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For The first occupation of Byss by the Dark Lords of the Sith, see Byss DLotS - first occupation.


The rumours you have heard are true. The seat of ancient darkness, Byss, has been rebuilt by Darth Validus and the Dark Lords of the Sith have returned in triumph, having built a fortress of Darkness the like of which has never been seen before. The shadow of the Sith flagship, the SSD Ravager and her attending fleet falls across the planet, belying the reason why the Sith have returned to a place they once destroyed. What have they found here, that has justified a return to a riven landscape?

Whatever it was, it allowed Dark Lord Validus to claim overlordship of the Sith and to rise as the Sith Emperor once more, making Byss the Capital of the Sith Empire. As such, fortnightly Empire meetings are held, including Sith of various Orders including the closest of DLotS' allies, The Trayus Academy. Also contained on Byss is the largest store of Sith lore in the Galaxy.


Arrival is in the massive hangar of the SSD Ravager, the flagship of Dark Lord Validus. As you step out of the Sentinel-class shuttle, an information notecard is dispensed. Only the shuttle itself is OOC, the moment you step out of the shuttle, you are in the RP area. That said, the walls of the hangar are devoted to vendors (rentals available), but please do not ICly harrass people who are clearly shopping or maintaining vendors. Basically use common sense, and since combat should always preceded by RP, the context should be abundantly clear.

A little ahead and to the right of the shuttle ramp is the teleporter to the planetary surface of Byss. Just above this are the application information panels and inbox for the three groups that inhabit the sim, the Dark Lords of the Sith and the allied Sith trooper division, Dark Force of the Sith and Clan Buurenaar

You can either explore the Ravager or pass down to the planetary surface.

The Ravager

Main article: SSD Ravager

This massive super star destroyer may seem mostly deserted. But do not be fooled, it is not merely a ship...explore but do so at your own risk...

Planetary surface

As you step out of a Lambda shuttle, you are confronted by a majestic and intimidating vision of ancient towers of black stone rising out of a lake of burning magma, with magma-falls cascading down the sides of the canyon in certain places. Above this burning lake, other structures have been suspended, and it is clear there is some kind of garrison here.

Current status

Byss is currently the seat of government for the First Sith Empire of the Emperor of the Sith, Darth Validus, as well as the home of the Dark Lords of the Sith and allied groups.

Sim Officers

Sim Owner:

Sim Architects:

Sim GMs:

Sim Security:

  • All Sim GMs
  • Other Darths in DLotS
  • Nox Chamerberlin

Anyone listed above will be able to assist you if you have a problem. GMs specifically deal with RP matters and Security will deal with OOC griefing. If any member of the management team are witnessed abusing their powers then tell the Sim owner immediately. Similarly, please report anyone claiming to be or attempting to act as a GM who is not on the above list.

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