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Casey Dawes was a Jedi Master of the New Order of the Jedi and the Kalway Order of Jedi


Casey Dawes was the only child, of human parents, from the planet Arkania. The year he was born his father (Teluh) lost his lands gambling. They were very valuable because the land contained a very large diamond mine. Left with nothing, he grew up watching his father work himself to the bone in the very mine he used to own. His mother (Alexandria) was a spiritual healer who developed a strong ability to tap into the force.

Casey was raised in Filiaggia, a small, rural village that lies about 50 kilometres outside a major city. His house was very small, but always neat, clean and loving. There, he tended to many chores on his family's small property. He farmed, cleaned, and took care of the many animals he had. When not working, he liked to stay active. he was always, running, jumping, climbing, fishing, hunting, and exploring. He was homeschooled and developed a love of reading and writing. As he grew from childhood, his father reformed his troubled ways (gambling and drinking) and dedicated himself to providing for him and his mother, raising him to have strong values. (As his mother used to say, “a man of quality.”)

When he was 7 years old, he was home alone one day when a tragedy occurred. A small spacecraft crashed in a field near to his house. He ran to observe but couldn’t get too close because of the intense heat of the flames. When he noticed, the pilot move slightly and saw that no one else was around, he knew he had to help him. He bravely ran in and grabbed the pilot's arm and pulled him as far from the wreck as he could. (Not bad for such a little kid!!)  As the pilot lay in young Casey's arms, he handed him something and asked him to hide it. It was his son’s prized possession, a lightsaber. He asked Casey to keep it safe and hidden until he returned for it. Well, the pilot died. Casey buried that saber in a secret cave he had found while exploring. He never took it out, and never told another living soul about it. Casey returned home that day to the news that both his parents were killed in a mysterious transport explosion.

The night of his 18th birthday, Casey was spending some alone time exploring a mountain on Naboo where he had trained to become a pilot. There was a cave-in, and he fell through the ground. He tried to make his way out, but the soil was soft and shifting, and he sank deeper with nothing to hold on to. Rocks and dirt buried and imprisoned him and cut off his air supply. He knew he didn't have long to live, but as he drew his last few breaths, he heard strange sounds. The earth shifted, and a hand reached down to save him. It pulled him from the cavernous grave and brought him back into the light. He was saved. Through the thick, firey, dust, gagging and coughing, he saw that the man who saved him was the pilot he pulled from the plane back when he was 7. He tried to utter “thank you,” but instead passed out.  When he awoke a few hours later, the darkness of nightfall surrounded him, but a steely, glowing object rested by his side... It was the lightsaber he buried years ago!! When he held it in his hand, he suddenly knew his path...... to learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi.

Casey found his way to Yavin, where he dedicated himself to the study of the force. He joined the New Order of the Jedi and achieved the rank of Jedi Master. One of his great loves was to talk with padawans about all they were learning and experiencing. To nurture and cultivate their strengths and talents was a primary focus for him.

One day, Master Casey was asked by an old friend to join him on an expedition to the Outer Rim.  Almost suffering the same fate as his parents, his ship exploded. This became a very hazy period in the Jedi Master's life. He landed on a planet of uncertain origin and was nursed back to health by a mysterious stranger. He lost most of his memories and lived a simple life in convalescence. But, little by little, the force began calling him home. He started to regain his memory and his strength, and he knew he must find his way back to Yavin.  

Once there, he found his new Jedi Order - The Kalway Order of Jedi. He is now on his rightful path.