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"You really need to think bout the choices you make. Each leads you down different paths. One path may very well be sunshine and roses while the other hell itself. If the path to hell would teach you more valuable lesson I would push you that way."

— Celreen

Celreen Krahek is a hybrid. She has the blood of a Firrerreo and Anzat. She is from the planet of Coruscant but she was raised on Nar Shaddaa for most of her life. She is a girl with talent of being able to see paths of those that are with her. She got into a nasty situation with a hutt a very long time go and becuse of her ability to heal and live longer she was hurt bdly then frozen in carbonite and left there for 249 years.

The Life As We Know It[]

Her Issue![]

Not much was known of this girl before the turning event that brought her completely into the sights of the hutts. Celreen spent most of her time trying to find ways to stop the Jedi, Sith, and Hutts from making stupid deals with one another. She is seer and saw many paths that dels could go. She would tenderly guide them in the direction where she would get the most profit not the hutts. Eventually they did find out about this. Hizaah the Hutt, a hutt back when the Galactic Empire was being established in 19 BBY, decided he ws going to test out her regeneration abilities and long life capabilities. He hd her shot nd cut, making sure nothing vital was hit, then hd placed her in carbonite planning on freeing her in a few years. Much to her dismay the hutt ws killed a few yers later and she was passed down as a 'trinket' from owner to owner of the Black Hole Casino.


There was a group of rebel opratives that had decided to steal the carbonite slabs that were hanging upon the walls of the casino. Celreen being one of them. When it came time to take her down however there was a large explosion that had damaged the regulation system of the carbonite slab. The fight was pretty epic nd in the end the rebels were defeated nd the slab was taken from the wll as it had begun leaking. Jay, Shaka's head of security, had asked worker what the beeping sound was that was coming from the slab. He was informed that if the slab ws not fully opened within 24 hours the person inside would die. Jay then began the process of letting the carbonite unthaw.


Celreen woke up only to find out that she was blind. She slipped quickly into force sight nd used thaat to be able to make her way around a bit. It had been some time but she was unsure as to exactly how long. She was shaking and had all of the signs of hibernation sickness.

  • To Be Continued