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Star Wars planet, on Second Life, the region is the base of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Bakura Build 1 (Opened 10/21/2007)

Bakura 1.jpg

Incident Report: Downed Imperial Star Destroyer Bakura

Bakura Build 2 (Opened 5/15/2008)


The large city of Salis D'aar still stood and prospered, its Government still stable and crime at a minimal due to the effort of the Civilian Security Force. Not until a Ssii-ruuk by the name of Sescri Val and a Sith by the name of Visage led an attack on the city of Bakura, leading dozens of Sith and anyone else who dislikes the planet, people, or anything that has to do with the rich planet. The BSF.,(Bakuran Security Force), was trying to fight the invasion force, though it wasn't working, they were all dying slowly, but it lasted for a night, maybe even a day, no one knows. The city went in flames and perished, the civilians were either killed off, mutilated, or something violent, in few cases they escaped luckily. As for the BSF, few escaped, most died in the battle that is known as,"The Third Onslaught of Bakura."

Bakura Build 3 (Opened Q1 2009)

Bakura Build 3

Bakura Build 4 (Opened 2/6/2010)


  • Derek Fetuccio
  • Thundercracker Bandit
  • Leggo Silverstar
  • Siaka Otsuka
  • Captain Wolfhunter
  • Kris Messmer
  • Seargent Hedges (Advised not to IM him, as he does not log on often)


  • Marcel Dowding (Head GM)
  • Tyro Dreamscape
  • Marron Aquitaine
  • UnlivedPhalanx Beck
  • Lusciousgoth Aristocrat

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