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Chast Whsyd is a Revenant Armada Marauder. Having notably served alongside the Grand Admiral during the battle of Uvena Prime. He once also saved the Grand Admiral's life at a Hutt Night, by acting as a human shield.


Chast Whsyd was deposited into a prison cell by the local town whore when she gave birth to him. Chast only knew his entire life within a prison, as gaurds and the warden refused to let him go.  He was then saved by the Revenant Armada when they raided the cells looking for new recruits and soldiers.

Life in the Revenant Armada[]

Chast was deployed to Uvena Prime during the Revenant Occuptation of the system. Fighting in minor battles, to hold and secure land. He'd soon fight in a battle alongside the Grand Admiral. Proving his worth, he would go on to accompany the Grand Admiral to a few hutt nights. At one particular Hutt Night, Chast threw himself onto the Grand Admiral in an attempt to save the Grand Admiral's life from a rogue thermal detonator. 


Chast would go on to follow the Armada out of the spotlight. However, he would go on several recon missions alone to systems like Yavin IV and Dantooine. 

Chast Vs 2 Jedi

While it is unknown, whether Chast was assigned, or went rogue. He would appear on Coruscant, attempting to blow up the bridge to the Jedi Temple. He was however stopped by Jedi Master Holt Mo'in and his apprentice. A battle raged on, however the Jedi Master and Apprentice skill level was too much for Chast. He would succumb to an injury to his shoulder, and lose his lightsaber hand. While being asked to surrender, Chast would declare that the Revenant was back, and impale himself on the Jedi Master's lightsaber. Ending his life.