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Out of Character

Citizen Dreamscape is a builder and is the owner of Citizen D/Dreamscape Sideshow, a series of Star Wars-related shops in Second Life. His most famous creations include the Sabaac machines found at Gardulla Oola Hotel & Casino in Little Mos Eisley and the ubiquitous R-Series astromech droids seen throughout Second Life.

In Character

Citizen (birth name: Y'rah) was thrust away from his tribe on Tatooine for having an off odor, which humans later described as being something like a nut butter. Gathering his few belongings, he booked passage at Mos Eisley and departed Tatooine for parts unknown. During his formative years travelling the galaxy, he was apprenticed as an assistant by fugitive Industrial Automaton designer B'rix Lazz. At B'rix's side, Y'rah learned the in's and out's of droid design.

When the Empire finally caught up with B'rix, they killed him and destroyed his workshop while Y'rah hid in a shipping container. Once again alone in the galaxy, Y'rah loaded as much of B'rix's supplies and plans as he could fit into a landspeeder and fled.

Using his meager savings and the items liberated from B'rix's workshop, Y'rah settled on Thorncliff and set up a small droid workshop. Using B'rix's designs as well as some of his own additions, he began producing astromech droids for sale. Hoping to avoid any Imperial entanglements and to better blend with human society, Y'rah adopted the simple moniker "Citizen."

Under the banner "Citizen D", Citizen has become one of the most popular droid creators in the galaxy. After many painfully bad trades, Citizen has become quite business saavy and has parlayed his small droid business into a sprawling commercial empire.

Although he is usually holed up in his workshop, Citizen is occasionally found wandering Little Mos Eisley, Ruusan, Coruscant City, and Nar Shaddaa. He is usually on the hunt for droid parts or is trying to do a little business.

Behind The Screen

I very well might be the worst RPer in all of Second Life. That's why I chose to make a characters whose job is essentially what I like doing in SL - building, scripting, buying, selling. When I am in an RP area, you will tend to see me just doing a lot of Jawa sounds and hiding behind things when the action starts. Occasionally, I fill in as a Tusken Raider in Little Mos Eisley. Feel free to shoot me - I'm mainly blaster fodder in those cases. :-)