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Bebe Benae is a SWRP Character on Second Life and a member of The Royal Family of Paramour.

She is currently unemployed and on New Alderaan,spending time with her cousin who is Adviser to The Queen of the planet. She travels frequently between Bakura and New Alderaan, visiting family.

She is also former padawan of Lady Paramour and is Lady Paramour's Adoptive Daughter.


Bebe was born on the planet of Coruscant. During an attack on Coruscant, her parents died in a horrible fire. Her twin sister Dometa Jo and her were found amongst the rubble by Lady Paramour. Lady Paramour took both of the girls in and took care of them. Moving the girls to the world of Bakura. Where Lady Paramour trained the her and her sister in the ways of the living force. Both sisters were trained under Lady Paramours instruction, both of the girls becoming knighted as Jedi.

After she reached the age of 16, Bebe decided she wanted to work on her education. She joined The Bakuran Institute of Science and Law and graduated with honors with degrees in both science and law.

Brief Political Past

Bebe left the OWJ order to pursue her interests in politics. She took over for her mother, Lady Paramour, when she left on pregnancy leave. Having been taught by Lady Paramour, she became Vice PM of Bothawui. After the reformation of the Bothan government, she then became Ambassador of Bothawui. It was a grand time for her as she began to learn alot about politics, furthering her career until she was asked to become a representative of Tython, as The Adviser to The Senator Obie Solo.

When Obie stepped down as Senator, for a time she became Senator of Tython. Until she herself stepped down to hold an election, Nasaji Oba the winner of that election. Benae became Governor of Tython for quite some time. Until an injury during a terrorist attack left her crippled from the waist down. She became deathly ill and almost died before recovering from a very horrible sickness caused by a poisonous gas on Taanab.

After her leave from The Government of Tython, she returned as Ambassador for a time until she was forcibly removed without her own volition by Saritha Khandr of The New Jedi Order on Tython. Seeing that The New Republic had lost Tython to the behind the scenes dealings and deception of the so called jedi order on Tython. Believing Tython had been lost to the dictatorship of the former grandmaster of the NJO on Tython, whom even after she left her former position, still reigns over tython with an iron fist. She hopes that her future endeavors, whatever they be, will continue to serve the greater interest of the people of The New Republic.


Currently serves as A Governess of Corellian System affairs.