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C-5569 also called Marcel, was originally "born" 30 BBY on Kamino, he was put into cryostasis until awakened by Commander Yuri Fonzarelli to resume active duty.

During his training he showed huge potential as well as leadership skills. During his training a rogue clone tried to kill him out of jealously by throwing C-5569 into the ocean.

However C-5569 managed to swim over to the foundation of the platform and climb up it saving his life and managed to put the rogue clone under arrest and took him to Commander Fonzeralli…

Early Life in Hughes

He was first stationed on Hughes a small remote but snowy planet that held GAR in exile for a while. However some sith and other jedi found the planet. The sith decided to rage war on the GAR when Commander Fonzeralli decided to put into effect The Clone Council. C-5569 served on Hughes ranking up to the rank of Lieutenant before he was schedule for a mission. It was a disaster from the start as the LAAT was late then when it took off it had reported technical problems… Before the ship even managed to get out of the planet it crashed back down in a remote area sending C-5569 crashing to the floor below.

Service within Ailon

Clones 0011.jpg

C-5569 managed to find his way back after months of being missing. When he first landed at the GAR site on Ailon a Drill Sergeant walked up to him and yelled at him for being in the wrong armor. C-5569 didn't know that the GAR had update their armor… So he ran to a barracks and put some new armor on changing the Clone ID on it to his. When he finally caught up to Commander 2224 he was informed that he would be serving as a Sergeant instead of a Lieutenant.

With the rank of Sergeant, he jumped back into line serving the Grand Army Of The Republic as well as serving alongside of Sergeant Bluecoat who would soon become the 501st Officer. C-5569 and Bluecoat served on Telos IV together. Bluecoat and another squad of troopers saved C-5569's life when he stepped on a mine and nearly blew up. This bomb sparked a huge war that went on between the Mandalorians and the Grand Army of the Republic.

C-5569 was involved in many of the battles including one where they had to defend their base. However shortly after this war the GAR pulled out of Telos IV and started visiting Yavin IV and the NOJ more and more. The Republic then decided to move the Grand Army of the Republic to Bakura


C-5569 was informed that the Grand Army of the Republic was changing its station from Ailon to Bakura. He was unsure of the reasons but when he did make it to Bakura the Senator of Bakura a one Ronet Korr told him that it was because of the High Criminal rates on Bakura. He also told him that it was him who requested them for the safety of the planet and to help lower the criminal rates.

A few months into his stay on Bakura a group loyal to Wamba The Hutt started attacking. It was C-5569's job to command the defence of Bakura over majority of the attacks and to provide tactical support for the Army. After many months of fighting Wamba's followers it was announced that the Sith had declared war on the Clones. C-5569 along with Trevor lead attacks on the sith homeworld known as Thule.

It was around this time that C-5569 was promoted from Sergeant to lieutenant and a few weeks later was promoted to Captain. Then after many weeks of fighting, the GAR intelligence unit found traces of a peace treaty between the Cult of Ragnos and NOJ. It was at this time that C-5569, Shock Troopers Cory Toonie, Trevor Bluecoat and Nuklhed decided that it was time to break the alliance between NOJ and GAR. After a few weeks GAR activated order 66 on the jedi. After a few long weeks the battle ended as NOJ surrended.

With the sith war still at a peak C-5569 focused his energy's on that...a few weeks later that war went down...It was around this time that Darth Malphas invaded Coruscant. With this C-5569 went into active command service as an ARC Trooper defending Kashyyyk which was on the threat of being invaded next. After many months of fighting the GAR won the war...by the end of the war C-5569 was also given the rank of United Freedom Fighter General.

Just after the war, that consumed Kashyyk and Coruscant a rogue Star Destroyer destroyed the Bakuran city that Grand Army of the Republic was stationed on. C-5569 was tasked with finding the clones a temp home while the city was rebuilt. They moved further into the city to the capital of Bakura known as Salis D'aar. At this time Relations with NOJ started up again and a talk of a treaty was proposed. Bakura was constantly under sith attacks but with the help of NOJ they defended Bakura against any major damage.


C-5569 ranked up from the rank of Trooper all the way to ARC Trooper. He also served as the 501st ARC Trooper for many months.


ARC Trooper C-5569 heard of a massive growing number of Sith on the planet of Dagobah. Armed with battalion of clones he decided to invade this planet and take the Sith out.

The Sith were expecting them, the moment they touched the ground they were surrounded by Sith. After some time of requesting the Sith to give in to being arrested, fighting started.

C-5569 ordered the remaining clones to retreat, taking injured ones with them. He lured all the Sith around him as he blasted at them trying to distract them from the retreating clones. As he ran out of bullets Darth Malicious sliced his head off from his body.

Service Record

Lieutenant C-5569

  1. (former) 501st Officer/ARC Trooper
  2. (former) ARC Trooper
  3. (former) Cantina Manager
  4. (former) Parjai Company Captain
  5. (Former) Parjai Company ARC Trooper/Head Officer
  6. (Former) Senator Rep of Bakura
  7. (Former) United Freedom Fighter General

Personality and Traits

C-5569 was a head strong and loyal member of Grand Army of the Republic. He was nice to those who deserved it and normally got all he wanted.

Weapons Training

C-5569 trained under many different ARC's such as Dino Salome, Welshfireman Ard and Cory Toonie. He was highly regarded with in the Grand Army as a well disciplined soldier and a major motivator for the generation of higher ranked GAR soldiers today.

He should be regarded with the utmost respect and gratitude by all GAR members, and anyone in the SWRP community in general. He is, and ought to be, an inspiration to us all.


C-5569 wore Clone 501st armour with a Katana and leg flares.


  • First 501st ARC Trooper on 3.0 armour.
  • First Clone Senator/Rep of Bakura.
  • Clone Ambassador
  • Cantina Manager.
  • Successfully help in the activation and enforcement of order 66 on NOJ
  • Ordered and planned numerous counter attacks against the Sith.
  • Planned numerous attacks on Thule.

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