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"I don't believe the training of a true Jedi comes from listening to lectures. I want to teach you how to learn action, how to do things, not just think about them. There is no try."

— Jedi Master Luke Skywalker

Blade, a Jedi Master, servant of the Force, living in Dantooine, being a member of the Jedi Council Masters of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, the Jedi Order with presence on the planet Dantooine.

He works as Jedi Guardian, teaching and training Padawans in that special and important Jedi path, for to protect the freedom and peace of Dantooine, like a symbol of hope for others in the galaxy.

A Warrior and philosopher, strong against the injustice, patient to teach, deeper investigator of knowledge, that is what more characterizes him as Jedi.

"To be Jedi in Dantooine means to be the protectors of this community, we are not the government, we are only the defenders of this planet, working together with the Civilians and the Dantooine Guards, for to keep Dantooine's peace ... because this is our compromise with this community .. and to keep dantooine's freedom, our hope against the Sith domination in the galaxy."

— Blade Kamala


"Training to become a Jedi is not an easy challenge, and even if you succeed, it's a hard life."

— Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn

Blade Kamala, human male, son of parents Jedi, he was born in Haashimut, an Outer Rim planet, a Republic fortress world colonized.

From child, Blade was formed under the Jedi philosophy by his parents, Blade was always studying the Jedi Code and his abilities in the use of the Force, make him at the end, a very skilled lightsaber duellist,

Blade's parents died in an Sith assault, when they were monitoring some planets of Tion Cluster, and that event marked the life of Blade.

In his youth, he decided to follow the way Jedi, and for it, he was looking for the best place, After visiting many planets, and places, he found in a distant planet called Christophsis to whom he would be finally his Master and Mentor, the Master Caronte Blanco.

He was considered to be Padawan in the Jedi Order from Ruusan, He lived several years as Padawan, up to almost finishing his training, but the will of the Force allowed that a sisma should happen in the Order Jedi, many Jedi left Ruusan and went to Dantooine, to support the local settlers and to reconstruct the Jedi Enclave.

Blade Family.jpg

Since that, Blade as member of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, was Knighted as a Jedi Guardian, He knew a charming woman, a civilian who was the owner of Dantooine's Canteen, Lavender Bloom, He fells in love with her, marrying and starting shaping his own Family, having his first son, called Andres Blade, two years later, two beautiful twins complete his own family, his loved Daughters Laura Kamala and Melody Kamala.

"Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose."

— Jedi Master Yoda

But not all the things were happiness for him, His wife and son disappear from Dantooine, when they try to depart to Coruscant, their starship was attacked by the Sith, nobody see them again, the reports indicate they both were supposedly murdered.

Blade, was devastated for that, and he was trying to be focus into care of his daughters, and his dear friend Master Don Gaton help him and teach him to let go the things, than he has fear to lose, because in that way the fear and anger will not domain him.

He was realizing his responsibilities as Jedi Knight on the community, and forming new Padawans in DJE, helping to the new ones, working hard with the civilians and the Dantooine Guards.

DJE Knighted Ceremony.jpg

After some years, for the will of the force, he became a Jedi Master, in a emotive ceremony. When he finished the training of his first former Padawan, RavenClaw Karu, a good young Jedi, RavenClaw becomes a son for him, the son than he lose in the past.

"A Jedi Master doesn't mean to have a rank or title superior over others in a Jedi Order, in fact, to be a Jedi Master in a Jedi Order, is to be a servant of others, sacrificing yourself for the rest of Jedi under your leadership"

— Blade Kamala

With the help of his dear brother, Master Mark and his mentor and Master, Master Caronte, Blade was dedicated to teach and serve in the community, He assumes big responsibilities in DJE, in a very difficult time over Dantooine, When some of the Patriarchs Jedi of the Order decided to move away from Dantooine for personal reasons, but for the will of the Force, Masters Mark, Caronte and Blade They worked so hard for to make DJE growing up , training a new generation of Jedi there.

"One cannot avoid the darkness unless one knows where it lies and the routes that lead to it."

— Jedi Master Tolaris Shim

But something more, struck him very badly in his life, a good friend called Master Stallion Raiden betray him, and Stallion falls in the darkside, and not only him, he take with him to others from Dantooine Jedi Enclave, was a time of darkness over Dantooine, Stallion was leading other darksiders and troopers against DJE, for some days, Dantooine was under attack by them, but at the end, the light of the force heal the Jedi Order again, and for Blade, at the end, his eyes are witness of the new Jedi generation growing up on Dantooine.

"This was the formal weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. More skill than simple sight was required for its use. An elegant weapon. It was a symbol as well. Anyone can use a blaster or a fusioncutter, but to use a lightsaber well was a mark of someone a cut above the ordinary."

— Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi

After some years, one of his former Padawans, become to Master, Master Laura Kamala, his loved daughter, He train her as Jedi, was not easy for him, but being very strict with her, Blade made an excellent work, He train her in the different styles of combat, being a very skilled lightsaber duellist.

Laura make him proud and brings him the Hope, than the lightside will prevail at the end. She is a Jedi Master very dedicated in the Jedi Order, always teaching to the new ones how to use a lightsaber, and making the Padawans train in the lightsaber skills.

The latest years, Blade is living in Dantooine with his loved daughters, Melody Kamala, one of his daughters. She become a Jedi Master under his training, and in the same way than her twin sister and her Father, Melody is a Jedi Guardian in DJE, she is very skilled with lightsabers, and her kindness is knew for everybody.

Now, Blade with the help of his loved daughters, works each day for to help in the Jedi order in humble way, doing his best effort for to act each day as a Jedi, living a solitary life, dedicated to serve to others, because for him, it is clear, for a Jedi, there is no death, there is the Force.


Exploratory, persistent, fighter, brave, temperamental, patient to teach, eager to learn new things and I am big enough to help.

Jedi Master Practitioner of the Form V, Djem So.

Medical Information[]

known allergies: the hair of the wookies, and other species
Previous injuries: Saber, Blaster Injuries
Previous surgeries: None
Location of artificial body parts (if any): None
Midi-chlorian count: 13,621 per cell

Padawans in Training[]

Cramer Lightheart[]


Cramer Lightheart is my Padawan, dedicated, an excellent person, always try to do the things in simple way, without complications, he is very smart, he has patience, he is humble and with good sense of humour, his compromise with his family take his time for long periods, but he will be a good Jedi Knight.

Former Padawans[]

RavenClaw Karu[]

RavenClaw Karu.jpg

RavenClaw Karu is now a Jedi Master, Humble, Brave, always helping to others, dedicated, very skilled, a great saber duellist, a man with a Jedi heart and honour, I am proud of him, he is a true Jedi, I am honoured for to be his Master, He is like a son for me, and each day i can see the Jedi inside of Him.

He is a leader in DJE, his works is present in the community, his dedication and love for Dantooine make him to be one of the Dantooine Protectors and Leaders.

Laura Kamala[]

Laura Kamala.jpg

Laura Kamala is now a Jedi Master, Special, Brave, dedicated, very smart, with many talents, and her courage and compromise is evident in all her acts, she is one of the best saber duellist than i know, her heart is wonderful, Loyal and sweet, She is one of my loved Daughter, and I am proud of Her, the force is strong in my Family, someday she will be better than me, and I will be happy to see that.

She is a great Jedi Guardian, a protector and member of the first line of JEdi defense from Dantooine Jedi Enclave.

Melody Kamala[]

Melody Kamala.jpg

Melody Kamala is now a Jedi Master, sweet and kindness, Brave and a great saber duellist, intelligent, and Loyal, If her twin sister Laura is like a storm, She is the calm, they both complement to each other, She has a very kind heart, she train very well to her Padawans, and always she has a sweet word for his father, She is my other loved Daughter, I am proud of her progress each day, She is a great Jedi Guardian, and with her twin Sister, work hard for to protect Dantooine.

Aura Silver[]


Aura Silver was a Jedi Knight, very talent, intelligent, smart and dedicated Jedi Consular, I was very proud of her, but at the end, she didn't control her emotions and fall in the darkside, in the darktime over Dantooine, when some Jedi of Dantooine betrayed DJE, she became a Sith and left DJE.

Now nobody knows about of her, I hope someday to see her return to the lightside. Inside of her I know exist light.

Rothlan Nabro[]


Rothlan Nabro is a Jedi Knight, brave, direct and a good person, I am proud of him, I am honored for to be his Master, he is a good friend, always if someone need us, we can go to support and help, sometimes we discuss things but it is because we are honest.

He works as Sentinel in Dantooine Jedi Enclave, very talent in secret missions, but his duties as Sentinel, make him to be travelling and far from Dantooine.

Josée Sorbet[]


Josée Sorbet is a Jedi Knight, direct, very intelligent, very dedicated, she loves to investigate, to travel and explore, her knowledge about of the Force make her to be a great Jedi Consular, but, with more knowledge more problems, because she needs to balance that, with to have empathy and humble manners with others.

She works so hard in her training, I was very proud of her, her potential is bigger, don't judge to others easy, and to be the servant of others my advice to her.

Numor Khel[]


Numor Khel is a Jedi Knight, intelligent, very smart, with an amazing imagination, impressive builder and dedicated, when he appears on Dantooine, maybe he had other reasons, but now, I can say, I found an excellent person in Numor, a good Friend, very wise and always he is ready for to help to others.

He is a real Jedi Consular, he always try to find the best solution to the problems, patience and Diplomatic are his mark as Jedi, a good saber duelist, and a good mentor for the new ones.

Ma'at Nephthys[]

Ma'at Nephthys.jpg

Ma'at Nephthys is a Jedi Knight, a sweet woman, dedicated, intelligent, with a good heart, she was an excellent padawan for me, she has clear the Jedi Path, and why we are in the galaxy as Jedi, She always is ready for to help, and if she needs to defend the innocent, she will do that.

Brave and Diplomatic, for that she can be a good Sentinel, always ready for to learn new things, but always with respect, an excellent diplomat and a good guardian, I am very Proud of her, is an honour to be called her Master and Mentor in DJE.

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