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Black Dawn syndicate is a criminal organization run by Wonka the Hutt. Black Dawn's principle base is on Korriban. Other areas of extensive Black Dawn operations are Nal Hutta and Tython.

The Black Dawn Syndicate was originally formed several years back by an alliance of Tanaris Hutts, Nal Hutta Hutts, and the Intergalactic Banking Federation, as well as several smaller businesses. The purpose of the group was to attack political rivals and their assets in the galaxy, as well as to conduct targeted acts of piracy in order to drive up certain commodity markets.

Wing, a former Black Sun Captain, Dar’manda, arms-dealer and well-known Nar Shaddaa club manager, was selected to lead the group.

As operations expanded, Black Dawn Syndicate began to make more money with their piracy operations and selling the cargo than it did from the contributions provided by the Hutts and IGBF. Wing engineered the break away from the Hutt and banking clans. During the breakaway she took with her nearly all of the smaller business groups involved, who had directly benefited from the increased flow of goods and credits. The smaller businesses banded together to share each other’s trade networks and contacts.

To prevent a war with the Hutts that they would probably lose, Wing arranged an alliance with a young Hutt of the Ramesh clan who had left Nal’Hutta to seek out new business opportunities. Wonka the Hutt took over the group, and Wing became the secondary leader.


Black Dawn operations are broken into two sections, Core and Franchises. The core group who are responsible for day-to-day activities, ensuring overall profitability and maintaining political and trade networks. The franchises are individual traders or groups of traders who operating within Black Dawn's network and pay a tax to Wonka. It's also their business to follow the directions issued by leadership, but it's rare any of those directions are passed on to franchises, and they are usually more in the form of suggestions when they are.

Known Black Dawn members

Name (alphabetic) Last known rank/position Date Joined/Left
Crash Majordomo, bodyguard. Nov. 2011
Esii Lt./Majordomo. Nov. 2011 - Dec. 2011.
Flak Mercenary. Dec. 2011
Glaar the Hutt Trader. Jan. 2012 - Mar. 2012
Kandosii Unknown. Nov. 2011 - Mar. 2012
Karl Steinberg Sergeant. Nov. 2011 - Mar. 2012
Loki Vuur Agent, Slaver. Nov. 2011
Maddog Murphy Sergeant, Pilot. May 2011
Sphinx Technician, Engineer. Jun. 2011
Sundance Riddler Unknown. Nov. 2011 - Mar. 2012
Tzulu Pilot. Nov. 2011
Vinrum Boss. Jan. 2012 - Feb. 2012
Viper Smuggler. May 2011
Wing Boss, Commander. Apr. 2011
Wonka the Hutt Overlord. May 2011
Zeya Ra'chi Unknown. Dec. 2011
Zuul Kara Forger, Hacker. Oct. 2011
Ursula Marhaba Security, Tank-Driver. Jan. 2012
Valencia Novell Security. Jan. 2012
Jamie Lanel Smuggler. Jan. 2012
Lamia Whiro Hunter. Sep. 2011

Notable Former Members

Notable former members include Klepti, Darth Renatus and Lady Jaki.