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Jedi Knight, Jedi Sentinel, Jedi Counciler.



Cade's parents moved off Coruscant when he was 2 months old, setting up a home on Talus. His mother was a Jedi Knight named Nabre who was killed in combat defending home and family when Cade was 2 years old. Shortly after his mother died Cade's Father took Cade to Dantooine where Cade's Grandfather, Lancar, lived. After his mother died Cade's father never told him about her being a Jedi and that Cade was most likely force sensitive as well. Cade's father passed away from a deadly disease when he was 8 years old. After Cade's father died his Grandfather rasied him till he died, of old age, when Cade was 16 years old. Shortly before His death Lancar told Cade about his mother being a Jedi.


Having to survive on his own and to learn of the Jedi, Cade joined the Crew of the first ship off Dantooine, a smuggling ship. Cade served as a starship mechanic, cargo loader, and later the night pilot on the smugglers ship till he was 21 when they had a close call with some "Locals" on Taris, where he parted company and struck out on his own.

Becoming a Jedi[]

Early Learnings of the Force[]

On Taris he learned from a local gray/rouge Jedi, Je-nu who once was a Jedi Knight, of the ways of the force. While with his Master he discoverd a thirst for knowledge he could not quench. Coming home one night he found that his Master had been killed by a Sith. Cade went out on his own learning the ways of force and looking for his Master's killer. Cade's Master was killed when Cade was 23.

Cade in the Jedi Temple High Council Spire

Accepted to the Jedi Praxeum[]

Cade grew restless as he searched for his master's killer. Then one evening on the planet of Yavin IV Cade met a Jedi Knight named Vinshu Blessed from The Jedi Praxeum. Vinshu sensed that the young man had much potential but needed guildence. Vinshu transported Cade back to Coruscant and introduced him to the other members of the order. Before long Cade became Vinshu's padawan.

Life as a Padawan[]

Cade's lightsabers, Maris Caelestis.

The two shared many adventures together traveling to Yavin IV, Zonama Sekot and Bakura among others. In a very short time Cade became an excellent pilot and engineer. One adventure Cade helped rescue one of the Potentium Knights, Merceal Smythe, who was badly injured and stranded on Yavin IV. Vinshu provided medical attention while Cade flew them back to Zonama Sekot.

Cade still uses his first sabers that he made, while continuing to update them. He mostly uses one blade but from time to time is known to use the other when the saber form requires it. The right saber's name is Maris, and the left saber's name is Caelestis. Together the Sabers are known as Maris Caelestis.

During his training Cade was able to purchase or rebuild several star-ships, including several star-fighters and transports. The ship he most often flys is the 'The Tranquillity' witch he's highly customized. He's also working on rebuilding several other ships to add to his personal fleet.

Cade also able to win several droids in a contest. He has all kinds of droids everything from astrometric droids to remotes and repair droids, also a protocol droid.

Much to Vinshu's approval Cade was eventually knighted.

Life in the Jedi Temple[]

Cade spent much of his life as a Padawan and later as a Jedi Knight in or around the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He was given much responsability when he was given the job of Temple Caretaker, to help maintain and protect the Temple. Many of Cade's fondest memories are in the Temple, with his friends.

Personal Skills[]


  • Starfighter Pilot
  • Starship Pilot
  • Speeder Pilot

Structural Engineering[]


  • Starship Design
  • Starship Construction
  • Starship Maintenance
  • Advanced Starship Maintenance


  • Starbase Design
  • Starbase Construction
  • Starbase Maintenance


  • Architectural Design
  • Prefab Manufacture
  • Building Maintenance


  • Droid Construction
  • Droid Maintenance


  • Computer Systems Design
  • Computer Systems Installation
  • Computer Systems Maintenance