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Dralshy'a is a mandalorian clan of SWRP.

Aliit[1] Dralshy'a was originally formed by Caden Votino Dralshy'a , as an offshoot of the clan started by Tyro 'Gutter' Votino. The clan was formed with the intention of recruiting the best of the best, training them with lethal efficiency for the purpose of hunting down the Sith whom Caden hated with a passion due to his experiences with the Formation of the Dark.

However this was not to be, as Caden placed as his Alor'ad[2] Zakk Dralshy'a, who had incredibly low standards of recruitment, simply pulling in virtually every non human canidate he could name. was prone to whining and crying if he did not get his way, as were many of his recruits, as a Result, The clan was almost universally hated despite their large numbers, with few exceptions, when Caden died do to Imperial Capture, Zakk died trying to save him. this Left Lumine Dralshy'a as the Alor[3], whom despite her incredible fighting ability , failed to keep the clan together, as a last ditch effort she trusted her Sister Niv Vevut with the Alorship of the clan, seeing that Vevut was a dead aliit[1] already. Possibly by merging the two clans together one could be saved, however, when Niv took Alorship of Dralshy'a, she was told by everyone to let he clan die, in a fit of stubbornness and in order to prove the naysayers wrong, Niv proceeded to work day and Night toward reforging the image, and ideals of the clan, as she had no clue to the clans original purpose. she instead gathered recruits, and with her Riduur 'Jaing Dralshy'a' she cemented the principles of adaptability, and obsessive preparedness, saying that each Mando'ad[4] of the clan must have a thousand contingencies if the first goes wrong, and be able to react to any situation if not already prepared for it. that the ability to survive on ones own was critical.

The approach was successfuly, Dralshy'a entered te solus mando'ade (United Mandalorians) Union, and Niv earned a seat on their council of Alore. However, Dralshy'a was exhiled from Tatooine after The Alor ran afoul of the Imperial senator. turning to the aid of Beskar'buy'ce Alor :Adun, He set up a meeting between Niv, and the Order of Rowe Shadowhand: Darth Aran.

In an event unprecedented by the Clan, Niv defied the Codex set forth by Caden in striking an alliance with a Sith Order. this event caused Niv to come under harsh criticism. Shortly there'after, the future Alakar Xyvern joined the Aliit, becoming the first ever Full time Sith to also be a Mandalorian. his Apprentice Nindae Nox would soon follow in those steps. after Joining Aliit'Kata, Nindae soon tired of the under-handed ways of the aliit, which in her eyes were the height of dishonor. however, Kata aliit is a clan known for stealth, espionage and trickery as it is the offshoot of aliit Shysa, which gave rise to te Mand'alor[5] Fenn Shysa. the Shatterpoint for this event, was the Abandonment of the clan By Jaing Dralshy'a. and so angered by the response to all that had happened because of it, coupled with Nindae's growing frustration over her lack of progress in being trained despite her efforts. she joined her Teacher's clan, being adopted by Niv, whom had grown very attached to Nindae. By this time the Clan had recolonized Endor. years passed before Kana Dralshy'a Returned from the Outer Rim, Disillusioned with what had become of Dralshy'a, she challenged the Alor Niv to a duel. losing both her arms in the process, but after listening to Kana for a while, and returning to Tatooine in disguise, Niv had come to the conclusion that there were far far too many weak, undeserving and dangerous to themselves and others force users in the Galaxy. and that they needed to be destroyed utterly. she was not the only Alor with this point of view, and soon , marking the final dissolution of the United Mando'ade. Tyro'gutter' Socarras Votino Ceryc formed "Te Ne'ruug Mando'ade" or the New Age of Mandalorians. with the intent of leading the clans on a new crusade to wake the dull galaxy back up and beat the stagnation of the Mando'ade out. to bring Respect and Fear of the Mando'ade back into the hearts of the people of the Galaxy. and to annihilate anyone who opposed mando'ade ideals. Dralshy'a became one of the first clans to join this new Union.

After Finding some starmaps containing the co-ordinates to the Xagobah system, Niv looks into the remote fungal world's history, discovering the location of the Techno Union fortress ruins. Niv and Aliit Dralshy'a made for the planet to begin rebuilding, salvaging and puting back into use the mountain fortess, Their Allies in the Order of Rowe soon followed and began aiding the Mando'ade[6] who had claimed the planet in colonizing it.

Mando'a Lexicon

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