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First History

My earliest memories are of Luvbutton Moonsoo. We shared an apartment while she was training me to be Penni (love servant). I do not ever remember parents, and Luv was my protector from a very young age. Our master was cruel, and sought devious ways to keep his servants under control. He was trying to control Luv, by selling Cherek away before her Inception day. Unable to deal with the Targs any longer, Luv arranged to stow away on a supply vessel, by selling off small treasures that would not be missed. Luv escaped, taking me with her. We were found out on the voyage, and put off the ship at the first available stop. This is where we met DiTo Delgado, and formed a sisterhood alliance. Ditos girls were smart, and saved passage for ourselves to this planet. Sadly, some of the girls did not know how to handle it, and so are love slaves anyway. But for Dito, Luv, and myself, we wanted more, and so have come to NOJ to discover our purpose. Along the journey to NOJ we discovered that I did indeed have a family. Seems my family had been on vacation on Aldorn on the outer rim. We were excavating an ancient ceremonial site, when there was an explosion. I got lost in the explosion, and my family presumed me dead. In their grief they left Aldorn. My brother who had been responsble for me that day never got over his grief. I met and was attracted to Daneus Tran, only to find out that he is my brother. We have enjoyed a friendly reunion, and Daneus is losing the sadness that was such a part of his life.

More History

Well, in my more recent history, My brother Daneus has married, and divorced. Luvbutton has become Lady Moonsoo, and so is often occupied with her students. This has left me much time to contemplate my journey as a jedi. Thereby leaving me to choose a path, with which i am well suited. Recently I have become enamoured of Talon Emms. He is the former Jedi who helped Luv and I escape the cluthes of Quasar Lui (our former slave owner). My faith in this knight is so strong that it has turned to intense affection....bordering on love. At first I turned away from it, but after much contemplation, I have decided that love is only dangerous, if you allow it to blind you to the world or reality. I am making new friends by going to help island to help out the new recruits. I find it fullfilling to pay forward all the kindnesses i'v been shown here in sl, NOJ in particular. My brother Daneus is on a mission now that keeps him away. He is searching the galaxy for a rare and beautiful item that was the driving force for our parents final voyage(in which they were killed).I pray he is able to return, but I am so very happy for him to have found a mission that gives him so much satisfaction.

Personality and Traits

Cher is the classic healer. She is intereseted in mind and body. Helpful, firm, and honest. Serious minded, and a staunch believer in always improving.

Powers and Abilities

Chers powers of healing are substantial. She has saved many lives in her time as a healer. She is a respected council master, and contributes what she can.

Lightsaber Training

I know how to work them, but not very well...this is my weakest point.

Force Abilities

I was injected with Nanobots which may me less prone to sickness. Myself and Luv alone carry this phenomenon in this part of the galaxy. Although the cost is very high, Cher and Luv have been known to donate a few nanobots. Since they do not regenerate, there are limited numbers of donations which can be made.



Light Sabers

Apprentice Saber