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Calico Carling is was a Jedi Knight of the New Order of the Jedi and Kalway Order of Jedi


Approached on her homeworld of Axum by a man named Katar Shel, who told her he could sense the force in her and that she should seek him out on Yavin IV to be trained in the ways of the Jedi. When she arrived on Yavin IV she was distraught to find that no one seemed to know this strange man and could offer no assistance to her. As she wandered about the city aimlessly, she was attacked by street thugs, leaving her with no credits, and no way to get back home. Determined to learn all she could of the Jedi and their ways, on her own if she must, she began spending countless hours in Yavin's large library. She met several kind people there that helped point her in the right direction and began giving her insight into the force and how to begin taking control of it.

She studied long and hard, often falling asleep at the terminals, waking only to study again and help the librarians for a few credits. Several weeks had passed when she was introduced to a Jedi knight by her friend Gaton, by the name of Kerman Boa. She spoke with this knight for quite some time, before he suggested that she seek out Jedi Council member Master Zoffa Morico, which she did. Master Morico was old and wise, and questioned her about why she wished to be trained as a Jedi, and what she thought a Jedi was. She answered his questions as best as she could, and after several moments Master Morico smiled and told her that she would be trained.

She spent another week or so studying in the libraries and talking to the other padawans before she was taken as a learner herself by the knight Meryn Barry. He was a great Jedi guardian, and one of the most skilled swordsman in the order.  Callico was quite honoured to be taken as a padawan by such an honourable knight. 

And so her training has begun ........ resulting in her being Knighted in the New Order of Jedi.

Callico briefly spent some time within the Kalway Order of Jedi.