaimed the new Alor by his father, An'ila retreated to his quarters, already planning as to how to achieve even more everlasting glory. He declared Tyro his new Alor'ad, Tyro ,however, went

An'ila Kad, recently-proclaimed Alor sitting on Jarod's Throne.

on to challenge and defeat Tepes for the title of Mandalore. The new Alor'ad came in the form of a young warrior named Mirshe Sol'yc. The young Mirshe was true to his adopted name, favoring the use of tact to approach situations, a trait which made him a valuable asset to the new Alor.

A target finally emerged in the order known as The Disciples of Ragnos, a new Sith band which earned the new Alor's attention. While An'ila personally saw little challenge in conquering the order, there was little glory to be found under the new Mandalore's reign, and many in the clan thirsted for a war. Finally, An'ila issued the Arch Lord of Ragnos a formal declaraction of war, and allowed the Disciples time to prepare. The Crusade was launched as An'ila intended, with or without the Mandalore's blessing.Immediatley, Sith bodies piled up as warriors from Socarras relentlessly attacked whatever posts the Disciples had, even made killing Sith a right of passage for young ones looking to pass their verd'goten. During their crusade on the Disciples, Socarras only suffered a minor defeat on Naboo, but ultimatley emerged victorious as the Disciples vanished from their posts, re-emerging once again only after the Clan lost interest in further attacks.

Shortler after the onslaught on the Disciples, and recovery from a duel with his sister, the Alor took notice of the war brewing on the planet of Uvena Prime. The Revenant Armada, good customers of the Clan's Forge, were oppressing the Natives of the planet. The Clan saw the actions of the Revenant as wholely wrong, and An'ila would cut off trade relations with the Armada. While a very few members of the clan took part in the battle, the Socarras'Alor refused to mobilize the entirety of the clan to fight, finding the conflict unworthy; the strong prese

An'ila Kad in the late stages of his Alorship, standing alongside his brothers.

nce of the Republic and Clan Kata discouraged him from providing very direct aid.

Alor An'ila had succeeded bringing on a measure of glory for his clan, and in the time of peace that followed chose to focus on maintaining the Forge on Lok. During the Jedi-lead uprising of the Shistavanen people on Uvena Prime, An'ila personally took part in working in the Lok mines and building firearms. this extended era of peace however, was seen as inactive leadership by Mirshe, An'ila's Alor'ad. A duel for the title was called, and fought within an outpost on Ord Mantell which saw An'ila victorious. A short time after however, he would go into a short-term exile, and return to see his former Alor'ad the new Socarras'Alor.

Mirshe's reign

An'ila's Alor'ad would claim the title of Socarras'Alor shortly after the Alor's self-imposed exile. Mirshe Sol'yc is now the current reigning leader of Clan Socarras, While seeking further glory in the form of enemies to be

Mirshe Sol'yc sitting on Jarod's Throne

conquered, Mirshe has been mostly maintaining general stability in the clan, the next chapter in Socarras' history is only waiting to be written.

Clan Organization

Mandalorian Clans vary in their rank structure and organization; Socarras as a whole possesses four official ranks: verd(Warrior), Alor'ad(Captain), Alor(Chieftain), and Akaan'Mirshe(Brains of War). In Socarras, The Alor is viewed more as a Military leader rather than a Family Head as most clans do. The Alor'ad, of course, is charged with carrying out and enforcing the decrees of the Alor. The position unique to the Clan however is the "Akaan'Mirshe". Created by Ravenor Ward, those granted this title are considered by the clan to be the grandest in terms ofthe Arts of Battle in general. They serve as venerable commanders of the Clan's forces, and many times hold more prestige than perhaps the Alor'ad himself. The typical Akaan'Mirshe is an outstanding veteran, proven their worth time and again over years in battle both on the front lines and in the strategic aspects. In essence, the Akaan'mirshe is reserved for those Socarras proven to be the most well-established conquerors of their number.

Combat Doctrine

The way in which Socarras conduct themselves is contriversial in the current timeline of the Mandalorians in some regards. Often regarded by other clans as borderline Neo-Crusaders, Socarras possess a philosophy that dictates that war is what makes an ideal Mandalorian. They are conquerors by nature, and are determined to uphold their philosophy to it's greatest possible extent. However, what sets them apart from the ancient warriors they take inspiration from is their adherance to the Supercommando Codex. Despite their insatiable lust for conquest, the warriors of Socarras conduct themselves honorably in doing so, safely evacuating civilians from conquered lands, refusing to utilize weapons of mass destruction, and discussing terms with their enemies.

On the battlefield itself, Socarras Warriors are well-motivated but not foolish. They refrain from mindless charges into battle, and instead rely on cover from long-range barrages, swift armored assaults, and careful infantry advancement to achieve victory in their relentless assaults. They like to think themselves masters of grand-scale land warfare but possess no notable Fleet, though they do have the necessary crafts to transport their coveted ground forces to the sites of their invasions. While they lack the naval power to stand much a chance against the grandest of the Galaxy's Fleets, their prowess and mastery on the ground more than makes up for it.

Current Clan State

Socarras is currently roughly fourteen-hundred strong (using 1:100 ratio). it's members range from miners, to weapon smiths, to writers. The Clan has holdings on various planets, the most valuable of which being the War Forge fortress on Lok, there is the heart of Socarras' Clan economy. From their War Forge, Socarras weapon smiths,along with the aid of droids, produce armoured vehicles, firearms, artillery pieces, Pretty much anything that can fire a round.Though,the clan does not possess any notable armour smiths. The War Forge produces a steady flow of weaponry, which is sold to whoever can afford it. Up until very recently, the Revenant held a fluid Trade agreement with the clan, up until the Uvena invasion where Alor An'ila Kad broke it, though it is plausible to say a few of the weapons used by the Revs in the Uvena invasion may have been Socarras-built.

The Clan also controls a string of bars known as "Te A'denla Ne'tra vhette". The first bar was founded by A'denla Kad on Bakura, and as the credits slowly rolled in, more and more bars opened. Though the string was originally founded by A'denla, it is under the control of the clan as a whole. For the most part, Socarras members don't generally work outside the clan. Most work as either bar-keeping a Ne'tra Vhett, miners, or Weapon Smiths in the Lok Forge. The Clan also provides for it's own food. While farming isn't exactly a praised profession in the clan, outposts located on various planets house farms and livestock. To make up for Socarras' generally poor armour-smithing, an agreement exists between them and Clan Dral'shy'a, where the master Smiths of Dralshy'a forge many of the warriors of Socarras their armour, Socarras Weapon Smiths actively then send shipments of firearms, tanks,and cannons to be left in in Dralshy'a lands.

Notable members