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The Beginning

Born Cain Rosenkreuz around 182 ABY to a noble family of Echani on the world of Eshan and hailed from a large city named Malakir. His father was an Echani General by the name of Alessandro Rosenkreuz, and his mother was a politician by the name of Caterina Rosenkreuz, however his biological mother was the sister to the late Empress Teta, thus making him half Echani compared to his other siblings who were full. Caterina helped raise her kids, while her husband commanded Echani forces. However little did anyone know that Alessandro was a strong force user whom had secret ties to the Jedi Order. Those secret ties is what got Cain's older brother Abel(whom he had a secret Force Bond with.) into a Jedi Enclave where he began his training. (This would prove to be one of the reason why later on Cain would fall, due to his jealousy of his older brother.) However Cain was ignored and was thought to not be sensitive to the force. Thus he was enlisted under his Father into the Echani armed forces where he at a very young age began his training in hand to hand combat learning all the known tiers of Echani combat. Although this would take time, he would continue his training under the command of his father in the military until around 220 ABY where Cain went Awol and traveled to Cinnegar where his mother's side of the family was. Upon his arrival he walked the streets seeking some kind of future for himself. One day he chanced upon the Tetan Palace which at this point was under control of the Revenant Armada. This step would change his life forever.

Life in the Armada

After becoming a member of the Armada in 221 ABY, Cain started out as a private in the Marauder Corps which would begin a life of pain, suffering and Death. However during this time he served under a Captain named 'Preacher' who was a ruthless Marauder whose hate clouded his vision more then once and was quick to temper which would often result in someone's death. Above him was the Grand Marshal Darth Occidian, a Rodian who also had short temper and whose anger also resulted in someone's death. Life in the Armada was hard, constant training under intense pressure. Most Marauders went insane at this point. And to Cain the constant lure of the Dark side was always there. Cain fought constantly to survive as a recruit in the Marauders as he seemed so unimportant in the bulk of the Armada.

Towards the end of 221 ABY Captain Preacher approached Cain and presented him with an opportunity that would lead Cain to becoming what he is today. This offer was to undergo experimental training new to the Armada, and new to the galaxy. This new training would create a division in the Armada's Marauders forces known as AIU, or Advanced Infiltration Unit. This would ultimately lead to the fall of Cain. During his new life as an AIU Recruit, Cain was tortured every day with cruel methods. He would be beaten, strapped down to gurneys and experimented on with random drugs and hallucinogens. During the final steps of his transformation, Cain underwent many surgical procedures that nearly killed him and only survived due to his Echani training along with being a force sensitive. During these surgeries he would get physical artificial enhancements placed along areas in his body. Mainly stimulants allowing him to become stronger, faster and over all physically superior than average Echani males. As the time of surgery ended, a drug was ministered to Cain which would attempt to delete him of his identity. However through deep meditation he was able to cleanse himself of said drug. After that he was approached by Captain 'Preacher' and was told his name would be Recruit until he could learn the ways of an AIU.

As an AIU Recruit Cain would undergo harsh training under his Captain whom was quick to be temperamental with him and cause Cain to begin building up Rage within him. He went through extensive training to become an Infiltrator, and be able to use stealthy maneuver and techniques that would later prove highly useful. He was taught to become one with the shadows and use shadow warfare to dominate in the war that was to follow against the Republic and the Fel Empire. During the next 5 years Cain would train in the art of Stealth Warfare, Assassinations, Basic/Advanced Weaponry, piloting and of course melee combat. And when Cain finished in 226 ABY he was approached by Captain Preacher who bestowed upon him the title of Infiltrator, along with that of an identity that would create a new personality that would take control of Cain. This name was, Apparition.

"When I first beheld this Apparition -- for I could scarcely regard it as less -- my wonder and my terror were extreme."

— Republic Soldier

The Rise of Apparition

In 226 ABY Apparition was bumped up to Lieutenant of the Advanced Infiltration Unit, better known as AIU while his old superior 'Preacher' became the Grand Marshal. During this time the War between the Armada and the Republic had just begun. In the beginning of Apparition's life he recruited many Marauders and trained many in the arts of the AIU. Through this time he conducted stealth Warfare upon the Republic and the Empire in hopes to uproot its government in which eventually would add to the fall of the Empire and Republic on Coruscant. during this time he was not very knowledgeable within the force, only being able to use basic things he picked up here and there. Apparition would conduct many guerrilla warfare tactics that he had learned, continuing to attack in the shadows and then run back into hiding laying in wait. However Apparition was growing in strength, his new personality was taking control of him and removing what used to be him. Turning from a decent nature and patience to wretched anger and rage that would fuel his attacks on the Republic and his victims. Apparition himself constantly fought with his reality and his soul, that of Cain Rosenkreuz and attempted to remove it or taint it and completely take it over with the poison of the Dark Side. This transformation would take many many years to manifest before it ever really took him over.

Apparition in Battle Armor Circa 225 ABY

As 228 ABY rolled around Apparition had become a Captain within the AIU and the Revenant Armada, rising to the position of Executive Officer of the Marauder Corps. This was a highly esteemed rank and something not easily achieved. By this point in time the entity known as Apparition had a strong hold over Cain and began corrupting him slowly. However the major turning point for him was the day when he traveled to the peaceful lush world of Talus. Upon arriving at Talus he went to the famed Jedi Temple and began infiltrating it to find out what he could of the Jedi. To his surprise and shock he stumbled upon a man with shining white hair, pale skin tone and very tall. this man's garments were that of an Imperial Knight Grand Master. Red with white outlines. What shocked him was the fact this was his older brother who ran away so many years ago when Cain was 8 to a Jedi Enclave as he was the favorite of the family, mainly his father Alessandro. Upon recognizing Abel, Apparition quickly grew frustrated and angry and confronted him. Upon confronting him a terrific battle ensued which after hours of fighting and due to inexperience with force Combat and melee combat Apparition fell and nearly died. Abel tossed Apparition into the ocean where he drifted for hours on the brink of death. (Though due to the extreme nature of the fight Abel later on became conflicted within himself and after the collapse of the Empire he joined the Revenant Armada and became a Wraith.) When Apparition was rescued by members of his flagship the,'Dark Omen", he met up with his fallen brother whom taught him a little more then the basics of the force. Teaching him to focus and control his rage and hatred which would later on be perfected. As 228 ABY neared an end the Revenant forces repelled that of the Empire and the Republic and caused them to withdraw(except for the Republic). Thus the Armada was able to retain their position on Coruscant.

229 ABY would prove to be a testing time for Apparition as his power grew and the tally of victims grew. In 230 ABY he made many enemies and began instilling his reputation among the Jedi and the Republic. In this year he began revealing his identity as 'Apparition' and moved from the shadows into the light. However his silent personal war continued to be fought within the shadows of the Galaxy. 229 ABY would mark the year that 'Apprition' took over the body of Cain and his soul. Upon this time Apparition confronted Wraith Commander Darth Ikyrio, whom he believed to have been more powerful than Grand Admiral Darth Abyssus. From there he offered himself to her teachings so that he may become powerful and a true Sith one day...

PGAF Soldier: "You'll never win Sith. You and your kind are at an end. For the Republic!"
Apparition: "Kriff your Republic!"
― Dialogue between Apparition and a PGAF Soldier, before decapitating the PGAF Soldier and kicking his head over to his fellow comrades on the memorial.

The Apprenticeship

"The Sith need a leader. They need someone who can create an organization that has order, code and laws. One that doesn't have others blinded by betrayal in order to make their Ascension to power. We need... A New kind of Sith Order.


— Apparition telling of what he wishes of the Sith, circa 227 ABY.

In the beginning of 229 ABY Apparition went under the tutelage of Darth Ikyrio, someone who was very powerful within the Dark side of the force. Through this time he has learned much in the ways of the force, learning new techniques within the dark side and doubling his force powers. Under her training he is becoming closer to becoming a true Sith. He has learned the nature of the Dark side, along with being able to translate the Ancient Sith language and be able to speak some of it. Through her training he has also come to master basic abilities and become lose to mastering other abilities such as Lightning, and his favorite, Telekinesis. Apparition also grew to love playing mind games and using deception to drive those he fought insane. As a Sith Apprentice Apparition had been sent on many missions by Ikyrio and the Armada to locate Jedi and other such things that can help him become more attuned and knowledgeable of the force. Towards the middle of 230 ABY he had become quite strong for the training he had received. Becoming a Sith whom believed in an organized Sith Order and not one bent on betraying others for positions. Someone avoiding the trap doors of the Dark side which many Lords have fallen to.

Apparition circa 230 ABY

As the war began to slow down Apparition found himself with a lot of free time. So he began in search of creating a powerful lightsaber. After many many months of travel throughout the galaxy he tried picking up on leads of where notable crystal sources would be and areas that were strong with the force. While on Onderon he approached a few people whom sources told him were of the black market and did dealings with force relics. Upon learning of some crystals they were selling he found out they had been trying to sell a Vexxtal crystal. After killing the dealers he took the crystal for himself and made his way through the galaxy searching for another. About six months later he had stumbled upon a strong Dark Side presence located around Ziost where he chanced upon a crystal formation. After many hard hours of mining the the rocks and the crystal formation he was able to produce a powerful crystal named Lignan. After showing them to his Master he then presumed work on creating his very own Lightsaber. After easily finding the mechanical parts from the Armada's resources he spent days and days of strict meditation channeling the force into the two crystals he had gotten and attuned them with his stance in the force. Though for one reason or another many years later the crystals would be lost and he would need to create a new Lightsaber. Upon completion he then went to the furnace which the Grand Admiral allowed him to use where he created, through many hours of work through the force, a red synthetic lightsaber crystal. After all this was done he had efficiently created his own deadly lightsaber that emitted a powerful red blade capable of massive destruction. Many of those who thought they were strong enough fell to the blade of 'Apparition', including that of the Grand Marshal of the Revenant Armada's Marauder Corps.

In 230 ABY his former superior Grand Marshal 'Preacher' had challenged him to a fight where the Grand Marshal felt insulted by 'Apparition' and wouldn't rest until his AIU leader of dead. At this point in time the Grand Marshal had become a cyborg made of Phrick plating with little actual organs left inside his body. this would prove a thought opponent to 'Apparition' and was a test for his Apprenticeship under Darth Ikyrio who watched the entire time as the two fought on and on. After hours of relentless fighting 'Apparition' gained the upper hand and tossed 'Preacher' (who also went by 'Ravager' at this time) onto the memorial where he destroyed him. This proved to be a major milestone in 'Apparition's' trainings he had finally become strong enough to become something important in the Galaxy. As he Continued to hone his skills with the Force, more or less the Dark Side, he traveled to Korriban in search of a self discovery in a sense to enlighten himself with the ancient wisdom of the Lords of old and to take a step closer to completing his training and Apprenticeship under Darth Ikyrio.

Upon completing his training under Ikyrio, Apparition was sent to Rhelg to work on relations between the government and them. However in that time he was accepted into the Trayus academy and Rhelg and while there is under the instruction of the Duke of Rhelg, known as Darth Altus. With this happening Apparition intends to learn more of the Dark Side from a different point of view.

"You cannot kill me Captain, no matter what you do you cannot and I will serve your head on a silver platter."

— Grand Marshal 'Preacher' shortly before his death.

"That is where you are wrong.. You have fallen and I will relieve you of your life."

— 'Apparition' shortly before killing the Grand Marshal with a blast of Force Lightning.

While on Rhelg his Master at the time, Darth Altus trained him in various techniques. But something Apparition still carries with him today are a few Lightsaber forms that were taught to him. Those being:

Form V: The Way of the Krayt Dragon (Shien/Djem So)

The name of the Fifth Form of lightsaber combat varies, Shien and Djem So draw on one another and are essentially based on the same movements and velocities, and Anakin Skywalker mastered them both. By comparison, Djem So demonstrated a even higher level of physical strength and aggressive moves. So it is believed that Shien and Djem So both fall under the catergory of Form V, much like Juyo and Vaapad in Form VII, with Shien better at dealing with blaster bolts and Djem So better at blade-to-blade combat.

Form V is a powerful style developed by Form III practitioners that preferred a more offensive angle. The defensive nature of Form III often leads to dangerously prolonged combat. This style came about from combining Forms II and III.

Embodying the perfection of the idea of counterattack, Form V maintains its existence through having sufficient defensive skills, as derived from Form III, but channeling defense into offense. The example is commonly used that while Form III combatants effortlessly deflect laser bolts, Form V practitioners excel at redirecting the laser bolt toward the opponent. This simultaneously defends the user and efficiently injures the opponent. Also, it utilizes Form II's parries, allowing the user to parry the attempted attack, and counter it.

However, where Form II concentrated on precise and elegant parries, Form V permits the user to actually fully block and repel attacks since it calls for the use of more brute, Force-enchanced strength. This particular aspect of the technique is beleived to be favored by Anakin Skywalker, and especially later by him as Darth Vader.

Form V is also different from Form III in the fact that Form V practictioners believe that the best defense is a good offense. It has already been observed that Form III users simply deflect blaster bolts and parry lightsaber attacks until the opponent makes a fatal mistake. Form V practioners take the near impenetrable defenses of Form III and press the assault, using wide, sweeping blows in an attempt to overwhelm the opponent with brute strength. A dedication to the power and strength necessary to defeat an enemy characterizes the philosophy of Form V, which some Jedi describe by the maxim "peace through superior firepower." To some Jedi Knights, Form V represents a worthy discipline prepared for any threat; to others, Form V seems to foster an inappropriate focus on dominating others. The aggressive philosophy of Form V is the source of many a Jedi's disapproval.

With the offensive but refined movements of Form II and the highly defensive postures of Form III, Form V has been proven to be a highly effective style. Both Form V and VII call for its user to use emotion to enhance their strength. Form V users can best be described as bold, powerful, fearless and confident. They are unafraid to let their emotions rule them and contribute to the fight, though they are wary of falling to the dark side.

Form VI: The Way of the Rancor (Niman / Jar'kai)

Form VI attempted to balance all elements of lightsaber combat, combining the techniques from Forms that came before into a less intensely demanding combat style. In practice, Form VI was a combination of older forms (Forms I, II, III, IV, and V), and all of them in moderation. In the blending, much of the individuality was lost, but the strengths were spread evenly, and there was little weakness in it. Due to its "jack-of-all-trades" nature, the success of this form was largely dependent on the practitioner's intuition, improvisation, and creativity in combat rather than the rote responses derived from other forms. This broad generalization made Form VI well suited for diplomats, as they could spend their time training in the areas of politics and negotiation instead of combat training.

Niman was not a weak form. While many other lightsaber forms bolstered the wielder's abilities in one area, while leaving him vulnerable in others, Niman was capable in all situations but had no dramatic strengths. It provided no edge in battle, but achieved its worth in not leaving its wielder as exposed as some of the more aggressive forms. Its strength was its balance. The form was also considered a basis for more 'unorthodox' fighting, as Jedi who used it were less frequently using automatic reflex than constantly thinking and often had time to invent unusual strategies for combat. It also provided a decent defense versus enemy Force powers and blaster fire.

Dual-blade fighters, whether classical Niman duelists or individuals applying the Jar'Kai tactic, were able to maintain a strong offense, as the speed of attack that two blades allowed would overwhelm most opponents. A typical maneuver was to continually attack with one blade while relying on the other for defensive coverage, ensuring that the duelist could keep up his guard even as he attacked. However, it was common that both blades be used for offensive purposes, keeping up a continuous wave-front assault.

Darth Ikyrio

Darth Ikyrio was Apparition's first Master during his time with the Revenant Armada when he was very young. She trained him with the basic force abilities while he was with the Advanced Infiltration Unit. She put him through many life threatening situations and has been tortured many times. Though despite all this he looked up to her to make the right choices and since he had no family ties then and only had his suit of Armor he grew to be Loyal and respectful to her. His training went by fast and when he was given the title of Darth he declined and kept doing his duties with the Armada. He felt he really needed to earn 'Darth' through some major victory or conquest, something that would qualify him to be one. However when he left the Armada he felt betrayed by his former Master, and the Bond between them was painful when she vanished into the Galaxy without a trace. Not knowing where to go he would go to places like Rhelg and Korriban to further and complete his training.

Years later Apparition would sense his Master's presence on the Sith world of Prakith and he had a small glimmer of hope that she would return and help him. Instead she came with the intention to kill him and so the betrayal was complete. Hurt and enraged the two fought on Prakith until Apparition used his new found abilities to open a portal to the Shadow Realm where he lured Darth Ikyrio inside and trapped her there. Once inside they both continued their fight and in the end Apparition beat his Master when he abosrbed her Life Force and in accordance to Sith Law stripped her of her power and has taken her shell of a body captive in an unknown Location. Thus is when the Apprentice became the Master.

Apparition's Relics

The Heart of Apparition is a Sith Amulet that was created by Apparition himself in the year of 230 ABY. It all started when upon completing his Seventh Mastery of all Eight Sith Masteries he was directed to go to the Sith world of Rhelg, where he was to travel through a maze and locate sacred tombs and from there take a Crystal best suited for an Amulet. Upon traveling to rhelg he was confronted by the local populace whom he had to prove himself worthy to before he could enter the Tombs. After quickly passing the test he went forward unto the Tombs and found what he had been looking for. After completing the task Apparition returned to Coruscant where under supervision of his Master he empowered the crystal with Dark side energies along with the essence of Sith Magic.

The Heart of Apparition

Its abilities include a shield or better known as absorption power that absorbs incoming attacks through the force directed to the wearer which is then stored into the amulet's personal energy reserves. Second ability is that it grants the wearer the ability to read Ancient Sith text. thirdly the wearer's affinity to the Dark side is heightened when wearing the Amulet, making their connection to the force Stronger, and their mastery of the Dark side more powerful. Lastly the Amulet has a countermeasure installed to protect it from misuse by the Jedi. If worn by a Jedi, it will begin to lure them to the Darkside and place a corruption aura around them, as it can only be used by those who follow the Dark side. The last effect that can be placed in it, is upon death of Apparition's physical body his spirit would be placed inside the amulet itself.

Apparition also owns a ring that he crafted himself in the fires of Korriban. The Ring itself appears to be silver with black and a Letter in Sith text on the top. Its is also known as, 'The Seal of Apparition.' It is also a Sith relic as it is empowered with the Dark Side of the force, along with the power of Sith Magic. Though it is quite small and not capable of carrying much power, it is able to hold a storage of Force energy allowing the wearer to replenish their force Reserves and can run out of extra energy. For it to work, once every standard week its energy must be replenished.

Later on Apparition would create from the depths of Prakith one of his most deadly Relics yet. And that would be the known as, "The Hand of Apparition". This object was a Sith sword made from a few metals but developed through intriquete Sith Alchemy and Magical rituals. Like all of his Relics, they are all imbued with a part of him. His Amulet had his Soul sealed within, while his ring (sigil) stored his knowledge of the Force. However this time his newest of Relics, his Sith Sword would be imbued with all of his power, strength, pasison, hatred everything which made him strong. Which is why the wielder will have their strength increase tenfold should they wield the Sword... But also at their own discretion.

Life on Rhelg

After completing his training under Darth Ikyrio, Apparition traveled to Rhelg on a mission for the Empress in an attempt to strengthen the ties of his Government with that of Rhelg's. Upon arrival he had already proved himself worthy of an audience with the Duke. After meeting with the Duke he was offered a place as a student to continue his studies in the Dark Side there at the Trayus Academy. Though he completed his initiation task somewhat, he was accepted to train personally underneath the Duke of Rhelg, also known as Darth Altus. Once he had begun his training, he knew that the knowledge and skills he would gain from the Trayus Academy would prove beneficial to himself and hopefully one day to the plan he hopes to set in motion. As both of them were training, Apparition's presence was requested by their leader, known as the 'Taral'ari', and he was brought before him. The Taral'ari was a massive being of the Sith species, though he doesn't know what he was before turned Sith. Upon meeting him he felt a presence in the force he had never felt before, and knew that he could learn much at the Academy and become more powerful than most Sith and Jedi.

Apparition on Byss

His training has mainly consisted of some combat training, little tests to see what he was like in melee combat. Other parts of his training have been talks about the Force. Philosophical and history of the Force. Other than that life on Rhelg has been simple, though he finds himself constantly having to prove himself over and over to some of the occupants in the Citadel.

Apparition has undergone many tests, and has gained many friends while staying on Rhelg. There he has learned more about himself than he ever has. He eventually become close with Darth Lilith, a Lord on Rhelg, whom he really looks up to. Along with the Son of his Master, whom he enjoys talking to about anything from Combat to just simple life. He has also been traveling frequently to Byss, where he got the honor to meet the Sith Emperor that the Trayus accept as their leader. Though he has had difficulty completely accepting him as the supreme leader, he does respect him.

Family Life

As time progressed Cain would eventually find the need to want a family. The time presented itself when an opportunity arose where the Tetan Empire could strengthen ties with Bakura. The Bakuran Princess had been captured and from there the princess and Cain fell in love with each other. One day the princess had been accepted in as a Lady of the Tetan Empire, and that was the day the two of them were married. Though it could have been seen as a politically arranged marriage, they both settled in. However many years later his loving wife passed away and caused Cain to move on. And years later when an interesting woman broke into his base he realized just who she was and fell in love. Her name was Remnant and later on turned out her real name was Dark Lady Chaos.

Cain Chaos Wedding

A long time into knowing each other they took things slow and both fell in love and eventually they were married by the Emperor and had the ceremony on Byss. In this point in his life nothing could have been better and he had found his one and only soul mate. To him his family is important as he grew up and served in the Armada for years by himself and with nobody there for him. And during that time in the Armada the only connecton he had was with his Master at the time, but even then it was short lived.


After many years of partaking in many academies, Cain finished his training in both the Sith'ari and the Trayus Academy, elevating himself to Master or Lord of the Sith. Sith Lord in short. In this sense he was a leader in the mighty Sith Empire underneath Emperor Validus and would serve him and the Empire and help better the Sith nation as a whole. However this time of his life turned out to be very boring, as there were too many other Sith Lords in the galaxy, which began his hunt to seek out the strong and separate them from those who never earned the title. He would only surround himself with those whom earned it and only on occasion would he visit Byss. The balance of Sith Lords needs to be lessened, there are too many causing too much conflict. This is what he has thought, thus spending his time not using the title of Darth and seeking those strong enough to create a New Sith Order.


Cain has a very interesting personality that does conflict with him at certain times and almost even random times. His Echani traits give him a certain sense of Justice and honor, along with the mentality of a warrior but it does make him light of heart at times or even caring instead of Dark and 'Evil'. He is very passionate about almost everything, which makes him strong but also realistic. Besides that what also conflicts with him is his Tetan heritage and background, more specifically his noble background which gives him a sense of superiority and even sometimes a sense of arrogance. As a youth when he grew up he attended Echani Military school and learned his whole life to be just like his father, who was an Echani General. In this day and age Cain would be considered an Echani general, having reached the Elderly age and from all his Military time he has developed the natural ability that all Echani are able to learn. This ability was like Battle Precognition, the ability to almost sense your opponent's next move.

Occupation of Bakura Circa 245 ABY

If Cain is passionate about something he will do his best to achieve it or even protect it. He also can be very nice to people if they are nice to him, though if they are not he can be quite the pain towards them. All in all he isn't a very cocky individual, and prefers for people to blab away as over time he has understood people who show their hand aren't the best of fighters.

Apparition & Darth Mortis

Some cons of his personality is that he does not like being dominated by any authority, this is the worst way to try and communicate with him. He prefers calm, respectful talk but if he gets the feeling someone is trying to force anything on him then he will shut down and become very very stubborn. He is a military man first and foremost, so everything to him has a strategic point and for that matter nothing he does doesn't have some form of strategy or tactial aim.

The New Sith Order

Formed around 232 ABY, The New Sith Order is currently based on the world of Nar Shaddaa as it waits the re-construction of the world of Prakith. Once Prakith is finished they will move in there and make it their home base. The New Sith Order, or known as the NSO is led by Apparition and a few other Sith Masters. Apparition would go on to become an ally of the Sith Empire to help them in their struggles to further the betterment of the Sith Nation. Although the Order is small, its leaders are strong and determined to make something of the NSO.


Its Mission is to help unite the Sith and bring about a new modern era, using old traditions and codes in a new way to rebuild what once was. Neo Sith they have been called, but nonetheless they are followers of the Dark side.

They have fought in many battles since their creation, and have taken up operations on many planets. Currently they have major bases on Keres I and Keres II, as well as Felucia thanks to the Consortium Alliance and Eshan. They are at war with the Tetan Empire, as well as the newly forming Republic. The NSO has formed its own alliance, taking in other groups who wish to restore the dominion of the Sith, rather than let those on Byss believe they are the law of the land. The Order has established a Sith Troopers Corps to create an army to help fight. Many things are head for the Order, as they bring about the old ways into a new era.