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Blade Reluin is a 25 year old Human Male Born On Coruscant. 115 Years ABY. He is the Only Jedi Master to be known to seen all sides of the force going from Jedi, to Sith, to Dark Jedi and finally back to Jedi, Then once again falling back to the Darkside. He was a General in the great Corellian War when the Wraith Lords took over Corellia causing the Queen and Jedi Lita to take her Family and Abandon Corellia. Head strong and well knowledge in the Force, Blade Reluin fell to the Darkside after his former Jedi Master Allana Stawberry exiled him from the Jedi order for unknown reasons.


Early life

Born On Coruscant. 115 Years ABY. He was taken from his Family as a child by the New Jedi Order and was trained to be a Jedi. At the Age of 16 he became a Jedi Knight. In his training he was always eager to learn and showed great patience and responsibility, and head strong and powerful. At the Age of 20 he was made a Jedi Master. Shortly after wards he was Exiled from the Jedi Order for Studying the Dark side.


Blade Reluin at the age of 5 was taken away from his parents and family to be trained as a Jedi in the New Jedi Order. Blade Reluin as a Youngling in the New Jedi Order was headstrong and always could be found in the Jedi Library with his nose in a book or off training somewhere, tuning himself into the force and learning more about it. His Masters could see he would make a great Jedi one day. At the Age of sixteen his Master (Who is unknown) was so impressed with his tone of the force and his light saber skills and natural other skills. His Master requested him to go through the trials, the Jedi Council discouraged it because of his age, so the council tested him, and agreed to put him through the trials. Completing the trials in record time and almost perfect he was knighted into Knight hood and become a Jedi Knight.

Jedi Knight

Blade Reluin as a Jedi Knight continued to tone his skills in the force. He met a Man on the Tatoo System, on Tatooine’s Mos Eisely. The Man encouraged the Jedi Knight to learn to use the Dark side of the force, it will help him become even more powerful Jedi Knight. Blade Reluin agreeing he would like to learn as much as he could begin to study the Dark Side without his masters knowledge. On a routine Peace mission to Nar Shadda with another Jedi Master, the two Jedi discovered they were set up by a Sith Lord. The two Jedi engaged in a light saber dual with the Sith Lord. Early in the battle the Sith Lord Stunned Blade Reluin with Force Lighting and put him out of the fight for a few moments. In that few moments the Sith Lord killed the other Jedi. Instantly after the Jedi’s death Blade Reluin recovered and continued to dual the Sith Lord. Eventually Blade Reluin Killed the Sith Lord and this Gained him the Rank of Jedi Master at the age of 21. After Becoming a Master Blade Reluin fell in love with a woman, on thier 3 month anniversary they went to Kamino due to the woman enjoyed the weather on Kamino. Blade kissed the woman and while kissing the woman, she took Blade Reluins Lightsaber from his belt and put it to his side and ignited it. Blade Reluin collapsed, As Blade Fell the woman revieled her self to be a Sith Lord, she was using the Dark Side of the force to blind him. her mission was to kill him. She continued to cut at Blade Reluin. The Woman then deactivated Blade Reluins Lightsaber and tossed it off the Landing Dock they were on. the Lightsaber fell into the ocean as the woman walked away and stole Blade Reluin's Ship leaving him for dead. Blade Reluin was on Kamino in the cold rain for 8 days before a Jedi Search party had found him and took him to Coruscant and Blade Reluin begun the long healing process.

Jedi Master & Exile to a Sith Lord

Blade Reluin as a Master took on an Apprentice named Bigdoog Oompa. Blade Reluin was Caught Teaching Bigdogg the ways of the Dark side and was brought before the Council for punishment. The Jedi Council Exiled Blade Reluin and took his Lightsaber. Blade Reluin fled for the unknown regions. Bigdogg angered his master was Exiled left the Order and went to look for Blade. Unable to find his Master Bigdogg became a Jedi Wanderer. Blade Reluin came back from the Unknown regions at the age of 23. As a Sith Lord he gained the name Darth Marell. As a Sith Lord he tracked his parents down and met them. He found out he was related to a Famous Sith Lord who fought in the Mandalorian wars, as well became a Famous Dark Lord of the Sith. (The Sith Lord’s Name was Never Mentioned). When leaving his Parents home on Coruscant he had found out a Sith Lord had killed his Parents right after he left them. A Jedi found him and told him. The Jedi was found out to be his former apprentice Bigdogg. Darth Marell and Bigdogg went and avenged his Parents Death. Darth Marell dropped his Darth Name and became a Dark JedI where he found the Order Of the Dark Jedi and became a Dark Jedi Grandmaster and re took Bigdogg as his Apprentice once again. Shortly after the Order was made, Blade confronted the woman he once loved and left him for dead. they Engaged in an Epic Lightsaber Dual which led to Blade Reluin standing over the dead body of the woman.

Order Of The Dark Jedi

As Grandmaster for an Order of nothing But Dark Jedi, this Jedi Order only aided those who it would benefit them. But they refused to aid themselves with the Sith. The Order Of Dark jedi (ODJ) Was becoming well known on many Systems for being ruthless Jedi who knew no boundaries. Their Jedi Members continued to grow until Blade Reluin was contacted by the spirit of his Sith Lord Relative from 3,335 BBY. Blade Reluin was gave some information to think about. The ODJ main temple located in Coronet City on Corellia, went through the resurrected Order 66 when the Sith wiped out the entire City. Several ODJ Jedi were killed, but the City was saved by ODJ Abbadon, Bigdogg, Reluin, and Queen Lita. The City was slowly re built. Reluin’s thoughts still on what his Relative said, he was finding it harder and Harder to concentrate. Bigdogg finding out things by his Past also lost hope in ODJ. Then another Wave of Sith invaded Corellia and wiped out the ODJ. The remaining ODJ members fled into Exile. Blade Reluin without a word to anyone went into the Unknown Regions/Sith Space to try and destroy the Sith Empire for the Constant Attacks. He was supposedly not heard from several months….

Return from The Unknown Regions

With everyone thinking Blade Reluin dead there was not much hope for the queen to have Protection on Corellia until she one day got a transmission from an unknown location stating Blade Reluin was returning to Corellia. Lita thinking it was a hoax due to her thoughts and whispers she heard of Blade Reluin being dead. Just a few days after Lita Married Cain Soulstar a mysterious ship landed and the hatch opened and out came Blade Reluin in Sith Stalker Armor and robes. Lita offered him her place to rest and shower and eat. Corellian Jedi Grandmaster Doran offered him new Jedi Robes and a spot on the council as rank of Jedi Master. Blade Reluin agreed and returned to the light side of the force. After a good rest he sat down with Lita and Doran and informed them what happened in the Unknown regions. Reluin informed them he went there to learn more about his Sith Lord Relative from the Old Republic and as well to destroy the Sith. He failed in destroying the Sith but did indeed end the lives of several Sith lords. As Well he had been captured by other Sith Lords and was tortured until near Death, then again was left chained to a wall and to be left for dead, using the force he got ahold a Guards lightsaber and cut himself down from the wall, then he killed the Guard and escaped in an Lamba Shuttle, as well He also found peace in himself through the force.

The Fall Of Corellia

As time went on Mysterious Death’s Started to occur on Corellia. Believed to be Mandalorians, it was found out to be incorrect, but rather a Group of Assassins led by Force User. They were stationed in the Under City of Corellia. Queen Lita called for help to the republic but the republic refused due to the separation of Corellia from the Republic. The Empire although sent in storm troopers to aid them and there were under the Command of Master Doran and Master Reluin. Things all went wrong from there when Stormtroopers started dying and disappearing. The queen was finally attacked by the mysterious hooded Force User that led the Assassins known as the Wraith Lords. After Queen was attacked the Imperial Stormtrooper General Wade went to Under City to avenge her and was never heard from again. As time went on the Wraith Lords begin to kill more and more until they marched into the Jedi Temple and killed several Jedi. Master Reluin met the Wraith lords and killed Several of them. And then met the Leader face to face with Queen Lita at his side. The leader removed his robes to reveal the leader was Corellia Jedi Grandmaster Doran. Lita still recovering attempted to aid Master Reluin as they engaged in a light saber dual. Lita was taken out of action quickly. After a long and heated battle Master Reluin killed Master Doran but almost lost his life in the process. By this time more Wraith lords had come to Corellia and started killing everyone. The royal family and the remaining Survivors fled Corellia. Lita and Master Reluin met back up on Naboo. Master Reluin begun his new life on Naboo in the City of Theed.

Naboo, City Of Theed

Shortly after Lita and Master Reluin arrived on Naboo, Lita was elected Queen of Naboo. Lita made Blade Reluin her Jedi Advisor and requested him to create a foundation for a new Jedi Order on Naboo.

Jedi Order Of Naboo

Blade Reluin Became the Grandmaster of the new Found Jedi order on Naboo, The Jedi Order Of Naboo (JON). As Life continues, Blade Reluin tries to live a life of peace and Grow his Jedi Order while protecting the Queen of Naboo.

The Fall of JON and Naboo's Theed

After a while Sith Lords started to invade Theed and eventually overwhelmed the Jedi Order of Naboo. Several Jedi dead and the Queen Lita herself had been Murdered what Jedi where left fled into Exile. Blade Reluin fled to Yavin and remained there as an Exiled Jedi helping the Kalaway Jedi Order (KOJ). The Sith then moved on to Russuan which ignited the Great Russuan War. Blade Reluin aided the KOJ and the Galactic Army Of The Republic (GAR) in the war where the Jedi and and GAR were victorious after a long war. At this time Blade Reluin said it was time for him to move on and bid the KOJ farewell where he moved to Tattooine and met Allana Stawberry in the middle of a Mos Eisely virus outbreak

Jedi Order Of True Light and Exile ...again

Allana Stawberry had gained a virus from Mos Eisely as it's outbreak continued. Blade Reluin saved Allana from it by using the force and removing the virus and injecting it in himself almost causing him death. in the process of the virus transfer Blade Reluin created an everlasting Force Bond between him and Allana (Like Darth Revan and Bastila Shan had). When the Virus was over with Allana had taken Blade Reluin in as her apprentice. after a short time something happened that caused Allana to exile Blade Reluin from the Jedi Order. Blade Reluin then left Tattooine and went into the unknown space once again........

Kamino and the PoR and the Fall to the Darkside...

Months went by before Blade Reluin as discovered on Kamino being taught the ways of the Darkside once again as a Sith Apprentice in the Prophets of Ruin Sith Order. Shortly after he made Sith Lord in PoR he acheived his name again as Darth Marell and begun to gain more power and knowledge until one day he met a Sith Lord named Darth Cujo. the two went to Korriban where Darth Marell was again contacted by his relative and asked to re form his once great Sith Empire. Darth Marell agreed and shared the info with Darth Cujo and thus begun the creation of a new Sith Empire and a new Dark Lord of the Sith was Born...Darth Marell.

Sith Empire and the return to Mos Eisely and a New Dark Lord Of The Sith

New Marell4 001.png

Darth Marell who had taken the title of Dark Lord of the Sith, along with Darth Cujo now known as Darth Marell's fist or right hand went back to Tattooines Mos Eisely where they purchased a small building to slowly build up thier army. after thier Empire got bigger ad bigger they Aquired a Garrison through aggresive negotiations. Darth Marell and Darth Cujo now run the =Sith Empire= with an Army of Sith Troopers hiding somewhere in the city of Mos Eisely waiting for the right time to reveal themselves and do what must be done.


Months after the Sith Empire was re-born, Darth Marell trained an Apprentice named Ania Paine. when she became a Sith Lord/Sith Lady they quickly fell in love. Some time later Darth Marell and Darth Anita got Married and now run the Sith Empire.