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The Black Steel Syndicate is an underworld organization operating in the galaxy. Its starship parts-stealing ring on Byss was broken up by the Sith after Lord Gidiskin discovered the Syndicate's hidden base near Khayal City, the capital of the Sith Empire. No other chapters of the Syndicate have been uncovered since, although one light freighter escaped before the Sith attack began.

The attention of the Sith was drawn to the Black Steel Syndicate after the Syndicate started promoting an upcoming black market auction which would feature a Sith-designed starfighter so secret that only one Sith still alive had ever heard of it at the time. The Syndicate wouldn't consider an opening bid any lower than two million credits for a single starfighter of this design. Needless to say, the starfighter never made it to the auction.

The Syndicate is believed to have some representatives somewhere in the Outer Rim.

Behind the Scenes

The Black Steel Syndicate was an NPC organization created by Vatharn as part of a group storyline for the Dark Lords of the Sith.