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Candlyn Thandel, was a force sensitive Chiss female Nightsister of the Spiderclan and the cousin of the former Sith Acolyte turned Jedi Kyanduso Taurus.

Early years

Candlyn was born and raised partly on Naboo until age nine, when she was kidnapped by a male Sith Lord Darth Vexious, and taken to Mustafar. The Vexious trained her in the darkside of the force and abused her sexually, as well as mentally. By the time Candlyn turned twelve, he began taking her blood and forcing her to participate in dark rituals to keep himself alive forever, which was why he kidnapped her. Now at sixteen, Candlyn became mentally unstable, unable to take the sexual abuse, she killed her master. Candlyn took his ship and searched many planets, hoping them to be abandoned or have few people on them. After searching for days Candlyn's ship ran out of fuel and she crashed landed on Dathomir. Hours after crashing, Candlyn encountered the Spiderclan, whom helped her discard the body. After hearing her story, the Spiderclan took her in, and Candlyn for their kindness, devoted herself fully to become a Nightsister of the Spiderclan and serve them always.

Unlocking the past

Candlyn altered in human form

Candlyn began learning about the history of the Nightsisters, but she struggled to fully understand its history because she failed to understand her own family history. So Candlyn engaged in a dark ritual which helped unlock suppressed memories, in doing so Lady Phelan discovered that Candlyn's memories were blocked by a darksider, which was why Candlyn knew nothing of her life before age nine. Fearing Candlyn would die if she fully engaged further into the ritual Lady Phelan pulled her out and ordered that she never try this ritual ever again, Candlyn pretended to obey, but then when Lady Phelan went off world, Candlyn gathered a few loyal nightsisters and performed the dark ritual. The ritual caused Candlyn to slip into a deep coma, which Lady Phelan was able to sense from far away, Phelan used the force to enter Candlyn's mind so she could help Candlyn on her journey as well as scold her for disobeying. Each time when Candlyn got closer and closer to discovering the truth she was attacked away by various Sith Lords she never met, that somehow Phelan knew from their reputations. Candlyn eventually defeated them and unlocked all of her suppressed memories including those of her ancestors. Candlyn learned that her mother was a Sith Lord named Lucretia Vanaecious who hiding from the Jedi along with her twin brother Lucrezio Vanaecious. One night while heading off to bed, Candlyn stumbled upon Lucretia and Lucrezio plotting to kill Candlyn's father, a millionare named Victor Thandel. Fearing for her father, Candlyn was about to rush off and tell but stumbled over getting caught by both Lucrezio and Lucretia. They grabbed Candlyn and erased her memories of her catching them and staged her kidnapping days later. Candlyn was sold to Lucrezio and Lucretia's old friend Darth Vexious, who altered Candlyn to look human, erased all of Candlyn's memories past nine years old and put up hallucinations of his Sith disciples to block Candlyn and others from accessing those past memories. Once Candyn awoke from her coma she left for Naboo on a mission to find her father as well as kill both her uncle and mother, in revenge for what they had done to her so many years ago, however Candlyn never made a face to face confrontation with her mother and uncle as they sensed she was coming and had an assassin kill her, Candlyn was shot with a poison dart while traveling through the streets of Theed, she was taken to a hospital, and died hours later; there was nothing the doctors or the Jedi healers could do. Lady Phelan, later tracked down Candlyn's mother and uncle and killed them, avenging Candlyn's death.


Candlyn's duel light sabers

Candlyn's lightsabers are very unique and special to her since they symbolize the last bit of her humanity when she built it. The Blue sabers were based off Darth Nihilus's original design, which Candlyn viewed in her master's old Sith archives, the sabers themselves are a strength for Candlyn, since is reminds her of what she once hand and can still have. And the saber can also be a weakness, if taken from her, it could result in Candlyn never being able to regain her humanity and being lost forever int he dark abyss of the dark side of the force. Besides being a strength and weakness, the sabers also represent the dark and light part of Candlyn's psyche, the left one is Candlyn's light side (aka. her humanity) and the right one represents her dark side (aka. her dark rage and psychotic nature), like Yin and Yang. These sabers were eventually awarded to Jedi Master Aenanya Riaxik, during her top secret mission for the NJO, shortly after Candlyn died. After the death of Aenanya the NJO felt it best as well as by legal rights of Candlyn's relationship to Kyanduso by blood, that the sabers be returned to a member of the House of Taurus, which Kyanduso was the last remaining survivor. Now the sabers are weilded by Kyanduso who later on changed the color crystals to yellow as she choose the Sentinel Jedi Medic Path.

Behind the Scenes

Candlyn was originally set to become a main character as part of the Nightsisters storyline, however due to the roleplayer Quillsorceress being forced to leave Second Life for real life reasons. When Quillsorceress returned to sl, the Nightsister group closed, and the character Candlyn was quickly killed off, allowing Quillsorceress to resume her old role as Jedi Master Aenanya Riaxik to return to the NJO as a permanent member and main character in the NJO.