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Atemra Atemra 22 November 2013

Wikis I'm working on

Doing a wikis on my SWRP characters. Also helping update the wikis for a few groups I am associated with.

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Scrappy Theas Scrappy Theas 2 September 2012

A Change in Leadership

Hi all,

Just letting you guys know that I have put in a request to adopt this wiki, as the wikis current admin (Gistya) has been inactive for over a year now, and the wiki could do with some much needed updates and maintenance. As part of the adoption procedure I am required to make this blog post to inform everyone of the possible change in administration. Currently my request will be on hold pending the review of this blog post in about a weeks time, so if anyone has any objections or ideas/changes you would like to put forward, please do so in the comments below.

Thank you,

Scrappy Theas (talk) 07:48, September 2, 2012 (UTC)

Update: As of September 23, 2012 (UTC) I have been granted admin and bureaucrat rights by Wikia.
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Haifeng Chu Haifeng Chu 31 May 2011

Togruta Tribe-Nacaal Looking For Recruits

Togruta Tribe-Nacaal is looking for members. Togruta are preferred but other species will be accepted provided they are willing to learn our ways. We are a "good guy" group. We are looking for warrior types as well as force-sensitive mystics to be "Archa'ans" or shamans.

Contact Haifeng Chu inworld for an application.

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Ku'gan Ku'gan 29 April 2011

The shell hutt clan is hiring

The Shell Hutt Clan is hiring for these positions

  • bodyguards
  • slaves
  • bounty hunters
  • majordomo
  • smugglers
  • and anything that might somehow relate to and help bring profit to the shell clan is always welcome to apply

plz im Giovanni aluveaux or email svette18@gmail.com to join

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 22 February 2010

Black lightsaber

Still working on sculpted prims, I'm trying to make the impressive Darksaber as shown in the Clone Wars animated series. The hilt itself isn't impressive (even less since it's shown in the dark), but the blade and the sounds are original.

I took profit of this to try some ideas I had to improve a ligthsaber blade in general. Unfortunately it works best only for black cores. For now:

  • It uses LCK Twin Turbo as base
  • The blade and the glow are a single prim which works even at low graphic preferences as it doesn't really use the SL glow.
  • The blade is flat and not circular like on regular sabres'.
  • currently, the sound are missing (it's the regular sabre sound set), I hope to be able to work out this.
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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 19 January 2010

Scuplted prims

I'm starting to make sculpted prims. I tried long time ago to use blender or wings3d, but I'm still clueless about how to make thinks. scupltypaint is much easier but limited. I use another way which I don't have seen documented nowhere: I write the pixels of the sculpty map with a hand made script. It need some trials/errors and to be able to abstract what we want to do. Also it's limited to more or less geometric shapes. The first thing I made was a ladder of 120 steps, which is useless on Zonama Sekot as we don't have building that tall. The second was a crystal cluster, more useful, the cluster has dozen of crystal for a single prim, it would use much more regular prim if they were used. And the last one is a set of four bottle, I made…

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 29 December 2009

Female Yuuzhan Vong Avatar

As far as I know, there is three Yuuzhan Vong avatars for sale, made by Florian Flow. They are all provided with a full good quality outfit. The problem is they're all male. The alternative is to find some greying skin and wear it, but it will miss the tattoos, which are a part of their identity. I wanted to make a female avatar, there is many different styles of them. I used Nei Rin as base, but the tattoos are different. All the body (the picture only shows the head) is covered by tattoos. I took profit of my investigation to notice the eyes of the Yuuzhan Vong are different, not round like us, but like a lens.

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 21 December 2009



During the Real Life winter season, several SWRP sims add winter decorations. I recall Last year Taris snow filled the neighbourhood of the Furious shop, Bakura was filled by snow with a snowman contest organized by the GAR and Malachor V having a dead Christmas tree and some snow patches in the heart of the Trayus academy.

Zonama Sekot had its snow decoration, all the sim was changed with snow textures, the ground, the paths, the roofs and even the trees. The central lake was frozen and we organized skating. We had a similar but more improvised decoration two years ago.

I'll redo a similar background this year, the snow will progressively cover the sim for few days. During the holidays, many people are away or just pass few hours o…

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 20 December 2009

Young Togruta

The markup of the Togruta avatar I made is from Shaak Ti or Ashla, but another famous markup is Ahsoka Tano's. After I was looking for the Clone Wars show, I wanted to make it too. I'll probably end up to release all those in a single package, maybe with a male version of the skins. Not sure when, contact me if you're interested by.

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 7 December 2009


After the Togruta avatar, which I'm still looking a character for me to play her, I've build a Nautolan avatar.

Nautolans are an aquatic species of Star Wars, they have various skin colour, mine are green.

The intent is to make a former military healer, disenchanted from the army, still having some medical skills, but with a military experience, which can appear rude or cynical for civilians. One reason of this character is to give the other characters a more unplesant feeling when wounded, instead of being pampered by cute nurses.

How maybe people will he or she help until an impatient patient kills her for her attitude? Who knows...

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Senkon Senkon 7 December 2009

SWPEDIA Griefers

Hey everyone, as most of you have probbly seen we have griefers on our Wiki, remember to make backups of your pages in a Text Document or something on your computer.

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Senkon Senkon 6 December 2009

Just made this account

So's I just made this account. :O!!! Never done anything related directly to Wiki, so this is a new adventure for me.

If anyone has any tips, or tricks you would be willing to share, I would be much obliged.

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 30 November 2009


The Zonama Sekot sim having two years, we planed a party. In universe, the party was celebrating out installation on the island, but the content was out of character.

Susallia was charged of the organization, she built a breathtaking scene, made the DJ and organised few mini events.

We don't organize parties often. If you're looking for regular, Star Wars themed parties, check at the Taris Upper City Cantina or the Binary Star Cantina.

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 2 November 2009

Salene as Togruta

Most of SWRP character are human. This is a bit odd for Star Wars, but understandable for Second Life. Human is the starting avatar, it's free, people usualy do their first visits in human avatar shape, also, its easy to play a human. People wanting to play another species need to find the avatar already made and pay it, or have the skills and time time to make something correct. Furthermore some sim are picky on the avatar quality.

So, I'm doing few avatars, the last one, is this female togruta, inspired by Shaak Ti. Someone wanting to play it would probably need some extra jewelry as they're used to wear some on their face. But it's easier to find or to do something correct in Second Life.

Now I have her made, I need inspiration to create …

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Speculative Writer Speculative Writer 24 September 2009

A new job

NOw working as a freelance reporter for Anzat spaceport Speculative wil soon be covering the hover bike races on the surface.

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 15 September 2009

A bit of music

, Nara and Lanya playing music]] In SWRP, you can find any sort of weapons, half of the shops have it. Others are clothes and avatars, but very few have ordinary goodies. The only shop I know having a little choice of music instrument is Furia's. As I needed one for a upcoming RP, I decided to make my own Kloo Horn. When I was building it, people came in and, maybe by symbiosis, started to get their own instruments. Once done, we made a little concert.

Now Salene will have to train to use it, she only know to play flute.

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 7 September 2009

Zonama Sekot Memorial area

Zonama Sekot has a memorial area, which is used to for characters have a place to remember the missing ones, either because the character is dead permanently, either because of the player has left SWRP or Second Life, with or without telling. It's not possible to keep an object on the sim for each one, so this place is shared and dedicated to everyone, to everyone's use.

The old area was built in a then unused place between the space port and the now new library. A small monument was erected. It wasn't very used because a bit isolated.

On the other hand, we had free place over the med bay after the old library has been blasted. Also to remember of the old library, I left few ruined walls. This place would be a perfect place for a new memori…

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 2 September 2009

Zonama Sekot new library

Zonama Sekot's Old Library being down, we needed to have a new one. It will be in a new location, precisely where the Old docks were conveniently destroyed few days ago.

In Character, the new library was build by a Jentari called Bircatran and the moral support of the tiny Wooshie. They made a very large library with 2 layers. Then Salene Lusch furnished it with confortable chairs, lights, tables, screens, plants, and holobook shelves.

Apparently people like it. Maybe because it's new, but it was more popular than our cantina, while the older library was often deserted.

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 27 August 2009

Zonama Sekot Bridges

Zonama Sekot's sim has half of it's surface covered by water. The island has the form of a U and has many rivers. To increase the connectivity, then the deepness of the sim, many bridges are cast over the water. However all this bridges are mostly different, and try to stay Star Wars and Zonama Sekot's compatible. Here they are, chronologically sorted.

The first bridge was made to join the big island with a tiny one at a tip, near the current jungle area. It was a stone bridge, built in the first days. The small island had no defined role, but it was isolated enough for being used as a small training area. Now the bridge is left, broken and all remain the rock, which can be used to cross the river made by the swamps.

The second bridge was bu…

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 27 August 2009

Zonama Sekot Old Library

Libraries are essential buildings for any "religious" order like the Potentium, but also the Jedi and the Sith. Zonama Sekot's library was the first build made on the new island. It was large enough for having our holobook shelves and was used as meeting room.

It was build sparing the prims; I didn't knew how to build as well as now, and we didn't had as much prim as we had. Also it's still possible to improve a building afterward. But... the building itself never changed almost two years after, it was just retextured. It also on chat range with the med bay below, and I found it unsuitable for its usage, too square for a planet like Zonama Sekot. So, the next target of Hanumi's Chaos Bringer was designed.

The Chaos Bringer hijacked a meteo…
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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 23 August 2009

Zonama Sekot Dock Destruction

As part of Zonama Sekot's planed changes, I need to remove the NE docks. They were used for building and as OOC ares, now we have another sandbox and the place is free for the next building.

Hanumi took care of destoying the dock in character, with his Chaos Bringer character. This was the opportunity for a free-form combat where half a dozen of character tried to push him back, prevent unsuccessfully the ships to fall, and to dodge the falling parts.

What will be his next misfit? Will it magically coincide with my building plans? Stay tuned!

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 17 August 2009

Zonama Sekot SW cliff

story telling]]

To inaugurate the new tiny island sandbox, previously blogged, and for the second anniversary of the Potentium followers group, we organised a in character story telling event, around a fire on this island.

Salene started talking about the event related of the power struggle within the mandalorians clan, Cobalt continued with the Nelvaanian story during the Clone Wars and Flint was ending telling his first encounter with a Sith, while Lanya was playing her alluta. Cayce came at the end with her family and told us an event of the mandalorian mythology.

As people liked this firecamp, but the island was designed for another usage, I guided them to the small fire I made when building the sim near the SE corner. I was an isolated …
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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 14 August 2009

Zonama Sekot Sandbox

hanging out]]

On Second Life, sandboxes are places dedicated for building things. They keep the items a time long enough for people can build and have rules accepting the unfinished object. On many SWRP sim, the object return time is few minutes only, to prevent lettering from griefers or newcomers. On Zonama Sekot, it's one hour, leaving the opportunity to leave some objects for RP, but of course, people are not allowed to start building SL items in the middle of the RP area.

As we have some free prims, we keep for events, and a long return time, people are allowed to build there things, and we have a place of that at the ground floor but aside of the the RP area. It was formerly wood docks placed on the NE corner, because the neighbourhood…

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 7 August 2009

Zonama Sekot former sim

I have yet one year and so late time to write Salene character bio. I have started to catch it back a bit, fictionalizing the sim move.

The former Zonama Sekot sim was built in August 2007 in the Second Life mainland sim called "Che Che". It was entirely paid and managed by Linkin Tomsen. On the very early time is was on an unknown planet looking vaguely like Yavin 4, then it was decided to be Zonama Sekot. This partly explained the odd buildings we found on that place (a huge "stone" cube, a couple of "metal" pyramids...), vaguely aligned. I spent a lot of time to realign them, changing the prims, build a decent library, but the first layout would have been very long to change.

Another oddness was the land itself. On the mainland the parcel…

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 19 July 2009

Little swampy river

The Zonama Sekot sim was built on a lagoon, around a big lake. One of the reason was the openspace sim had half the prim quota then now, at the time of the built. After having more prims and removed unused structures, it was time to improve the area. With time, the forest became more dense, the builts more detailed, and the ground area increased.

Things gones progressively.The inside banks was slowy enlarged, The waterfall was continued to a river, a bamboo forest grew on its sides. Then, a dam was built along the bank, the ground level lifted, only the river flew lazyly, and the vegeation grew, to build the swamp is it's now.

In Character, Salene improved since a while her relationship with the plants of Zonama Sekot, and helps them to grow…

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Salene Lusch Salene Lusch 9 July 2009

Tython tour

Someone announced a new Tython sim, I went there and took a bookmark. Too bad it was closed the next day when I organized a real visit. As a backup, we landed on the german speaking Tython, as I was been told it was rebuilt.

The action happens on the Old Republic, so very different of most SWRP on the post legacy era. In the hope to have interaction with the local, I wear the mandatory DCS2 but leave it non configured, rather than wearing the Visitor tag. Unfortunately, we'll not see anybody.

We land on a cave used a mall, remembering the sim share a layer with Ryloth. After a tour on the mall, we land on the planet. It features a well protected and large Jedi temple near the sea. Below, a well built semi futuristic village, with fish produc…

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