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The Bloodtalon syndicate was founded several years ago, by the then crime lord Artimis Raiden, and his brother Rev'Ka. After Raiden spend several years in a set of crime oriented groups such as the Black Sun.

Artimis Raiden with white hair while declaring war on Galactic Alliance

The first year of the Bloodtalons was a hard one, recruiting was defiantly not easy, neither was funding. After setting deals with the local Hutt community. with Ku'gan the Hutt, the Bloodtalon syndicate flourished, leading several raids on trade vessels. After a year of doing this Artimis thought it was time for something bigger, he organised his men with better weapons, and the Bloodtalon syndicate quickly became a group both focussed on crime and mercenary work. For example the Bloodtalons led a successful attack on Bothawui against the Galactic Alliance, together with the Black Sun syndicate and bought off clone mercenaries. The battles lasted 3 weeks, leaving none of the Galactic Alliance alive, and completely purging them from the planet. Bloodtalons then took control of the planet, only to release it back to the Bothawui government a week later.

Four years after that the Bloodtalons remained ready in case they ever needed to act again, rumour has it that they are preparing a group of well trained soldiers for a possible attack on which no further information is applied. The Bloodtalon has made it into the GNN several times with their actions

29-11-16 The Return

It has been a long while the Bloodtalons primarily remained in the shadows rebuilding the capital they invested into the Bothawui Invasion many years ago.

With a new Era breaking upon the galaxy it seems the right time to return

The Bloodtalon Syndicate currently resides on Byss and Onderon Where they have a outstanding relationship at least as far as it can be for a group such as the Bloodtalons. They're left to do what they want as long as it does not directly form a threat to the leadership of said planets.

The Bloodtalon fleet has increased slightly even though many of the old associates went their own ways many still sticked around waiting for the next move.