Carthin Lassui

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I will not leave you to fight alone!Carthin Lassui, to the men of Abregado-rae.

Born on the trading world of Abregado-rae, in the era after Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, though the world was still feeling the effects of its reign when he was born. His mother and father were part of a team made to help reconstruct the cities of Abregado-rae, eventually reaching their home city, and stopping to repair and live there. They met when they both tried to claim the same house, Carthin Lassui and Mara Gertik, eventually fell in love, they were married to the customs of Abregado-rae, and started there family with the birth of Karrius Lassui, Carthin’s older brother. During the coming years they would add on to their family, with Seson Lassui, Carthin’s older sister, and finally Carthin himself being born in the year, 176 ABY. Named after his father he was born an ordinary child.

He so perfect. I only hope he likes his siblings.Carthin Lassui SR, to his wife Mara Gertik.


Early Life

Raised to be a modest, honest, and kind child Carthin did not truly thrive on the crime stricken world of Abregado-rae, though he tried to always take the moral high ground the results were not always what he wished. Often times he found himself dragged into trouble he had no want to be in, and even was arrested once for breaking into a home, a crime he did not commit. His sibling though tried to safe guard him, and often took to always being with him. This made Carthin crave and enjoy his alone time, spent normally inside the dangerous and towering, derelict city buildings. In his free time he often helped his mother and father clear and rebuild the city, becoming familiar with the inner workings of metals and tools.

Family time was spent in front of the GNN screens watching as new orders were formed and the mythical Jedi Knights fought for their freedoms in the galaxy, often news came of some loved ones death. The Galaxy in his era was in turmoil. But the trade world of Abredgado-rae was left intact due to it little worth in a war that cared nothing for trade and only for power.

At the age of fourteen a new face appeared in the city Carthin lived in, an Ithroian named Kokon, he wore the robes of a Jedi knight and stated he had come to study and help the situation between the local inhabitants, and the native races. For years now the natives had been driven out of their ancestral homes to make way for the large more dominating cities of the settling humans, the dominate race now on Abredgado-rae. No one paid him much mind though at first the stir of a Jedi Knight being on the small world caused many a question, eventually it settled down and he was accepted over the years as a welcomed face of humor and good natured conversation.

Carthin and Kokon soon met in one of the derelict buildings, they were fast friends, as Kokon was amazed at the boy knowledge of the city and the way he could navigate it so easily. Carthin explained this by saying he had been here all his life, but Kokon began to believe Carthin was attuned to the force. Through Kokon Carthin gained new knowledge on subjects he never thought of, he learned how to fence, and how to carve wood, and able thing upon the surface of Abredgado-rae. Kokon desperately wanted to take a sample from Carthin but respected the local ways and merely spent as much time with the boy as he could as he grew up.

I begin to wonder if this boy isn’t ready for Jedi training.Jedi Knight Kokon Gu’s private journal.

Middle Life

Carthins Home City
A few months after Carthin turned sixteen tragedy struck his small family and city. One of the towering buildings collapsed on top of the crew that was clearing it, there were no survivors, in this crew were Carthin Lassui Sr., Mara Lassui and Karrius Lassui. New was brought to Carthin and his older sister Seson, Seson now eighteen understood totally there their parents were gone for good, and tried to kill herself twice without success. Carthin spent days on end in the buildings on the far edge of the city, crying and begging for them back. Kokon seeing all this could not help but contact his order and ask to bring the children to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Carthin and Seson were accepted with open arms when Kokon brought them to his order’s temple, though they understood not, they had begun a journey that would change them. Carthin was tested and found to have a connection to the force, and so began his training as a Jedi. Seson was medically treated for her sickness of the heart, and decided to help their world as Carthin one day would, she went into medical training and came out a Surgeon now working on their home world.

Carthin grew as a Jedi over the years, apprenticed to Kokon, he helped resolve many issues through the galaxy, including those on his own world among the Natives and New Inhabitants. In the end creating special areas that no cities would ever be built on. He also learned that Jedi were not always in time to help, he discovered a small boy on the sands of Tatoonie, the boy had been poisoned and was in need of medical attention badly. Carthin ran for thirty-four days to try and save the boy, only to have the child die in his arms when a settlement came into view. He learned the Jedi could not save every life in galaxy.

Seeing Carthins knowledge and his lessons learned, the Council made Carthin a Knight at the age of 28. Kokon died not long after in a battle with a sith from the formed Byss Empire, resulting in Carthin’s deep anger towards them.

The force...Jedi Master Kokon

Knight Years

Carthin soon found out that begin a knight meant begin the foot soldier of the order, for years he fought for them, slaying sith and their kind throughout the galaxy, saving countless worlds for invasion forces, with the help of his fellow knights and brave Republic soldiers and militias. But the Byss Empire gained ground, and soon he was repelling offensives throughout Jedi worlds. His orange saberstaff a weapon of hope and light throughout the galaxy.

Then came a lull in the battles, and Carthin was able to visit his home at the age of forty-five, visiting long lost friends and recounting tales, his sister’s home and family welcoming him in. He found here that his sisters son had a connection to the force, and discussed it with her, they settled that he would take the boy back with him when he returned to the Jedi Temple. But on the day they were to leave, a sith cruiser came thundering out of hyperspace, crushing the under prepared orbital defenders.

Sith Attack on Abregado-rae
Carthin reported this to his Order, begging for aid to be sent, the order ordered him back to the temple to leave his world, that they had not the forces to hold it. Carthin declined and with a handful of other knights and padawans, and six-thousand of the worlds defenders, he dug in hard and waited for the sith.
The landing force was massive over fifty-thousand sith marauders marched onto Abredgado-rae they saw the outnumbered local forces and mocked them, the sith commanders sending in direct waves thinking they could overwhelm the defenders, but the line held, and the sith fell in droves.
For five days the defenders held out, until there was but four left, including Carthin Lassui, the sith retreated though, their losses had been to great and they could not hold back the republic forces coming to the planets aid at long last. Carthin had helped save his world, but had disobeyed his order to do so. He later learned that his sister child and husband had been killed in the attacks, with grief and sorrow but no regret, he left Abredgado-rae.

I will stay with these men and hold this world!Carthin Lassui, to the crowds of Abredgado-rae


Uvena Prime
Carthin returned to his Order, whom called him to the council chambers, it had been decided long before he returned that he would be exiled from his Order, his rank and light saber stripped from him, though many saw this as an outrage, the hero of Abredgado-rae being thrown out. Carthin did not beg to be allowed to stay nor did he complain, he left in peace and serenity knowing and not regretting what he did. He stayed for a year helping the Jedi were he could, but felt he was not wanted, and so travelled the galaxy helping where and when he could, building himself a new lightsaber and defending the galaxy from the corruption of the sith. Eventually he found his way to Uvena Prime, where he found peace in the grass lands and woods of the world, he purchased a home, and began helping the local order in their acts to protect the world from the sith, befriending many a local Shistavanen. At the age of fifty-four he had found a home.
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