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Celina Valencia is a Twi'lek with light blue skin and gray eyes. She is a skilled technician, very knowledgeable of the intricate workings of both starships and droids. Along with this she is also a competent small-scale starship pilot. Celina currently is employed as a freelance mechanic and cargo pilot.


Early Life[]

Celina was born the daughter of two Twi'lek in the depths of space as they fled from the planet Ryloth to avoid the spreading corruption and slave trade amongst their people. Her parents were unable to raise her and left her in the care of a wealthy family on Corellia, hoping that the strangers would be able to provide for their daughter better than they could. Celina has never known who her biological parents are but has been content in not knowing. She was raised by the family she was left with, a human couple, Hyyde and Simil Valencia, who had no children of their own.

Celina was schooled by a private tutor throughout her childhood and later went on to attend the prestigious Coruscant Academy of Arts and Science, graduating at the top of her class with honors in engineering. She spent much of her youth tinkering and experimenting in starship garages and shipyards on Coruscant and back on her home world Corellia.

Run in with the law[]

In her rebellious early adulthood, Celina would often fly modified speeders and starships without proper authorization by the ruling Imperials. During one of these joy rides she was arrested, detained for several days, and had her ship impounded by the Empire. This sparked contempt in Celina and she grew to despise the tyrannical reign of the Empire. Soon after in one of the starship garages she frequented, she overheard pilots talking about recruitment opportunities with the Republic Starfleet (RSF). She quickly joined the cause and became a cadet in the RSF.

Flying for the RSF[]

Celina in the RSF flight uniform

Celina served loyally in the RSF, quickly earning promotions in rank and impressing her superiors with her talents as a technician and as a pilot. She eventually came to hold the rank of Commander and Chief Engineer, and was chosen to serve as lead flight instructor for new recruits. After several years of service in the RSF, the current branch she was stationed at (under the leadership of Admiral Nyx Kavanagh and Admiral Razi Soyinka), her skills were needed elsewhere she was reassigned to the Kessel system.

Return from Kessel[]

Upon returning from the Kessel system, Celina was unable to make contact with her former superiors. After several weeks of gathering information, she concluded that the branch she used to serve in was either dissolved or destroyed and she began to look for other forms of work rather than returning to service in a different RSF branch. She is currently employed as a freelance mechanic and cargo pilot.

Character Quirks[]

Both of Celina's lekku have tattoos

  • Celina wears a modified flight helm which allows her lekku to pass through the helmet. She often leaves the helm on, even when not flying ships since she has become accustomed to it after long hours of flight and also due to the time-consuming process of taking it off and putting it back on (a strain on her lekku).
  • Celina has distinct black tattoos running down the length of both lekku.
  • Celina almost always flies without the aid of astromech droids due to her understanding of the ships that she pilots and her ability to make repairs on the fly.
  • While she is gifted in her mechanical talents, Celina is not force-sensitive and is wary of those who are. She sees the Jedi as self-righteous quacks and the Sith as maniacal psychopaths, though she never states her feelings as harshly as that.


Celina spends much of her free time retrofitting abandoned ships and has even designed several ships herself, piecing them together from spare parts.


Behind Celina is a CV-1 utility droid she outfitted to help her with menial tasks

Aside from starships, Celina has taken a liking to the inner workings of droids. She often fixes up old models to use as additional helpers around the shipyard or garage. She will also sell the droids she has fixed or will take commissions to build or repair droids.

Behind the Scenes[]