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Early Days_Citizen to Soldier[]

Baccus Altus was born on the planet Bakura, and was a normal citizen of the planet til war struck, and he was enlisted in the civilian military when he was a young man of 16. He fought with the other civilian soldiers; taking orders from Sergeants and Commanders whom were thusly being commanded by that of the Grand Army of the Republic at that time. During one of these missions for the Republic to Nar Shaddaa, Baccus had encountered an enemy target who was that of the Trandoshan race. As the young soldier fought this tall lizard-like creature his helmet was torn from his head, and the right side of his face slashed brutally by the reptilian claws of the Trandoshan. Baccus had lost his rifle in the scuffle, and was left with nothing, but the durasteel blade that was holstered to his belt on his left side. The Trandoshan was attacking him ferociously enough that he was unable to reach his arm down to the blade to defend himself. Luckily, he was able to move to higher ground on a lift where he took the advantage; pulling out the blade from it's sheath, and waited for the Trandoshan to attempt to have the lift move downward to them. It was then that Baccus swung at the arm of the Trandoshan that was holding onto the lever to lower the lift; taking it's forearm clean off. Finally, as the Trando was distracted with holding onto it's now severed arm, was when Baccus drove his durasteel blade into the weak point between the arm and chest of the armour of the Trando, and proceeded to leaving his blade in the creature as he picked up his E-11 rifle, and ran to meet up with his squad.

The Road to Diplomacy[]

It was no few years after the war ended when Baccus noticed the monarchy on Bakura had diminished, and now a fresh era was open for a Senate on Bakura. It was then that Baccus took to learning the ways of politics, and on one day no few years ago, Baccus was elected Senior Senator of Bakura. From that point on he was officially a Diplomat career-wise. It was only about a month or so into office that the Prime Minister of Bakura had asked Baccus to apply Bakura for a seat in the Galactic Senate of the New Republic. With that opportunity would eventually get Baccus Altus, normal, hard-working, and strong willed Bakuran man his place amongst the powerful and humble of the Galaxy. After only about three standard galactic years he then sat in the seat of Vice-Chancellor of the Galactic Senate.

During this time in office Baccus had seen military action for the first time since the day he gained all his permanent scarring on his face, and body from the engagement with the Trandoshan no few years before. This was the day Tython was being attacked by a group of Sith and Mandalorians whom called themselves the Dark Government. He, being in the place in office he was should have made him stay away from the immanent damage, but not for him. As his cultural heritage insisted upon a man of honour such as a Bakuran should fight his own battles, and show his loyalty to his people. The people of the Republic were now his people aside from those of his homeworld, and no one was going to tell him otherwise. That day the Republic won a great victory against their foes, pushing them back into space, and into non-existence across the galaxy as far as the republic was concerned. For no word from then on was the terrorist Sith and Mandalorians whom came that day were heard of in Republic space.

The return of Ma'at and the Inauguration of Supreme Chancellor Altus[]

It was not long after his time as Vice-Chancellor that the current Chancellor by the name of Talia Kristan resigned her position as Chancellor of the GSoNR. Only after about a month or so the now steward to the Chancellor's seat, Baccus Altus, would then call a vote to see if the old Chancellor, now after being free from the clutches of the Sith Empire known as Ma'at Nepthys would be welcomed back to finish the term in office she had started before her abduction. The senators accepted her into the senate again with the necessary 2/3 vote, and with that Ma'at was chancellor again of the Senate. Once her term was winding to a close Baccus Altus, along with the Senator Annora Belava Fett of Yavin IV were the two most likely to be voted in as the next Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of the Senate. During this time also Kobra Callanardo, Senator of Bothawui, and a few others were in the race for the Chancellorship as well. In the end of the race Baccus Altus was inaugurated as Chancellor; that is now over three years ago. ((September 4, 2011)) Baccus held the seat of Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Senate, and it was after his inauguration that he had decided to take back the rightful noble title of Supreme Chancellor to the Senate seat. During his time as Supreme Chancellor Baccus had been doing what he was able to influence positive change to the New Republic, and saw the citizens of it through its many struggles, and enemies faced almost on a daily basis.

The Resignation and Future Plans of Baccus Altus[]

It was after being in office for three years that Baccus decided to resign from his position as Supreme Chancellor of the GSoNR. It was due to many factors, but in his decision he held true to the idea that the New Republic would still continue onward, and for the betterment of its citizens. In early 2012, he was working with the Minister of Defense when he was able to help develop new tactics, and methodology to ensure the security of the New Republic worlds. He had also (starting in May of 2012 and ending in June 2012) taken on the role of bodyguard to that of the Bengat Senator Shan Connell. In short, it appeared his days as a diplomat within the Senate have come to a restful end; which at that stage was what he enjoyed. 

 Leaving The New Republic, the Voluntary Exile, and the ReEmergance[]

Sometime after his resigning from the GSoNR a Senator of Velmor had taken her place on the High Seat of the Senate. Her political tactics along with adding clauses to the constitution with the aid of one Hixal Aulus had brought a bad taste in the mouth of Baccus. Sadly, these clauses were adopted by the senators and voted into the constitution. It was no year or two later that the GSoNR began to collapse.

The old allies of the Senate, known by many as The Grand Army of The Republic, had seen the new Chancellor's policies together with the adherence of the senators within the senate, and saw it was no longer a mutual benefit. They then left the New Republic which became one of many blows to the New Republic as a whole. It was a mere year after their leaving that Baccus Altus saw it no longer fitting for him to have a place among his old allies, and he went off into the unknowing where many people years afterward suspected many things. Where Baccus Altus is now only he himself and his closest allies truly know; for this tale of the once noble and honorable soldier comes to a close. Until now.

Baccus has now returned to the known galaxy, and was most recently seen on Coruscant with his known ally Shaka the Huttling.  

Behind the Scenes[]

"I had created Baccus Altus to become a part of the Political structure of Star Wars Roleplay in Second Life, and in this I have spent almost an entire year in crafting and role-playing various scenarios with other role-players from all parts of the world, and of differing characters and styles. It is with this experience that I have seen much of what Jedi society, the galactic political hierarchy and how it all melds with the ordinary citizens of the Star Wars Universe in Second Life.
With the first section you read here is the story of Baccus's early life that he is mostly known for telling people he meets when asked what he had done before politics. In this you only get a small glimpse of what this noble, diplomatic, and strong-willed man originated from to now what he has become. I shall update this page as time passes on, and look forward to any commentary proceeding this article."
— Lucian Vanek, in Second Life