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Mandalorian Clan Kata was a clan of warriors originally hailing from the broken clan of Shysa. They were gathered together on the world of Tatooine, where they formed their clan in 183 ABY on the cliffs of the Dune Sea, swearing kinship and fealty to one another for all time. Their blood was shed into a pyre, so that all Kata will be of one bloodline into the future.

Mission Statement

"Clan Kata provides a home and family for Mandalorian warriors seeking a unified organization that excels both at war and in peace time. Clan Kata takes in clanless Mandalorians, orphans of war, and talented outsiders that prove their skill and intent at becoming Mandalorian. We seek to help train and raise up the next generation of Mandalorians in a way that provides for them a unified understanding of the Resol'nare and the Canons of Honor."

Clan Codex: The Kata Codex is a document that was written early into the clan's history as a guiding light to define the direction of the clan. It has been re-written four times. Below is the most recent.

" The Kata Codex: 2/23/255 ABY Rewrite

This document is a brief set of standards and expectations for members of Clan Kata. We don't fully expect you to know everything about the clan based solely on this.

1: The Law of Isolation

The Clan Kata does not have allies as an organization, we don't partake in alliances, federations or republics of any kind. The Alor may sit on the Council, but this is simply to ensure that the Clan has a vote in Mandalorian politics and what happens to our people.

1.1: Members may have careers, friendships, relationships and even loyalties outside of the clan, but they may never come before the clan.

1.2: While we don't join alliances, we are expected to treat other Mandalorians like the kin they are, as long as they treat us a we would treat them.

2: Cohesion

When at war, the clan must be able to put aside all strife within it. Personal animosities have a place to be discussed, worked out, or even fought over, but during a time when we're expected to be at our best, they must be put aside. Even as a clan, we are not always expected to love one another, but expressions of anger or disdain must be reserved for when the Clan is out of danger.

2.1: Duels between Clansmen may occur freely in times of peace, but only with the Alor's permission, may they be to the death.

3: Duty

Our first duty is to the Clan , but we have other duties, both to our friends and foes. We have obligations to those who have aided us in the past, and we are obliged not to make enemies without purpose. Even those who have been our enemies, we have obligations to, because every battle is a lesson. If your enemy is valiant, honorable and challenging, the optimal resolution to that conflict is to pick him up and dust him off and make him your friend. It is our duty to give respect where it is deserved, and this as well protects and grows our clan as much as any other deed.

3.1: Your duties to the clan are utterly important. Training, teaching and fighting alongside your fellow warriors, as well as engaging in civilian careers helps clothe and feed your kin. Defending our land and property helps keep us alive and secure. You don't need to be told to do these things, if you didn't do them, you would not be Kata.

4: Adoption

The clan is grown by bringing new blood into it. When we create orphans, it is our duty to offer them the home we've stolen from them, even if their biological kin were cowards or Death Watch. It is not just the oprhans of our battles that we grow through: finding honorable warriors who are not Mandalorian is also of value, and bringing them into the clan as Mando'ade, should they prove worthy has also been a valuable policy in the past. Our young are our highest valued assets, and the clan needs them to survive the coming generations.

5: Education

Since the start, Kata has been a clan of many trades. Our recruits are expected to spend time with all of our members to learn the basics of each of their jobs. When they've found their niche, the clansman or woman is expected to apprentice in that trade until their Verd'goten has passed. Once they are officially Mandalorians of age, they may choose to seek out an aruetyc education in that field - many of the Clan have done so, getting doctorates or masters in their chosen careers, or they may keep their apprenticeship until they've learned enough to branch out."