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Braveheart Dubrovna is a former Jedi Knight of the Kalway Order of Jedi.


With the help of his childhood friend, now lady Zavarah Zabelin of the KOJ, Braveheart managed to regain knowledge of much of his background following the effects of amnesia resulting from a fighter crash on Yavin IV.

Braveheart learned that his great, great grandfather served Naboo’s queen Padme Amidala before and during the Clone Wars when she was the Galactic Senator from Naboo. His grandfather was with her when she married Anakin Skywalker, and at her side when she gave birth to Luke and Leia. He also headed the honour guard at her funeral just days later.

Braveheart's grandfather, as a young man, fought with Han Solo in the Yuuzhan Vong War. Later, he carried on the family tradition and was the personal bodyguard to the Queens of Naboo. His spouse, Braveheart's grandmother was a handmaiden to one of those queens.

When Braveheart's father was young, he became a Jedi Knight in the new order established by Luke Skywalker following the fall of the empire many years earlier. He too became the personal bodyguard to queens of Naboo and was the first Jedi to hold that position formally.

When Braveheart was very young, his family lived near another family with the surname Zabelin. They had three daughters – Taffeta, Zavarah and Ciji. Braveheart learned much later that the Zabelins were, by the mother, related Leia Organa-Solo. The middle daughter, Zavarah, was just younger than Braveheart when they became regular playmates. Together they always led the other children against the evil of a mythical dark lord.

As Braveheart grew older his parents enrolled him in the Prexeum Academy, where Braveheart learned of The Force and developed an understanding of science, mathematics, and literature and the arts of many cultures throughout the galaxy. But Braveheart was always reluctant to develop the skills of hand-to-hand combat. Braveheart’s father had often told him of the destruction and devastation he had seen during wars and emphasized the need to apply the knowledge Braveheart had and would gain through The Force to other roles -- peace and the needs of those oppressed by tyranny. He had great concern, as he put it, for "those who succumb to the opiate that is combat". For this reason, Braveheart placed greater value on knowledge, empathy and compassion, that skill with the light sabre.

Yet, wishing to develop a valuable combat skill, Braveheart began to learn the skils of a fighter pilot. Braveheart became a good pilot but must admit that he has much more to learn. Although anxious for a combat skill, his mind became focused on learning more of the peoples and cultures of the galaxy. There would be time to learn the art of war. 

Not long ago, Braveheart learned that his friend Zavarah Zabelin was on Yavin 4 and in training for Jedi knighthood. The recollection of her the last time Braveheart saw her -- growing into young womanhood -- stirred his soul. But would she even remember him? It had been years since we parted. Yet her last words to Braveheart were "Until we meet again." It was time.

It was not a long flight to Yavin 4, but a difficult one. Braveheart had never flown such a long distance before. Whatever the cause, Braveheart crashed his fighter while attempting a landing on Yavin 4, and was extracted from the wreckage by knights of the KOJ and Zavarah.

The crash had wiped his memory from him. But Zavarah saw something in Braveheart that made her think of her young playmate. She gave him, the stranger, the name Braveheart. Together, they found his past, their past, and each other once more.

Zavarah and Braveheart would marry soon after.