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"The Force is my weapon, my tool, mine to create, and mine to destroy."

— Azazel to Darth Imida

Azazel (born Elizabeth Dana) is a Dark Jedi/Sith Lord born within the Post-Legacy Era. She first became a Sith after her Jedi master had been defeated by the hands of Darth Padar. When she was left for dead on Korriban, she bartered her life to Padar and proceeded to become a Sith herself. After the civil fallout of Padar's Korriban, she became a bounty hunter, part of the Imperial Remnant, then returned to Byss after hearing the Dark Lords of the Sith returned.


Life before the Force

Elizabeth Dana was born on Naboo not knowing her real parents. She was said to be found by weapons-technician Fredryk Dana who trained her to create parts for Czerka Arms. Shortly after her 18th birthday, Fredryk was killed by Black Sun associates for an unknown gambling debt. She then made her living by serving aboard a pirate freighter near the Outter Rim.

Becoming a Jedi

Elizabeth's Jedi Master was known only as Maximus, a relatively young "Yodan" . Maximus advised Liz that her power to heal others was a tremendous gift from the Force, and that she should use it to become a Jedi Consular.

"Many lives will you save, yet if your fear unfolds; many lives will you take."

— Maximus to Azazel

Maximus saw the fear within Azazel's future, the fear of being alone and abandoned. This of course foreshadowed to her Master's defeat on Korriban.

Into the Sith

Maximus was tasked with a reconnaissance mission on Korriban to report about the future of this new Sith Order. Maximus took along Liz to Korriban in order to report back should Maximus fall into the hands of the Sith. When they arrived they were ambushed by Darth Padar and Maximus was killed. Liz bartered with Padar for her life and in return she swore to serve the Dark Lords of the Sith. After receiving her training, she shed her legal name and became Azazel. Upon her time on Korriban she was trained to be an assassin and trained other Sith hopefuls in the way of combat; completely ridding herself of healer training. After the floating academy of Korriban was destroyed by civil war caused by Padar, she lived alone on Korriban for sometime. It wasn't until the Assembly of Darkness came to Korriban that she took up the ways of the Sith once more. She trained beside Darth Imida under the teachings of Darth Dolor. After realizing their inferior methods, she fled Korriban and released herself from the planet's dark grasp on her.

Going into Hiding

Azazel fled to Onderon to use her skills as a bounty hunter. She made quite a living until later revealed as a Force Sensitive, she was then no longer trusted by her guild. Shedding her Sith title she took up the identity of Kit Orion, a Force Sensitive guard for the Imperial Remnant under Ardonis Commodore's rule. She served the Remnant until she could falsify her death and desert them.

Finding her path

Azazel traveled to Byss after hearing about her original order being kept alive. To honor her original deal with Padar, she rejoined the ranks of the Dark Lords of the Sith under it's new rule and is currently training once more under Darth Aran

Powers and abilities

Azazel has been known to be very acrobatic with the use of the Force and thus has accepted more aggressive forms of lightsaber combat such as Ataru. She is also one of the few Sith to defy aging using Jedi healing techniques which she is often criticized for.

Behind the scenes

The character of Azazel has been an on and off project since 2005. In order to keep timeline details consistent, some information has been slightly altered to allow a proper flow of this character's existence to occur.