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Bixton, on liberated Uvena Prime.

The Jawa shook his small head, and tucked his beautifully gloved hands behind his back. "It isn't so simple. The Force is a just tool. It is the hand that guides this tool that determines if one is evil, or good. Light can be used to blind, and darkness can hide the innocent. I respect that you have your beliefs Jedi... just do not ask me to share them."

-- Bixton

Birth and Discovery[]

Born on Tatooine in 206 ABY, Bixton found himself a Jawa apart from the others in the Kkak clan. While the others in the clan focused on profit and a quick turn around on repairs, Bixton was a stickler for detail and quality work. When dealing with outsiders, Bixton was careful to mask his scent as much as possible, going so far as to build in deodorant dispensers within his robes. While others of his clan used translators to deal with clients, Bixton painstakingly learned to speak Basic, practicing until his accent was almost undetectable. Most importantly, he had many of the same powers as the female Shamen of his clan, which he tried to hide since he had never been trained to use them, he was still quite young, and was already a near-outcast for being so different.

So it was no surprise when a Jal Shey Mentor by the name of Durat Hoofal took a special interest in Bixton. He was under cover at the time, doing war crimes research, when he encountered this very different Jawa. After his work was done on Tatooine, Durat made Bixton an offer he couldn't refuse. He cited similar peaceful beliefs, a passion for quality crafting, and a need for diplomats with his particular verbal and mystic skillset.

Bixton couldn't refuse.


He left his home in 219 ABY, and was trained in the ways of the Jal Shey. Durat was a believer in the Unifying Force, teaching his young charge that there was no Light or Dark side, that they were religious constructs born in an age with limited science and reason. Bixton flourished, and took to the crafting aspects of the Jal Shey like a fish to water. The diplomatic side was a little more difficult for the Jawa, only learning after quite a few misadventures that he couldn't always rely on truth, logic, and blunt honesty.

Through the years, Bixton rapidly advanced to the level of Advisor, one of the younger members of the Jawa race to accomplish this in the last 250 years. Though trained in the defensive use of the lightsaber, Bixton doesn't commonly carry one, feeling that it often gets in the way of otherwise peaceful negotiations. Instead he uses improvised weaponry (including the sash of his robes) and Force Weapon to catch would be bandits and thugs off guard.

Recent History[]

Over the last few years, Bixton picked up a lot of new skills. He's fluent in Jawaese, Jawa Trade Language, Basic, Huttese, and Cheunh. So when a complaint came in from the Miner's Union in regards to the apparent fixing of ore prices, and the Hutt were suspected, Bixton was assigned to the case. In a bizarre twist, the under priced minerals were being sourced from Uvena Prime. Upon reporting this, the Miner's Union launched an official request into the nature of the sourcing of these minerals, since the new 'kinder and gentler' Uvena was supposedly open to free trade and galactic commerce. In 230 ABY, Bixton was dispatched to Uvena, after several requests for an audience with the puppet government (Sith) went unanswered.

He became involved in the Shistavanen war of independence when the guards in charge of the mining operation attempted to push him down an open shaft. He escaped, only to find his ship destroyed and himself stranded. At the time, the Jedi leader on-planet, Mikori Lawson, had been imprisoned by the Sith forces. He coordinated with local resistance forces to aid in a jail break. Using his mastery over nature, Bixton cracked open the earth and opened a rift directly into the dungeons under the ancient mountain site where the prisoners were being held.

After the rescue, the Jedi forces from off planet joined the resistance effort, and Bixton was able to get his warning message both to the Union, and to the Jal Shey. He stayed on to coordinate communications and lead small rebel strikes against the entrenched enemy positions. By 231 ABY, the Shistavanen war of independence had been won.

There were many changes in Bixton over the course of the next few months. A void in leadership within the order resulted in the Jawa being pushed towards taking a more senior position among the active Jal Shey in the region. His Mentor had retired to strictly teaching and crafting duties, as did many of the older field operatives, and a lack of recruiting created a significant gap in the ranks in recent years. Bixton was presented with an option: Start looking for ways to help recruiting efforts and be allowed to test for his ascent into a Mentor position, or step out of the way to allow some of the younger, less experienced Advisors to take their chances.

Bixton decided to take on the role himself. He decided to learn the modern Jedi recruitment criteria, and offered to be an exchange teacher at Jedi Master Lawson's academy on Uvena. His weeks-long diplomacy test was finally passed (by the skin of his pointy little teeth), and by the time Bixton has started to teach classes on Uvena, he received word that his Master Crafting example had been approved. Though officially a Jal Shey Master at that point, it was expected that his contribution to the Library would start to be penned. Thus Bixton started to write the first chapters of 'The Jawa's Forge', his attempt to reform the Jal Shey order's way of thinking in modern times.

Force Powers[]


Force Sight

Force Listening

Force Speed

Force Stealth

Force Jump

Alter Environment

Force Persuasion


Force Weapon

Force Orb

Jal Shey Crafting

Battle Meditation