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At age 27, Lady Kellner has managed to distinguish herself both as a Knight and as a friend. She was a diplomats daughter through and through. Her mother, Eliainia Kellner, had been one of the most respected diplomats the universe over. Cindy’s father had been a slave on Tatooine, but had bought his freedom, with hard work, and cunning. It had been on the occasion of his audience with his lord that he first laid eyes on Elainia. The comely woman had been there to petition the lord for a school and bath house for his slaves.

Laun Kellner was red haired, and very muscular. His years as a slave had him well toned and in great physical shape. The man had asked after Elainia of the servants of the estate, after all, servants knew everything about the household and its doings.

He was so enamored of the woman, that he was persistent in his attempt to woo her. Elainia, admired his persistence, and the considerate nature of the man. They were married several months later. Elainia became pregnant almost two years after they were wed. The pair doted on the girl, but Elainia was called away often. As soon as the child was weaned, she was left in the care of Elainia’s sister, Andella and her husband Faldin, whenever Laun accompanied her on a mission.

As fate would have it, when the child was five, her mother was called to Byss, to settle a planetary issue. Laun had asked her not to go, but she was a diplomat. Her world needed her, and that came even before family. Instead she asked Laun to accompany her. The engorged tummy was the only leverage she needed. She pouted prettily, and he had joyously given in. The pair were happy as they made their preparations. Cindy, well, she was mad. Mommy and Daddy were going off, they would bring back a baby, and she didn’t get to come. She had pouted for weeks, to no avail.

She loved her aunt and uncle very much. She was happy, but lonely for her parents and the new baby. When news of her mothers death arrived, she was devastated. Aunt Andella and Uncle Faldin had gladly given her a home in which to live, and alAnothl their love.

When Cindy joined the jedi, she was urged to take up where her mother had left off. Unwilling to ever bear it happening again, Aunt Andella, had made her promise that she would not take a post that had her traveling as much as her mother.

Cindy became an Artificer. A maker of policy, and an establisher of order to the many issues at NOJ. She was famous in her own way. Andella and Faldin are getting to be quite old she thinks, and berates herself when she allows too much time to pass between visits, which seems to be all too often. Cindy distiguished herself among her Order as an accomplished Artificer until one day while making a particularly unusual and difficult artifact, she suddenly collasped... dead. NOJ was remodelling in those days and the death came as a shock to close friends and Jedi Knights Luvbutton Moonsoo, Lenny Celt, and Cherek Elswit.

While inspecting the work of the new medical facility, Lenny was suddenly struck by a bright flash of light. When the after-image cleared, he looked up and there in the Bacta Tank, no more then 5 years old physically was the spitting image of his recently deceased friend, Cindy Kellner.

Full of energy, Little Cindy jumps out of the tank and immediatly pesters the Knight. With playful banter, Lenny's heart was warmed as he decideds to adopted young Cindy until the day her memory comes back.

Intelligent, playful, annoying and spiteful, young Cindy immediatly distinguished herself strong in the force. To avoid any embarassment, Lenny set her up to stay with her, "Grandmother", Master Luvbutton Moonsoo, and close friend Lady Cherek Elswit adopted her as her mother. The Sith ran with fear as the playful red head would run at them sabers drawn giggling all the way.

Years went by and young Cindy went from a young girl of 4 to a young lady of 14. One day while exploring the Library at Yavin, she noticed an amethist crystal with the picture she had seen in Grandmother Moonsoo's apartment. As she grew closer she heard some whispering, in shock she ran off and grabbed her mother, father, and grandmother to asked the meaning behind the familiar picture. Master Moonsoo was given clear instructions from "the adult Master Kellner" never to reveil the secrets of the picture to anybody. She stood there questioning if that included, "Young Cindy" as well.

Overtaking by curiosity Cindy reaches out and touches the Crystal and collapses to the ground. In shock, her close friends and family carry her to the med lab where she is revived. Upon waking she completely remember everything of her past life.

Youngling Cindy Kellner accepts the job of Jedi Council Master of NOJ

Upon remembering her past life, NOJ Council voted to restore her old title to "Master" and was then quickly asked to join as Council Master as well.

A few more years past, Yavin IV was alive and flourishing. The NOJ was larger then ever, Council chairs filled, Knights in the lecture halls, and new applicants everyday from Force Adepts. Council Masters, however, faced a new problem, some were becoming detached from the Order, others were slowly subcoming to the Darkside and slandering others to gain power. It was at this time that Master Kellner heard a new calling, remembering the times when they were simpler, a time where idea were flourishing in young Force Adepts heads, when those were willing to take on responsibility and lead through example with morality.

Frustrated by the behavior of the Jedi, she decided to renounce all usage of the Force and turned Rogue. She made her own rules and did as she pleased if it was to her benefit. She befriended many old enemies and decided to help some Sith to rebuild the desolated planet of Byss. Though they would tempt her many times to become a Sith herself, she never would. Though she often thought to herself that the Sith were actually more kind than the New Order of the Jedi on Yavin IV.

Her thoughts would turn to Yavin IV often, missing the teaching of ambitious Force adepts and trying to figure out what went wrong. Then is struck her, she would see good respectful force adepts become rude backstabbing jerks the longer they remained in Yavin IV. She was always locked in the library or up in her room creating artifacts. It all made sense now. She jumped on the next ship headed to Yavin IV to warn them.

As her ship was entering the atmosphere, she could feel something was wrong. She walked into the cockpit to take a look out the window. The pilot was looking for a good place to land but was having trouble recognizing the place. I told him not to worry that the planet is thick forest and they might have used the forest to cover the place for better defense. And then she saw it... The temple was smashed!

Days later, while sitting in her room on Byss, a smirk on her face of the events that happend. The KOJ Jedi, discovering the same thing as she did decided to attack Yavin IV and destroy the NOJ Jedi before their Sith ideas and actions poisoned the entire lightside of the force. Successfully driving them out and were in the process of rebuilding. It was then that she was approached by a NOJ Jedi Master begging her to help him rebuild the Jedi, giving the order it's proper name as set by Master Skywalker, that "New Jedi Order, NJO".

Her days with the NJO were short lived as she tired of the same old problems day in and day out. The galaxy was in a mess, drama, backstabbing, and of course the NOJ was the leader of it all. A few had survived the attack on Yavin IV and were doing what they could to counter attack against the KOJ as well as the new NJO. It was then that she decided that she needed to do what she'd been wanting to do for a long, long time. Leave the galaxy in search of a more primitive planet and get back to the good old days.

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  • Creator of FCRS
  • Founder of The Luv Shack Pack
  • Retired NOJ Council Master
  • Teacher to Luvbutton Moonsoo, KOJ Jedi Council Master