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A group of 'Space Marines' dedicated to the war against the Sith and all forces who threaten the galaxy ot it's people.


The true origins of the Blade Squadron are not entirely known but it could be traced back to the first Galactic Civil War in which a very small section of the Rebel Alliance formed a Black-Ops Squadron and began doing whatever it took to fight the Empire. They would break protocol, go after people who were supposedly ‘above the law’, and would resort to any means to break the Empire. Rumors suggest that they even took on sections of Palpatine’s Dark Jedi and Inquisitorial Squad. The Squadron went through many names at the time. Nobody really knows how long it was till they decided upon Blade Squadron.

After the war they were banished from the New Republic. Exiled in the fear their actions would be uncovered and become a liability, and in the fear that they could not be controlled. The Squadron left, without trouble, but promised that one day, when the galaxy was in need, they would return. When the Jedi can’t uphold their duties of protecting the people of the Galaxy, they would come in and helped defend against the forces who threaten the republic once more. They then left for Wild Space; their Battleships have been spotted, but never confirmed ones, over the many years. Fighting off Space Pirates, Defending Small Planets, docking for supplies, recruits, and repairs. One day, an anonymous source contacted them around 225 ABY, presenting the current situation in the Galaxy. Now the Blade Squadron is back from their long exile to defend the Galaxy from all types of evil and oppression.


Privately funded from an unknown source, the Blade Squadron is equipped with the finest of Armors, Lighter, yet stronger than the Storm Trooper’s armor back in the day. Their weapons primarily consist of slug-throwing guns, as slugs cannot be deflected as easily as plasma blasts can. However, they are trained in the use of most weapon-types and hand-to-hand combat. They, however, cannot use Lightsabers.

Recently, through a training and equipment exchange agreement with the Galactic Liberation Alliance, Blade Squadron was equipped with the state of the art HC-105A Longsword.


The Squadron does not trust the people who have access to the force. The Sith have used it for Destruction while the Jedi of the Current age have not used it to aid the people of the Galaxy. If Jedi prove themselves to be like the Jedi of old, then the Squadron will trust said Jedi. Deeds prove more than words could ever do. The troops of the Blade Squadron are primarily not Force-Sensitive, with only a few rare exceptions. They do not trust the force, as they have witnessed what the force can do to a person if it isn’t handled right. This does not mean they are experts on the force, but have had scientists study midichlorians and how they ‘choose’ people to be Force-Sensitive.

The Blade Squadron has always encouraged acts of Justice, Honor, Duty, Courage, and Chivalry. They primarily support democracy or a system of government that represents the people, rather than rules over them.