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Black Dogs

The Black Dog Mercenary Organization was a legally questionable para-military corporation. Founded as a sub-sect of the Tionese Crime Family, Urriahn Syndicate, it covered both the wartime needs and brought in money to the crime family through its work.


Founded by Grand Master Wynn Urriah in 230 BBY, the original commander of the organization was Wynn's own nephew, Jasyn Urriah. Through a series of captures and kills brought about by skill or luck, the Black Dogs became the Tion Hegemony's premier mercenary companies, and began to bring credits by the truckload to the family that backed it.

However, in the early years, Jasyn got sloppy, and in a mission against the Republic he found himself shot in the kneecap by an Republic Commando. His men carried him out, but the result of his having gone on the mission while intoxicated meant that the mission was a wash, and the Black Dogs had to flee the space station in a hail of gunfire.

Jasyn's second in command, William Strihe took command at behest of the family, and the former commander was court marshalled, he disappeared into the shadows of Nar Shaddaa.

Another ten years passed, with William as a capable but reserved lead, and so the family Tired of his taking time, and deemed the Black Dogs shut down. William, being said capable leader, declined, and left, with his men and their gear on a frigate he had reserved.

The Black Dogs became independent soldiers, serving the highest bidder, but only in deeds they felt just. William lead for another thirty years, before leaving the mantle of Commander to his son, Morgan Strihe, known as the Black Hand, which became his common last name.

Morgan was the best commander that the dogs had ever known, and forged a rank and file system of platoons and captains. The Dogs traveled a circuit between major worlds in the Outer Rim, stopping once a year at the core to pay taxes.

In 20 BBY, Morgan was in search of a capable second in command, and while in circuit, he came to Keyorin. There, he met Cayce Urriah, a woman whom was descended from, but not a member of, the Urriahn Syndicate. She was a professional soldier without any direct training, and in a bar fight he observed, she disabled seven gang members whom had attempted to mug her. He hired her on the spot, and she worked her way up to his second in command.

Throughout the eight years Cayce served by his side, they saw much, and won many battles. Over time, they grew romantically attached, and were married in a bunker on Hoth, where they had been preparing to attack a smuggling operation.

A year later, on a mission to Chateuse VII, Cayce was separated from Morgan's team, with her own, as they went to complete separate objectives, but the mission was a trap, and Cayce was captured, and forced to watch Morgan die as a hundred oppressed citizens he had come to assist tore him apart.

Of the thee survivors of Morgan's team, two made it to the meet-up point, managing to free Cayce. The three of the survivors fled the planet, and the Black Dogs were disbanded for good.