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Azlum Grimlock was a Jedi Master who was born 82 BBY, and was trained as a Jedi on the Coruscant Jedi Temple when he was young. Eventually he fell to the dark side and killed his own master and padawan Gerreck Vesda. He was defeated by the Jedi of the temple and placed into a Force Trance and was sent into deep space for his punishment. Eventually when he awakened he traveled the Galaxy and returned to Yavin IV where he found a Holocron of his former master, and in an act of sacrifice that nearly lead to his return to the force he was redeemed from the dark side and returned to the light. He spent many years in solitude and in meditation when he met several potential students on Yavin IV, Xerigo, Owyn, and Jehn. He trained them as a Rogue Jedi Master, and eventually they left his teaching to seek out a Jedi Order to assist. Azlum also was responsible for the fall of Empress Talmerith Jael, and the creation of The Old Jedi Order, which was located on Talus


Return to the galaxy, and the Empress Jael[]

"When I was younger I became a mercenary because I had to to survive... then I joined the Empire and became Empress because of the promises I made to Koji and the others... Now... now in one night I have become nothing.. If everyone thinks I'm dead.. then for the first time in my life I actually get to decide what I am going to do... and I'm not going to do that without some serious thought on the matter."

— Talmerith Jael to Azlum Grimlock the night of the "death" of Empress Jael

Around 220aby Azlum would finally decide to leave Yavin IV after spending many years in solitude and in meditation for the horrible acts he had committed in his past. When he left Yavin IV he had begun watching the Holonews and using others sources for current events in the galaxy. He had read about the slaughter on Onderon lead by a tyrannical Empress by the name of Talmerith Jael, after he had learned of this he would become very saddened with the fact that a Republic did not exist and that the galaxy was controlled by another dictator. He and his droid R3-34 would travel to Onderon to try and learn all he could about this women and her empire. When he set up residence on Onderon he spent countless hours investigating the situation with the Empire and Onderon. He had learned that there had been a group of Rebels who were trying to fight against the Empress' reign and remove their lecherous presence from Onderon to free their people. This Rebellion was entitled the Republic Liberation Front (RLF) and it was lead by Selkisto Horten Husband to Queen Hyacinth Janick of Onderon.

Becoming the Empress' adviser and hidden agenda[]

He spent a great deal of time watching Empress Jael and her people, eventually she had been attacked by a sith that Azlum had recognized from an attack that happened several days before hand. When she attacked Talmerith Azlum instantly pulled out his light saber to try and protect the Empress to gain her trust. Of course this was not enough, she actually believed that he had some sort of part in the attack, as she did not know the Sith who attacked her. Azlum would be greeted rather harshly by Talmerith and her husband Atticus Jetaime, however Atticus was very kind when Talmerith accused Azlum of having something to do with the Sith's attack. He managed to convince her otherwise and they continued their conversation.

Azlum would eventually come across the the RLF as they were seeking people to help stop Empress Jael's reign. Selkisto approached Azlum in his office that he had set up to observe the situation. Azlum knew that he must help Selkisto, but he had keep a front of support for the Empire in order to get close to Talmerith. He told Selkisto that he could not overtly help them and sent them to look for his former apprentice Owyn Graves. Azlum knew that someday if he could get close enough to the Empress that perhaps he could convince her to allow the people to have the choice to choose their destiny rather than force it.

Sometime several weeks after their first meeting Azlum and Talmerith began meeting regularly he told her his story and she hers, she told him that he reminded her of Koji Starr a former friend and Jedi Master who she spent many years with before he was killed in a duel with a Sith Lord. After a great deal of time the Empire left Onderon and returned to Coruscant primarily, and Azlum followed and would offer his assistance as her adviser. With hesitation she accepted his assistance and from that day forward he would spend every day of his life giving her support and defense against the dark side.

Adviser and the fall of Empress Jael[]

After several years of spending time as Talmerith's adviser he would learn more and more about the Empire. He learned of the officers and their intentions. He would come to meet Ardonis Commodore and the rest of his Imperial Knights. Many of the Knights were conflicted with the dark side and when Azlum offered assistance to rid themselves of these strains they would not wish any sort of compliance. Over time Azlum and Talmerith grew very close, and the Imperial Knights began to make threats to kill Azlum when Talmerith was not around, Ardonis and his men did not like Azlum as they felt his influence on her was not for the good of the Empire.

Azlum next to Empress Talmerith Jael shortly after he became her adviser.

Azlum spent countless hours within the Imperial Garden guiding Talmerith through her journey as Empress attempting to change her into a person her people would love rather than fear. Eventually he would begin to teach her how to defend her mind against the Dark side, and against her constant attacks from Darth Dolor, and with this Talmerith was finally able to defend against Dolor's mind games and attacks. Talmerith was very fearful of the force due to the past with her mother and predecessors, it took Azlum a great deal of time to finally convince her to learn beyond the mind defenses. Talmerith and Azlum's connection to one another was so powerful that the two would grow a force bond, and that would complicate things greatly in the future, but it would also save their lives.

Eventually Talmerith would attempt to disband the Imperial Knights because of their destructive ways and Ardonis would fight against her decision telling Azlum to stay out of it when he tried to interfere. It then became clear to Azlum that staying within the Empire was too dangerous for Talmerith and even himself, after days and nights of discussing Azlum finally managed to convince Talmerith to speak with Selkisto after he had a meeting with him trying to convince Selkisto to do the same. Selkisto was very against the idea because of what Talmerith had done to his daughter and Queen Hyacinth, but finally managed to convince him to fight for his people and not for his own selfish reasons.

Azlum finally convincing and showing Talmerith that what she had been doing for so long was wrong. That day she would begin to learn from him as somewhat of his student.

Talmerith, and Azlum would travel off Coruscant to meet with Selkisto Horten within one of their vessels which was supposed to be a secret meeting, that of course was sabotaged and the Empire had been given word this would all take place. Moments after the meeting began the Empire arrived at their doorstep claiming they were there to rescue the Empress from the RLF's clutches. Little did they know Talmerith would meet with them for reasons to finally disassemble the Empire to try and help a stable Republic grow once again. When Ardonis and his men arrived Selkisto accused Azlum and Talmerith of setting a trap for them, he fired several stun bolts towards Talmerith and Azlum would jump in front of the Empress and be completed knocked out from the intensity of the blast, then he would do the same to Talmerith. After the battle Azlum and Talmerith awakened and they knew that they couldn't return to the galaxy until the war with the Empire had ended, so the RLF helped stage their death's over Tatooine, where their shuttle would crash on the outskirts of Bestine and their remains incinerated. The galaxy did believe that they were dead as they did not appear within the galaxy for several years.

Azlum and Risha(Talmerith) training in their first lesson with lightsaber techniques. She did not fare well with the Ataru style he tried teaching her.

During this time in exile Atticus would bring them to a place on Corellia, which was unknown to the Empire, and Azlum would then become Talmerith's Master as she began her journey as a Jedi student. She spent countless days and nights within his training, as he was very harsh on her, more so than he had ever been with a student due to her negativity and destructive attitude. It took him a great deal of time to learn to treat someone as an equal and to never look down upon those who stand before you regardless of what they had done. She had a very difficult time with this even when she finally became a Jedi Knight Azlum found himself disciplining her every few days about this.

Eventually Talmerith and Azlum both returned to the Galaxy from exile, however her identity would remain anonymous to avoid unnecessary conflict with any vengeful Imperial or RLF soldiers who had disdain for her. When they returned the RLF and the Empire were still waring amongst one-another, eventually the RLF managed to push the Empire completely off of Coruscant and won the war. Shortly after this all happened, the new Republic would be constructed, and it would be named The Peoples Galactic Alliance, and the people would have the freedom to choose their destiny in their lives.

The forming of the PGA[]

Through many battles and many lives the People's Galactic Alliance (PGA) was formed, and a new destiny for the galaxy was born. Azlum spent his time keeping Talmerith hidden among the people of the galaxy as he watched the construction of the new Republic and he watched as Atticus Jetaime was made interim president, while they arranged the elections for chancellor, which Selkisto Horten won. However, in order to try to solve the war efforts with the Empire Atticus felt that he must give power back to the Empire for Coruscant. The Empire took advantage of this and stormed their troops back to Coruscant and threatened to slaughter any PGA soldiers they came across should they not abandon the Imperial Palace. The PGA was not happy with Atticus' decision he had made, and eventually Atticus stepped down as chancellor.

Through countless more battles and many months the PGA had finally beaten the Empire and managed to push them off completely from Coruscant, with the help of the Jedi Covenant, New Order of the Jedi, and many others who were against the Empire's tyranny. Shortly before the flame of the Empire had been extinguished Azlum was having visions of pain and suffering a very distraught and dangerous young man had come seeking him. Over time Azlum finally realized that this boy seeking to kill him was his son, a son he had no idea existed. His name was Kalessin, and his birth was a very horrible and unnatural cause. Eventually Kalessin would come to love his father and would begin to follow them wherever they would go to.

Azlum attends the Fel Dynasty and the PGA's alliance discussion. They also discuss a new plan to enforce the Anti Sith Movement.

Several months after the war with the Empire had ceased, a new Empire would be formed. An Empire free from tyranny and under the alliance with the PGA. This was the new Fel Dynasty with a true Fel to rule their people. This Fel was sympathetic to the PGA and would work to try and rid the galaxy of the Sith and the Imperial Remnant that existed hidden in the shadows, lead by Naja Fel and Christopher Novastar the Imperial Knight Grand Master. Chris was once an Imperial Knight under Ardonis and would help Selkisto form the Alliance between the Fel dynasty and the PGA.

The old Jedi Order revived[]

After things were working out in the Republic's favor, and Talmerith was nearing the end of her training, Azlum felt that it was time to revive the old Jedi Order. He felt that the way of the Jedi had been forgotten and that the new Jedi ways were far too lax and often lead to a Jedi falling to the Dark Side, as he watched this happen to many during the Imperial and RLF war. He would seek out his long lasted friend Mass Questi and offer Massimo a place in this newly formed Jedi Order he was attempting to create. Massimo accepted humbly and shortly after The Old Jedi Order was created. During their time in exile Azlum had been planning to resurrect the order since they landed on Vreni Island. He found some former criminals who wished to turn over a new leaf and wanted a second chance at life. They agreed to help build the temple for Azlum, and in around a years time the temple was constructed and ready.

Azlum knights his new apprentice Talmerith Jael the first Jedi Knight of The Old Jedi Order, as the Order was born that day.

On the day the temple was finished Azlum called forth a meeting with many of those who considered he and Talmerith close after time, together and that day Talmerith Jael became Jedi Knight and the Old Jedi Order was born. Azlum became the Grand Master and Mass Questi would become the first Jedi Master to sit on the Jedi Council. The Order began to grow as fast as it could with such few members. Talmerith would take on Rostok Jast as her first student, Mass would take on Chris 'spits' as his new student, and from that moment on the order would begin to grow. Sometime as the Order began to grow Azlum felt that there were too many initiates and padawans that were left unattended and unprotected too often, so he created The Ankarres Guardians. They were to protect the students and the temple from oncoming attacks, and they were given a place within the temple to conduct their proceedings. Atticus Jetaime was made General and his daughter Jade Jetaime was made Captain.

The Ankarres Guardians[]

Azlum addresses the Jedi of the Galaxy.

The Ankarres Guardians were lead by Atticus Jetaime, Jade Jetaime and several others. They would intercept antagonizing forces who would invade the temple, or wish to cause harm upon the students. They would often accompany the Jedi on their missions to ensure a sense of safety and protection. They were given a suit of Armor that would represent themselves and the colors of the armor would represent rank within the Guard.

Talmerith's decent and a mind left broken[]

During Rostok Jast's training they had been under severe and constant attack by the Sith Lord Darth Scave. Darth Scave had a plan to try and turn Talmerith to the dark side for ever since he met her. Possibly from overhearing Darth Dolor obsess about it each and every moment. One day Rostok and Talmerith were attacked by Scave when Azlum was within his office, was preoccupied and was unaware that they attack occurred Talmerith and Rostok were defeated. Scave took Talmerith to his laboratory and locked her within restraints and would prone at her mind over and over until her weakness was finally exploited. That day Talmerith fell to the dark side and when she did the part of her that was good locked herself within a Crystal that belonged to Azlum's mother that Azlum had given her.

Azlum would abandon his position as Grand Master for the time being and handed over to Mass Questi while he sought out Talmerith, and Mass would gracefully accept Azlum's request. He knew that Atticus would try and stop him so he made Mass promise that he would keep Azlum's whereabouts unknown and confidential. Azlum knew what he was doing was against the Jedi Code, and it was against everything he stood for, but he could not let his student become enthralled with darkness for the rest of her life.

When Talmerith was gone Mass had asked Azlum if he felt that Rostok was ready to become a Jedi Knight, and Azlum would agree with Mass and give Mass the right to dub Rostok Jedi Knight. Rostok was Knighted and would continue to hope that his Master would return safely as he and the rest of the Jedi would continue to seek out Azlum and Talmerith with the help of the Jedi Covenant.

Azlum spent many months shadowing Talmerith as she followed Darth Scave. He was unsure of how to save her and felt as if something had to be done before she could return to the light side. He would not find any answers for a great period of time, but one day a vision appeared to him of Talmerith and the vision would give him the information he had been seeking for so long. He contacted Mass and told Mass of his plans and made Mass promise that no one would interfere with what he had planned. Mass would agree with Azlum and he then did not hear from Azlum until the fated day.

Azlum fighting his father on Nar Shaddaa, leading to Azloier's defeat.

While all of this was happening Talmerith had been learning dark and destructive things from Darth Scave, and these things put a permanent scar on herself after she had done them. During her training with Scave she came to Dathomir and would come across a Nightsister slave who shared the same presence of Azlum. She would later learn that this man was Azlum's deranged and corrupted father who Azlum believed that he had killed on Dathomir shortly after he awakened from his force trance. His name was Azloier Grimlock and he had been living long past his races lifespan. When Azlum learned his father was still alive he was unsure of how he could still even be alive after so many centuries, the cause was not discovered until later on within their lives. His first encounter with his father was on Nar Shaddaa when Azloier had tried to kill Talmerith on the streets when he enraged her with his taunting.

Upon the creation of The Revenant Armada came a new Sith, and the Sith's name was Takaki. He had been a student of Darth Lady Chaos and eventually depart from her training to finish his training on his own. Azlum learned that Takaki had obtained this Crystal through the Tetan Empress and his Takaki's apprentice Finis. He would seek out Takaki and Finis to try and retrieve the Crystal, even though he knew his chances of success were very low consider the last time he had encountered the two of them he was beaten down badly. He would then engage Takaki and Finis on Nar Shaddaa and as the force was with him managed to defeat them both, and retrieve the crystal from Takaki. He also learned that Takaki was a descendant of himself as after Takaki was defeated he was given a vision of someone who looked like his own mother.

The rise of the Revenant Armada[]

The death of Morpheus and the attack of Darth Abyssus' Sith spawns.

The construction of a new temple and a Republic city[]

Azlum Grimlock overseeing the construction of the new Jedi Temple.

Azlum teaching Soline about concentration through the force and Telekinesis in the new Temple on Talus.