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"The snake always bites back."

— Clan Proverb

Mandalorians of Clan Lone are distant from the affairs of Mandalorian society--indendent and laconic warriors whose clan heritage dates back to the time of the ancient crusades. Members of this clan are solitary warriors who make their own way through the galaxy.


Prior to 7000 BBY

Ancient Mandalorian warriors settled the Outer Rim world of Kaloo, making it their hidden redoubt and establishing themselves as miners. There, they consecrated the body and mask of Mandalore the First in a hidden subterranean mausoleum, vowing to safeguard it and becoming Clan Lone.

The Great Purge

An Imperial Minister of Archaeology discovered the existence of the Tomb of Mand'alor the First on Kaloo. The Empire invaded with a contingent of Imperial Super Commandos, interested in recovering the mask. When the Mandalorians of Clan Lone refused to grant access to the tomb, the Minister sealed them in their mines. This was believed to mark the end of Clan Lone, with all its members famishing to death underground.

The Return of Clan Lone

A Mandalorian bounty hunter known only as Lone was discovered by Kae Vheta, who was herself once a Foundling in Clan Lone but had been sent away before the clan met its fate. Wanting to understand more about the clan, she implored Lone for his aid but was given only an old, Imperial comlink and told to activate it when ready. Following these instructions, Kae Vheta and her allies were abducted to Kaloo on the orders of the Imperial Minister, who hoped to use her to unseal the tomb of Mand'alor the First. However, with the help of Lone, who mysteriously appeared from nowhere within the mines, the Imperial Minister was killed and the mines were collapsed with explosives, burying the mask of Mand'alor the First forever and finally avenging Clan Lone.


Lone reformed Clan Lone on the planet Telos IV. The rebirthed warrior clan helped liberate the planet from an Imperial warlord.

Notable members

  • Lone
  • Estas Lone
  • Kae Vheta Lone
  • Niall Lone (deceased)
  • Echo Lone (deceased)
  • Juju Lone (deceased)