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Unidentified Chistori Male.

The Chistori are a race of bipedal saurians, with many genetic parrallels to more prolific saurian species, such as Trandoshans They are as widespread throughout the galaxy as humans, and define the birthplace planet as their home much like humans. However, their numbers are significantly smaller, resulting in most other races, having heard of, if never met, one whilst travelling the channels of the galaxy.

Physical Description

Chistori males are on average taller than humans, whilst Chistori females are built closer in height to most other galactic species. They have large sloped snouts, filled with ripping and tearing shaped teeth and small, side set eyes. This ocular arrangement means they often observe others side on, which can be disconcerting to other primate species. Alternatively, when assessing an object or person, they can be known to sway their heads so as to capture the point of view with both eyes, which, in itself, can be almost hypnotic at times.

Like many reptilian species they are cold blooded, and, like the Trandoshans, have a durable hide made out of thick scales. Additionally, they have shown evidence of regenerative abilites with regard to extremities and appendages. Their skin can be mottled blue, red or green, and sheds on an annual basis.

Chistori are significantly stronger than humans and other races of similar size, possessing incredibly strong thigh muscles. This, along with the three large curved talons on the end of each foot, are a remnant from earlier evolutionary stages in their development. The smaller females are often much faster than their male counterparts, in this regard, and an unencumbered female Chistori could run down a human within a few seconds. Both male and females have been know to use their taloned feet in close combat, and should be avoided. Their hands, however, have developed digits much like other galactic species, in contrast to the Trandoshan oversized hand talons.

Chistori possess sensitive olfactory apparatus, although in the mired fog of galactic cohabitation, the ability is often dampened by the glands, oils and furs of nearby mammilian species.


Both males and females can be quick to anger and become impatient, but extra caution should be taken with the females. Their smaller size belies a more vicious temperment, possibly derived from the aggressive protection necessary for their clutch of eggs from other predators.

The species displays typical bell curve spread for galactic species intelligence, although it is reported that they can become aggressive at the sight of blood or carnage, resorting to a more base level of cerebral activity for such times.

Xenobiologists speculate that there is a Chistori home planet, where males and females return at specific points in the intergalactic calendar to propogate. The name and location of this planet, however, is unknown. It is said that even the Jedi archives fail to possess this information. Chistori secrecy being another method of protecting the brood of young from potential predators.

Social structure

Chistori can be solitary creatures, with only ever tiny enclaves on the most distant of planets from the core. When a male and female mate, however, they can mate for life. Chistori in employment can sometimes go missing, only to return months later, reticent to their whereabouts. It is speculated that it is at these points that they return to the home planet to spawn. Females are usually treated as equals, probably due to their typically more vicious natures, although during mating seasons, they would be absent, protecting the clutch of eggs.

Typically, wandering Chistori inhabit social roles such as soldiers, mercenaries, bounty hunters and assassins.

Chistori culture appears to have no central directive, and religious affiliations, albeit rare, often follow typical galactic customs. However, xenobiologists note that force sensitive individuals are practically none existant in this species, and it is speculated that should a newborn exhibit such abilities, they are consumed. Usually, Chistori treat force sensitives from other species with much suspicion, preferring to avoid them, although they have been known to attack when pressed.

Roleplaying tips for Chistori

Chistori are predatorial in nature, but are intelligent enough to inhabit any social strata or technical vocation humans or similar races do.

Chistori force users are incredibly rare, having had to have escaped being devoured by the brood mother upon hatching, somehow getting off planet to avoid being consumed by other Chistori and then being accepted and raised by another species. They would have at least minor personality flaws due to such a shattered upbringing. Other Chistori may react badly to a Chistori force user.

Chistori breed very slowly, so their numbers are fewer in the galaxy than most other races. Their predatorial natures mean they would react suspiciously towards recently met fellow Chistori, but may not react violently. Females are, however, more aggressive of the genders, albeit the entire species is on average more aggressive.

Chistori cold bloodedness and thermoregulation means they would not be found on cold planets. Although they could certainly survive using technologies.

Male Chistori voices range from bass to baritone, female voices range from contralto to mezzo soprano.

Chistori Avatars

Wispy Loon does a selection of Chistori heads and skins. These are currently not on the SL marketplace. There are currently two shops which are located in the Nar Shaddaa sim and Little Mos Eisley sim.

Chistori characters in Second Life

Vorsh and Nashha Akar. (data to follow)

Yoho Waco

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