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Byss was a planet of the Star Wars Universe, under the control of the emperor Palpatine until its destruction.

Several SWRP sims get the name of Byss.

Byss Sims

Byss (DLotS - first occupation)

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The first Byss was created by Darth Validus who later become Emperor of the Sith. It was closed on the second quarter 2007.

Byss Empire

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This Byss was open in march and april 2008. Located in the region "Byss Empire", this Byss was purchased by four investors: Rane Hiten, Magne Sinister, CatherineRose Joubert, and Esty Hastings. Due to conflict among the 4 investors, this sim never fully opened. Of of the four investors, only Esty Hastings still holds onto her 1/4 and calls her sim "Byss Ruins - Home of the New Reborn" where a temple for Cult of Ragnos resides.

  • The Estate Owner of the Region "Byss Empire" is owned by Cindy Kellner


Small Byss built from May to July 2008 to host the New Sith Order after the dispartion of Byss Empire.

Byss Reborn

Byss Reborn

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Byss Reborn is on fragment 1/4 owned by Esty Hastings of the former "Byss Empire" It would be open in august 2008.

Byss, the Deep Core

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The leader of the Dark Lords of the Sith - Darth Validus - has returned to their former home excavated the site of the destruction he wrought. A new fortress has been built there, and the recolonisation of Byss begins...