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The Bakuran Government is the main governing body of Bakura and the factions on Bakura. It consists of civilians devoted to the running, and safety, of Bakura.


The Third Onslaught of Bakura

In 210 ABY, Bakura was still rising in population, economy, everything you could possibly think of. The large city of Salis D'aar still eminent and prospered, its Government still stable and crime at a minimal due to the effort of the Civilian Security Forces. Not until a Ssi-ruu by the name of Sescri Val and a Sith by the name of Darth Visage lead an attack on the city, leading dozens of Sith and anyone else who helo grudges uppon planets populace. The BSF (Bakuran Security Force) was trying to fight off the invasion force, though it proved futile, they continued to fight for their planet, they were all dying slowly, but it lasted hours. The city was engulfed in flames and perished, the civilians were either killed off or taken prisoner, in few cases they escaped. As for the CSF, few escaped, most died in the battle that is known as, "The Third Onslaught of Bakura".

Arrival of the Clone army

Since the CSF lost the war and the planet was massacred, they fled from the planet's system, going to different worlds in the Outer Rim or other territories. The politicians did the same, which has left Bakura in utter chaos, especially its capital Salis D'aar. The ruins became a haven for crime, gun racketeering, spice smuggling, murder, and other inexplicable things. That is, not until the Clones arrived, they cleansed the corrupt Government, Crime Lords and other underground syndicates. Soon, the Clones defeated or detained the criminals and other villains of tyranny.

Once the battle was over, engineers began to rebuild. When the Galaxy heard about the remarkable deeds of the Clones, the refugees immediately returned, many of the old politicians ventured back to the city Salis D'aar that was being rebuilt by the Clone army and the Republic, they attempting to create a stable legislative branch once more, though the criminals that still ran rampant in the city made the job of rebuilding a government difficult. However, with the Clones and Civilian Security Force's men and women, nothing was impossible to handle.