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"We Hapans have an old proverb: 'Never let a man become so deluded to believe he is the intellectual equal of a woman. it only leads him to evil.'... Its application is NOT exclusive to Hapan men..."

— Ayeka Kel, on Hapan views of males

Ayeka "Edge" Kel is a female Hapan Subject. She has an undying loyalty to the Hapes Consortium and the Queen Mother who rules over it. No one and nothing takes any precedence or priority over her Star Cluster.


Hapes Consortium

Growing up on Hapes

Ducha Ayeka Kel comes from the wealthy Kel Family, hailing form Charubah. The Kels are a Noble Family in the Hapes Consortium as well as the owner of Olanji/Charubah industries and as a result, heavy inestors in Charubah's technological success, having some members of the family working for the planet's many factories and laboratories as researchers or corporate executives. Many other Kels are members of the Royal Navy and still others are members of Hapan Security. Needless to say, the family is as successful as the rest of the Consortium and their women hold a great deal of respect and honour. The Kel Family has had control of the planet Charubah for the past 50 years due to a covert hostile take-over involving the assassinations of some of the more prominent families and a seizure of control via legal technicalities resulting from the clandestine dealings.

Ayeka is the "oddball" of the Kel Family. She is the only Force sensitive in their long genealogy with any interest in Jedi Training... thus far. Ayeka excelled in school and even has a degree in criminal justice, conducive to her decision to join Hapan Security herself, if not the Royal Guard. She never cared about having fabulous power over people, generally speaking, but she has always had a strong sense of justice.

Ayeka's childhood was one of being rather spoiled with the finer things in life; a beautiful home, fine foods, expensive trinkets and clothing, and a quality education from a respected Hapan university. She has also undertaken an intermediate level of Martial arts and art-form dance training as a young teenager. Ayeka has shown consistently her startling intuition and insight as well as a logical reasoning that might rival that of a protocol droid. She has always had an uncanny ability to "connect the dots" (so to speak) and make a decision based on the most likely expected outcome of a situation... as if she she could see things before they happen. Little did her parents know, let alone suspect, that Ayeka sometime actually could predict things via her Force-sensitivity. Operating heavy machinery had never been hard to learn for her and flying, especially, seemed to come natural to her. She soon found she enjoyed the inertial reaction of flying fast like a death-stick in an addict's lungs. She is also something of a "history geek" and took an interest in the Jedi as a teenager, despite her cultural reservations against them even though Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo and her consort Jacen Solo were, historically, Jedi themselves and were well-remembered and respected in Hapan History.

Following inspiration from Tenel Ka's example, Ayeka purchased the finest supplies credits could buy her, getting a bulk-deal on Hapan Rainbow gems (5 for 50% of the gross price), and constructed her first light sabre without formal Jedi training. She worked hard on it for 2 whole local months to get it right. Building a curved-hilt variety, similar to Tenel Ka's rancor-tooth hilt but with a more pronounced curve, was the greatest challenge, as it made her consider very carefully how to align the crystals properly. She did not want to repeat Tenel Ka's mistake that cost the historical Jedi Queen mother her left arm. When it was finally completed and tested, she became exceedingly proud of this accomplishment. She built a second one some time later, this time only taking a month to do so now that she knew what she was doing. Considering the materials used in it's construction, Ayeka Kel's light sabres are among the most expensive light sabres in the Galaxy... Tenel ka's being one of them in terms of History. Ayeka had been to the Museum in Ta'a Chume'dan several times, seemingly obsessed at the time with the construction of the Jedi's weapon. A trip to lorell Hall and several meticulous queries on the Holonet yielded the general knowledge of light sabre construction, although Ayeka knew she wasn't trained in the Force, which was a prerequisite that was constantly parroted by the sources she learned form. The lack of formal training and brazen defiance of the odds of success yielded a great deal of pride for the then 18-year old Ayeka.

Now in her early 20's, Ayeka has become a grown woman with the freedom to make her own decisions and control her own destiny. However, she did not jump immediately on applying for Security. She instead got a penthouse in Ta'a Chume'Dan to get used to being her own woman. She managed fine with careful budgeting of her own monthly influx of credits form her 5 interest-bearing funds, which she had set up to direct-deposit the interest into her bank account. Still used to the finer things, she bought a brand-new Miy'til star fighter, fully loaded, and spent quite some time breaking it in. She discovered t'bac as soon as she reached the legal age of majority in the Hapes Consortium, the age of 20, and has been a casual smoker ever since (this vice still remains today, despite recent efforts to kick the habit).

Leaving Hapes


Ayeka left Hapes on a journey to seek Jedi training not long before her 24th birthday, leaving her penthouse in the care of her maid. She put her flying skills to the ultimate test in her attempt to leave the Transitory Mists, the vast, ionized nebula surrounding the entire Hapes Cluster. Considering the Mists were peppered with Pirate Bases and were regularly patrolled by the miscreants who resided in said bases, her task was not an easy one. There were no Royal Navy vessels in proximity to her and she had a hard time finding any sign of Pirates due to the ionized gases playing with her ship's sensors. Ayeka also had a habit of listening to music, having had her Miy'til modified slightly to play and even transmit music form her Datapad. It had distantly crossed her mind that she could design digital noise for jamming communications laid under the various types of music she listened to while, to her humorous delight, forcing any aggressors to listen to what she was listening to; functionally making her both a combat pilot and a DJ of sorts. Just in case, since she knew the Mists were not exactly safe for a lone star ship, she did exactly that.her choice of music: electronica, since with much easier to dub subliminal digital noise without ruining the sounds and make it harder to detect it, isolate it, and rectify it. Still, her own sensors were borderline useless out here, so she tried using the Force, which she sought to harness, to feel around through the mists to better navigate. It wasn't until the very last second, however, that she felt danger behind her intuitively and, sure enough, a pirate ship appeared from behind a column of gas. Ayeka gave a good run, evading concussion missiles, ion blasts, and blaster shots, flying in between pillars and tendrils of ionized Mist, trying to get the pirates to get their own ship zapped by the electromagnetic disturbances inherent in the Transitory Mists, but to no avail. The Pirates knew the Mists well.

Ayeka's intuition guided her, fueled by the Force. She felt a weapon approaching her seconds before her ship's threat warning system vocalized, "incoming concussion missile... deploy countermeasures." Ayeka did not react immediately, however. She intentionally waited till the very last nanosecond to deploy chaff and flare and break left. As she rolled off to the left, she could very briefly see as her canopy moved within sight the concussion missile as it streaked by just out of detonation range. Now was her chance to turn this sticky situation around. She sharply banked around and suddenly accelerated, raising her deflector screens double-front in attack position. She didn't want to do this, but it was them or her.

"...Lock achieved..." her ship's targeting computer said as she lined up the ship's bridge in her sights. Ayeka grimaced as she took aim at the pirate ship's helm view port, as she didn't want to have to kill anyone. Nevertheless, she banked left as soon as her finger pulled the trigger to launch a Concussion missile, preceded by two ion-cannon shots to disrupt the shielding. She saw the flash of the impact reflecting off of the inside of transparisteel canopy of her Miy'til and sighed. "Saldos, la ash'taka..." (Good night, my Opponent) she murmured flatly in Hapan as she continued her flight out of the hazardous territory. Her ship was damaged, but not severely at the time. As soon as her navicomputer told her it was safe to jump to Hyperspace, she did so.

Upon exiting Hyperspace above Tatooine, however, was when she discovered that using the Hyper drive only made the damage worse, to her horror; the port-side aileron and the maneuvering thrusters located there were inoperable. "Frak!" she swore harshly, using the Hapan word for the Universal Adjective. She found her Miy'til's controls were increasingly on the fritz and could not initiate a proper landing cycle. She thought about the situation quickly and made a series of smart manoeuvrings; first, turning so the planet was above her, yawing 180 degrees aft of her intended re-entry point, and fired her engines to slow down the ship inertia. after a moment's engine burn, she cut the thrust and pushed down to flip the small ship right-side up just as she began re-entry. Landing in Mos Espa, she was hard-pressed to find a suitable mechanic and instead had to use the Holonet to contract a specialty mechanic to repair her damaged craft. Then, she proceeded to purchase a Z-95 to hold her over, believing that since History spoke much of these reliable ships, that she might do well to purchase one... and boy did she have a good time getting used to its handling.

Jedi Search

Jedi Logo

Ayeka First wound up in Mos Espa on Tatooine. She went pretty much covert, keeping to herself mostly. For a while, she kept her light sabre hidden, thinking the open presence of it would bring her the wrong connotations form observers and people might get the wrong idea of her character. She was by no means a trained Force-user, relying on intuition and instinct, where the Force seemed to manifest most of the time for her. She eventually met with a member of the Grey Jedi Association, Kyrain Rhandt, and rather quickly befriended him. However, she was very apprehensive about committing to Jedi Training and was actually afraid to ask him about her actual purpose from traveling the Galaxy; finding a teacher in the ways of the Force. She spent some time on Tatooine, hanging around with Kyrain and taking in the sights and sounds of Mos Espa while taking it upon herself to try and learn as much as she could about the Force and the practical use thereof before actually committing to an apprenticeship.

Ayeka left Tatooine for a while, unwittingly following the flow of the Force, eventually finding herself visiting Uvena Prime. Interestingly, the Revenant Armada's planetary blockade did not detain her in orbit and she managed to land on the planet. She spent a few days there exploring, following her instincts and met the Jedi Mikori Lawson and some of his companions. She learned of the Revenant's interdiction of Uvena Prime by them and thus learned why the local village there was razed to the ground. Her personal sense of justice flared and she became rather angry with the Armada, subsequently. Soon, a Revenant Marauder attempted to detain her with no concept of her culture or expectations, which she found as a challenge to her pride as a Hapan woman. The man asked for her ID, which the only one she carried was a holocard identifying her as a subject of the Hapes Consortium. It did not seem to be valid, much to her disappointment. The Marauder then, with a blaster in hand, attempted to detain her for questioning, which Ayeka questioned in misunderstanding. The man decided to fire upon her for this and she immediately drew her blaster and fought back, sending him running away. What seemed to her as cowardice on his part prompted her to yell after him insults to his integrity and honour. "Te ka anht sidoor!" (you are no warrior!), she shouted after him and never saw him again. Little did she know that apparently self-defense against the Armada is considered an act of war and Mikori informed her that she may well have made a whole planet of enemies. This prompted her leave the planet, but found that her Z-95 was now marked by the Armada's IFF as an enemy. She ejected before leaving the planet, causing her to sneak onto the shuttle pad and hijack the transport shuttle held there with her skill as a slicer. She got away safely and has not been back since, but took with her a contempt for the Armada.

She arrived a couple of days later on Dantooine, where she ditched the shuttle and ordered a new Z-95 to replace the one she lost on Uvena Prime. On Dantooine she learned a bit more of the ways of the Force, having become a student there for a time. During her time as a student of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, she learned how to be more patient and even began to rectify her personal pride issues; She learned that pride came in to basic forms: solidarity and arrogance. The former was virtuous and of the light side of the Force while the latter led one to the Dark Side. During a meditation, she had a vision of a possible future that scared her deeply: The Hapes Consortium was interdicted by the Revenant Armada. The Queen Mother was deposed replaced by an Armada official and the 3,000 year matriarchy of Hapes was dissolved. Her horror was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Fear soon evolved to anger, which turned to hatred. Her emotions were felt by other Dantooine Jedi, Balmung Blueskies, who attempted to console her and calm her down, which worked. What she saw was only an uncertain future, it's likelihood of occurring unknown. She learned the Force can show her things that can happen in the future but not if it actually will. This made her somewhat calmer and lead her to try again. On her second attempt at deep meditation, she focused on the present. She put aside her feelings against the Revenant aside and focused her mind on her home on Hapes. It was in that vision she saw things were going well. Hapes was, in point of fact, going through a new restoration of the Capital city of Ta'a Chume'dan.This made her feel much better and allowed her to devote her energy on learning. However, the scars left by her momentary brush with the Dark-Side of the Force never went away and soon prompted her to leave Dantooine.

Jedi Training

Ayeka Kel

Ayeka once again found herself on Tatooine in search of her friend Kyrain Rhandt. When she found him, she engaged him in a conversation about where she had been and what she had learned. Kyrain then questioned her about the subtleties of her newly gained knowledge of the Force, which lead to him accepting her into his Order. They traveled to Mos Entha, where the Grey Jedi Association had a base. She was introduced to others of the Order and soon found herself a Master, the Zeltron Jedi Renai Stillwater, from whom she has been learning to this day. Her knowledge of the Force has increased exponentially since this seemingly fated encounter and will continue to do so until Ayeka attains mastery.

After a chance meeting with none other than the Hapan Chume'da (Heir to the throne in the case of a woman, or conduit to the heir to the throne via marriage in the case of a male; effectively Princess/Prince respectively. The word "Chume'da" is not gender-specific itself), Ayeka learned a disturbing truth: The Queen Mother has had and possibly still has some sort of relationship with Darth Abyssus, the leader of the Revenant Armada. Interestingly, learning this fact has not shaken her loyalty to Hapes. She would still be willing to fight and die in the name of the Hapes Consortium. The Princess had assured her that while the Queen doesn't exactly trust Jedi, the Royal Guard had Force users among them and thus suggested that Ayeka still has a fair shot at joining, Jedi or not. If it means burying the hatchet with and dissolving her grudge against the Revenant Armada to get ahead on Hapes, then she would do it. She trusts her Queen's judgement. Further, she and the Princess found favor with one another and became fast friends. Her casual visit to Tatooine was, in her mind, strange but also welcome. It told her things were indeed going well at home and that she had a fair chance at a happy and fulfilling career upon her return.

Ayeka had been keeping up with the News of Hapes, downloading news feeds from both the Galactic News Network and Hapan Royal Communications Authority News. The Reconstruction efforts to renovate Historic Ta'a Chume'dan have gone well, much to her pleasure to learn. She could not wait to see it first-hand.

Rogue Jedi

Ayeka Kel

Ayeka's Miy'til Star fighter, named Speeding Star, was finally repaired to her satisfaction, but required a tune up that could only be obtained in the Hapes Consortium. After a time in Mos Entha, learning from the Grey Jedi, she began to plan her return home. Both conveniently and inconveniently, a sort of schism occurred internally with the Grey Jedi. She did not want anything to do with the Jedi who left the Order to assist with the resistance on Uvena Prime and with the disappearance of her teacher, Ayeka felt little was holding her on the ugly desert world she was on. She prepared her her ship and finally left. The Hyper drive was still functional satisfactorily, which allowed her to leave as soon as she reached the edge of the planet's gravity well. She did not make a direct route to the Hapes Cluster, however, and instead set her navicomputer to run a course through a route that would converge on another route that would lead to the inner rim. With the Co-ordinates set, she pushed forward and escaped into hyperspace.

Ayeka emerged from hyperspace around the planet Onderon. She was aware of a Jedi Order established on this world and decided to take some time to check it out... and perhaps find some answers to questions that lingered on in her mind. She landed on the surface and took a walk around, seeking the temple. Instead, she found the Jedi themselves and found someone she met back when she was a student on Dantooine: Grand master Zav Kirkorian. Interestingly, she had arrived just in time to witness a very strange occurrence with her husband Zuric Kirkorian... an occurrence she had never experience before and could make little sense of. Once again, Ayeka found herself involved in another interesting adventure.... and what worried her was not being able to tell where it was going.

Ayeka traveled to Tanaab with Zav to meet other Jedi where she was welcomed warmly. She had begun learning a bit more about the Force through these Tanaab Jedi; Considering the circumstances, she would need all the knowledge and skill she could obtain. She saw something very vague in the Force during a meditation: "after a long, dark night, dawn breaks..." she thought out loud, describing what she had seen. No one seemed to know exactly what it meant, but it was suspected that there is a darkness coming that would eclipse the light of the Jedi orders Galaxy-wide and overtake the darkness already present. Indeed, an ill wind blew through the Force across the Galaxy and everyone could feel it. What was uncertain was the events and circumstances to come. Ayeka knew she would have to stand and fight. If the Sith were indeed gaining power, then the threat to the galaxy was great indeed and her greatest fear was that the Hapes Consortium would be forced into the coming conflict... her horrible vision she had on Dantooine was now looking like it was going to come true.

Ayeka Returned some time later to Tatooine to visit the Jedi there only to find a strange ship crashed in the middle of Mos Entha. She went over to check it out and could not place its make or model, which got her interested in it. She noted the thing was on fire and tried to use the Force to contain the flames, but she failed to do this properly due to a lack of experience and the ship's power cells blew out, casting her 20 meters backwards into a table outside the cantina. She did not feel the true nature of her injury until after she managed to sit on one of the chairs still standing. After a moment of a dazed rest, she tried to get back up only to collapse on the ground. Judging by the pain in the small of her back and the fact she couldn't stand let alone walk properly, the impact of hitting the table had broken on of lower ribs.Half-hysterical with pain and anger that she might be scarred, she lowered her pride and asked for assistance. Fellow jedi Chealsea Blauvelt helped her by carrying her to her ship and taking her to her orbital home over Dathomir for medical attention. Ayeka's broken bone was mended and she was welcomed to stay there for a time to heal.

After a period of recuperation, Ayeka had healed enough to walk properly again. She however, had to use bacta patches and painkillers to deal with the rest of the wound. Ayeka traveled form Dathomir to Nar Shaddaa where she attended Hutt Night for the first time. She learned of some interesting alliances and gained insight into her friend Chelsea's dealings. The woman was something of a mystery to her, suffice it to say. However, the night went without much of a hitch and after the festivities visited the cantina and brother establishment owned by a slaver named Sera Secura. She became interested in one of the Twi'lek slaver's girls, a Human slave by the name of Serenity Vail. After a time of intimacy with the girl, she learned Serenity had been born a slave and had quite a rough life. Ayeka felt for her and decided to buy her with the intent to free her, teach her the Hapan way to be a free woman, and employ her as a maid upon her return to Hapes. With the last rainbow gem she owned, she made the purchase successfully, and was actually quite glad to be rid of the living crystal, considering her paranoia was greater when she carried it due to the high value of the gem. With Serenity now legally hers, she would proceed to rehabilitate the poor girl's broken mind and perhaps gain a girlfriend in the process, although to Ayeka the former was more important.

One Force Order

One Force Order

Ayeka Kel had some success trying to rehabilitate the poor girl she bought on Nar Shaddaa.She had returned some of Serena's, as she now called her, ability to feel the force after discovering she is weakly force-sensitive. She then proceeded to teach her how to walk with pride and speak as a free and proud Handmaiden. She had given her a nice set of clothes to look more proper in the eyes of a Hapan. Ayeka felt proud of the progress she made.

Ayeka had some time later met Chelsea again on Nar Shaddaa and was recruited into her organization of Rebels against the Sith Empire as a tactician. She had now officially had become a privateer of sorts. She met a few new friends by joining and it gave her a sense of purpose while out in the void so far from home. Some time later, A sith lady named Darth Kyron had danced in the Secura Vida brothel, where Ayeka often hung out for the sights, sounds, and drinks. Ayeka became instantly attracted to her beauty and her strength in the Force, despite her opposing of the Sith. They spent some alone time together after finding each other attractive and made love rather spontaneously. By the next morning, they found they were both falling in love. It was only a few days later of spending time together that they finally broke down and admitted their feelings for each other and began officially dating. She learned her name was actually Jade.

A couple of days later, Ayeka began planning to teach a new order of Grey Jedi, calling it the One Force Order. She concluded that to have the most complete knowledge of the Force, one must know both sides. Thus, she began to take an interest in learning Sith knowledge to add her own and even asked her girlfriend for aid. The teachings of the One Force Order combine both jedi and Sith knowledge while teaching good ethics to students to guide them in the hopes that they will use the knowledge they learn to do the most good. The force, Ayeka reasons, has no sides. There is no Dark side or Light side. The Force was one Unifying Force. Now began her recruitment of new students, Knights, and Masters.

Ayeka went to Tython briefly to help dispel a terrorist attack and wound up seeing a bad side of the Republic. They were willing to use orbital bombardment from a skyhook on the crowd of people, sacrificing themselves, innocent civilians who may have been in the vicinity, as well as the aggressors. Fortunately it was called off. Shots were fired and Ayeka ended up fight against a clone trooper only to be stopped by a man who was infuriatingly ignorant of Hapan culture, getting defensive over Ayeka's apparent Misoandry.The man came to defend her, which annoyed Ayeka to no end. She left the planet and hasn't returned since.

After a betrayal of trust with Jade, Ayeka broke off her relationship with the Sith Lady. She also found that her new Order was not easy to maintain without a steady place to train students. Returning to Mos Entha on Tatooine, she found herself in the midst of a mess; Mechanical creatures called the Silentium began to periodically attack the city as well as attacks by Tusken Raiders going on the Rise. Just to make matters worse, a new threat had showed itself.

A New Threat

A New Threat

Right in the middle of a silentium attack in Mos Entha, Members of people referring to themselves as the Fel Empire along with their Mandalorian mercenaries began attacking the people of Mos Entha. It was all out war. Ayeka fought bravely until at last the battle had been silenced by an orbital bombardment from the Fel Warships. It is clearly an interdiction attempt. Ayeka had absolutely no patience for expansionists and conquerors and once she found out it was the Fel Emperor who ordered the assault, she set her teeth on finding him.... and find him she did. What she also found was a man who she thought was friendly to her swearing his allegiance to the Emperor. That was the last straw. She immediately called the emperor out to an honour duel which the Emperor declined. Ayeka took this as a sign of cowardice and shouted undignified insults at him as he sicked his new lapdog on her and left the scene. Ayeka was defeated by Once-was Master jedi turned Fel General Guntai Haj'ra that day and swore she would have revenge or die trying.

Days went by as she brooded on this. She even felt that using her negative emotions might make it easier to regain her honour, but she managed to stay strong because of her friends. In fact, she went to Xera Keto, Empress of the Empress Teta System, to offer her own alliance. Coincidence would have it that Chelsea Blauvelt had a similar idea herself, which meant there was no conflict of interests here... an Hapan law wouldn't be an issue for Ayeka, either, since the Tetans and the Hapans were not enemies and were two similar societies. Ayeka Joined the Tetans as an Intelligence officer of the Tetan Security Bureau.

The Fels returned to Mos Entha again, this time with their Emperor. Interestingly, he didn't come with much of an entourage. Ayeka seized the opportunity straightaway and challenged the Emperor again. Finally, he manned up and accepted the Challenge. After quite a match of skill and wits, Ayeka came out victorious when she severed the Emperor's right arm and busted his Sabre-pike. However, the Emperor escaped when smoke bombs were used to mask the streets. Ayeka let him go, having attained her honorable victory, coming away with a ruined Armour-weave bodysuit and a sabre-wound on her belly; the Armour-weave she wore took most for the energy, but did not stop it entirely. She promptly used the Tetan Bacta tank to keep it from scarring, fearing only permanent blemishing of her beauty.

Solari Jedi Academy


Ayeka soon joined the Solari Jedi Order and committed to retraining int eh ways of the Light side of the Force, merging her grey Jedi order with theirs. She learned the way of the traditional Jedi path rather quickly and had found herself in the company of those she trusted once again. After a time of training, Ayeka's mother, Yori Kel, visited Tatooine and they soon reunited. Spending time with her mother made Ayeka remember vividly her noble birthright and her previous behavior which seemed to have softened over her time away from the Consortium. The real trick would be to reconcile her birthright and mother's expectations of her with her status as a jedi and her involvement with the Tetan Empire.

Trouble at Home


When Ayeka finally returned home, she found out that her Mother had seized the Throne. It was shocking surprise for her to learn she just got elevated from Duchess to Princess; the Title of Chume'da falling right into her lap. Ayeka had also been named the Chief of Security, as well, in the same day. Now with her duties to Hapes dominating her life, she had to leave the Jedi order and her involvement with the Tetan Empire. Her elevation in status was both a great honour and, as she soon discovered, a great burden.

Ayeka's Mother, Yori, was for a time the same woman she knew growing up. Ayeka wasted no time getting to work as the new Chief of Security and was largely successful in her duties. However, as time passed, Yori became more distant. Darth Abyssus had returned to the hapes Consortium and struck a deal with Yori, much to Ayeka's displeasure, to stand gaurd in their territory's outer reaches in exchange for using their shipyards and military facilities to repair and reorganise the Revenant Fleet. Ayeka wasn't happy with this and thought it highly unwise, cosidering Abyssus's reputation. In fact, she rather openly criticised her mother's dicision to allow him back into their space. Yori, however, would have none of it and had at tiems gotten rather beliigerent with Ayeka over the matter. Ayeka gave up trying to convince her mother and was tempted at one point to kill her before any serious damage could be done... however, she never followed through with such temptations.

However, Ayeka did make plans and carry them out on her own volition behind her mother's back. She had installed override codes in all Olanji/Charubah owned shipyards; since her family owned the corporation, this was rather easy for her. She had made sure that all computer systems had an override installed that would allow her to seize control of the facility should anything dangerous to the Consortium occur. Further, there was a sabotage virus, similar to the ones she had used in her several residences for security purposes, installed programmed to upload themselves into any system, ship or otherwise, that connected to the shipyards' mainframes. This virus would delete operating systems and was designed to find back up systems as well to prevent undoing the damage, while remaining inert to systems recognised as friendly. What has become of this thing she has done is unknown to her.

Another thing Ayeka had done was, in light of what she had seen at Uvena Prime and what she had learned from Empress Xera of the Tetan Empire, was to prompt some Nobles to invest in planetary shielding, but was argued with extensively over the cost and environmental impact. The only one she managed to convice was her own Aunt, Astrid Kel, Ducha of Cahrubah. At least, she thought, her homeworld would be relatively safe. She didn't trust Abyssus as far she she could conceivably throw him and felt that any viable defense mounted before he got anywhere within Hapes would have been an effective deterrent from attempting any dismantlement of military forces or seizure of military support facilities still retained by the crown.

Regardless of what Ayeka had been doing to manipulate things in Hapes' Favour, Yori made the foolish mistake of handing over the better part of the military over to the Revenant and decomissioning the portion of the Navy that Hapes could not support without retaining the facilites given to the Revenant. Ayeka became distant from her Mother upon realising this, thinking her an idiot and was even more tempted to kill her... and very nearly did when she was confronted by her mother for Crossing Abyssus yet again. Yori put one of her knives to Ayeka's throat, threatening her to cease and desist all of her efforts agaisnt Hapes, referring to it as an act of High Treason should she continue. Ayeka grew very angry, since she did not take threats well, and drew her lightsabre on her Mother. Ayeka's Sister, Apolla, couldn't believe what she was seeing and protested incessantly for Ayeka to back down. Ayeka attempted to reason with her Mother as an offering of a last chance after disarming her mother by Force Pulling Yori's force-lance from her hands. Despite a precarious understanding that they had come to, what was done was done and no amount of reasoning would stop the damage already done to their home. Ayeka, begrudingly, gave in to her sister's pleas to stand down and disengaged her weapon. Ayeka's mistake, however, was not seizing the crown form ehr Mother at that point and subsequently enforce her will before the immenent blockading was to come.

A Nation at Gunpoint

For a time, Ayeka stayed home, doing her Security work and doing it well. She immersed ehrslef in her duties to try and forget about what she kept foreseeing; the vision of Revenant interdiction she had as a student on Dantooine still haunting her. Some time later, a group of assassins employed by an unknown entity (possibly her mother for all she knew) attempted to kill her on a shipyard station/packing Hub orbiting her homeworld of Charubah. The attempt failed to kill her, but resulted in her being forzen in carbonite and dumped onto the surface of Bengat where she was discovered by an old friend, Serenity Kato, and thawed out. She stayed with Serenity for a few days until she finall left for Nar Shaddaa to check up on the business alliance her other had made a few months prior.

After an uneventful month or so, her Mother had finally appeared agian outside of the Hapes Consortium, this time looking dreadful... as if she herself had just barely survived an assassination attempt by a rancor. She had tried to hide it with make up and ehr eyes ahd a very distinct dark-side collouration to them when her contacts slipped. A couple of days later, at Hutt Night, Yori was not wearing any make up, showing all of ehr scars and wounds openly. She announced she was abicating the throne and left the scene. Ayeka, dumbfounded, realised that meant she was traditionally the next in line and, while still Chume'da until her formal corination, became scared for herself and for the Hapes Consortium. Her mother never prepared her to be a politician and what little dimplomacy she learned as a jedi wasn't nearly enough to get by as a Queen. She, at least for a time, began to practise the role, even wearing the Queen Mother's veils and dressing more formally than she did normally. By far, at any rate, Ayeka tended to dress better, more modestly, and more maturely than her Mother did. A Hapan Embassy was built in the Upper City of Nar Shaddaa where Ayeka would spend much of her time.

She decided to contact Abyssus to find out what was happening, afraid to go to Hapes to see it herself and afraid to take the Crown formally considering Abyssus and Ayeka never got along. Not surprisingly, he replied with a threat, but not against her person... rather agaisnt her people at large. A list of demands was made, to which Ayeka made answers to in an attempt to negotiate. She realised now that her vision.. her nightmare... had come true. The Hapes Consortium was now interdicted and occupied by the very evil she sought to undermine. Abyssus has yet to get back to her on her negotiations, but no one seemed to be harmed for the time being.

Ayeka was now considering having another rule in her stead... at least until she could become a better politician and become stronger in the Force. At any rate, she was forced to acknowledge that she now had to play nice with a monster... and her ever-scheming mind was thinking up ways to gain the upper hand. It seemed Abyssus had learned form his previous mistakes with other people he had interdicted and subjugated and was now covering more bases than Ayeka would ahve liked. Regardless of what she pllaned, no solid plan seemed viable... Never before has anyone been able to out-think, out-manouvre, and out-do her in terms of controlling even a hypothetical/analogous chess board.

A New Queen

((Ongoing role-play, updates to be written))

Personality and philosophy

Ayeka is fairly even-tempered and relatively easy to get along with, however you may find it easier if you're a female. Males walk a fine line in the respect department; show it in abundance to her, acting like a true gentleman, and you receive her respect back in kind. She is very much a typical Hapan in many ways. She is vain, considering anything that would permanently mar her beauty a fate worse than death. She is also arrogant, holding herself high above most other denizens of the galaxy. As a result, she will very rarely utter the word "shakal", which means "worthy" in Hapan; a word used only when speaking to those equal to or higher than oneself. She is paranoid, having grown up in the Hapan upper class where assassinations are considered cultural tradition. Therefore, she is rarely ever unarmed. She is usually serious, but has her moments of humor and/or sarcasm. She despises cowards about as much as she does domineering men. However, she is not a violent person by nature. She considers fighting to be a last resort, opting beforehand to attempt to persuade away from violence. Failing that, she will be quick to draw whichever weapon her hands reach for first. Ayeka is a fiercely loyal woman to the Hapes Consortium and her Queen Mother. Her loyalty to her friends is of a similar degree of strength, but to her, Hapes always comes first. Ayeka is very proud of her Hapan heritage; to threaten Hapes is to threaten her personally and she is the sort to take that as a direct challenge.

Ayeka has a keen eye for beauty in people (race notwithstanding), art, architecture, and mechanical structure. She can see geometric angles by eye and considers a building or other infrastructure that is geometrically built to be beautiful; the more precise, the better. She has a particular fondness for Zeltrons, as she is emphatically sensitive to their natural empathy and to their pheromones (She chose Renai as a Jedi Master to teach her partially for this reason. Renai is a Zeltron and a female, which, as a Hapan, makes her more comfortable). She Chose the Grey Jedi Association as her official Jedi affiliation as she views their ideologies to be more compatible with her own as a Hapan Loyalist. The virtues of the Jedi reinforce her strong sense of justice and the advantage the Force gives to those who are trained to use it she considers to be a form of self-improvement which will certainly come in handy when she returns to Hapes to serve her Queen as an enforcer of law and Guardian of the Throne.

Ayeka thinks like a natural tactician. She is very good at a game of strategy popular in the Hapes Consortium called Kess'a (Think of a game that mixes elements of Go, Chess, and Chinese Checkers). She approaches problems with an open and constantly scheming mind, plotting ways to circumvent any obstacle she is faced with by simply focusing on the end result. The means to that end seem to reveal themselves to her in only a matter of time. In a somewhat darker side to this talent, she can be very good at subversion. She is an expert slicer and uses a data pad loaded with a powerful slicer chip and numerous hacker algorithms. She is capable of writing sabotage viruses as well, usually with a specific purpose in mind. However, it should be noted that she is not what one might call "black-hat"; in fact, the proper term would be "grey hat" in the respect that she never attacks allies or neutrals. She is an ethical slicer who only turns her subversive skills against enemies of herself and those of the Hapes Consortium. Sith creep her out and it's the trademark of a Sith, to her, to betray others of their kind. Ayeka Kel is fiercely loyal to those she considers an ally... perhaps loyal to a fault, some might say.

Having once converted to the Light Side of the Force, she has found her sense of justice has been bolstered. However, her arrogance seems to have also increased with it. With her prior knowledge of the Force through her time among Grey Jedi and a stint on her own, learning the light side has come easy, but she still struggles with her emotions and her control over them. She has dropped back into the Grey Zone of the Force and considering the raod she currently walks, she may take the dark path, whether she realises it or not.


Like everyone else, Ayeka has quite a few things she excels in or can potentially excel in.




Ayeka is extremely good at strategic thinking. She is an avid player of Games of Strategy, such as Chess and Dejarik, or their Hapan counterpart, Kess'a. In any conflict she is involved in, she tends to think a few actions ahead of her opponent(s). She is intelligent enough and has enough understanding of the Force to anticipate possible movements and formulate a defense and/or offense to virtually anything she comes to predict. However, she still cannot exactly pinpoint on a whim exactly what will happen and when. Therefore, she compensates for this limited insight by planning several possible ways around the incoming situations. This makes her not only a natural tactician, but also a potentially good survivalist, as this ability she has makes improvising almost second nature.


File:Hacker Wallpaper by b3nc3.png


Ayeka is a decent slicer and generally knows her way around a computer network. She knows her limits and will not hack if she believes there is too much of a risk. Further, she has ethics and will never hack a system maliciously if it belonged to an ally or potential ally. This knowledge gives her the ability to hijack an enemy computer network, any droids connected to it, and perhaps any ships using the network. Encryption, generally, is just a matter of time for her slicer-chip to brute-force through. Only the most advanced military-grade encryption and, worse for her, polymorphic encryption can stop her slicer-chip. In that case, she would need to find the codes needed to get in or she isn't getting very far.



Ayeka can pilot ships fairly well for someone with no military background. This is likely a manifestation of the Force enhancing her reflexes and intuitive judgement. She prefers small ships, like single-pilot fighters. Her ship of choice is the Hapan Miy'til Starfighter, boasting proudly that it can outmaneuver an T-65 X-Wing, outrun a TIE Interceptor, and could match in all cases a Scimitar. The downside she prefers to not acknowledge is that the Miy'til's shielding is decent, but not the best, as far as small fighters go. It is also relatively lightly armed. The medium shielding and weakish hull is compensated for, however, by the superior speed, maneuverability, and situational awareness. The Weapons payload isn't the best, packing only two linked-fire blaster cannons, two ion-cannons, and a single concussion missile launcher. Compared to an X-wing, the Miy'til's weapons package is inferior, but the pros and cons even out, as Ayeka would put it in such a debate.

Force Sensitive

The Force

Ayeka is fairly strong in the Force, having a midichlorian count of 10,380. Such a good measure of Force connection gives her great deal of potential to become a powerful Jedi. She demonstrates her strong connection to the Force in how quick of mind and body she is. However, there is a flaw inherent in her: her pride. Ayeka is very proud, bordering on arrogance. This hampers her growth in the Force, as she tends to want the bigger challenges sooner than later. She can be impatient at times, but on the whole is capable of patience. On the upside, she acknowledges these flaws in herself and is taking some measures to rectify them.


Ayeka may seem to be solid, well-balanced, and to possess numerous advantages, but like all denizens of the Galaxy (who or what they are notwithstanding), she has weaknesses. Some of these weaknesses she is aware of and trying to either rectify or compensate for. Others, however, she is not yet aware of.


File:The Seven Deadly Sins VANITY by blackeri.jpg


Ayeka has, like all Hapans, an extreme, neurotic obsession with beauty in all it's forms. The definition of Beauty is relative, but Ayeka sees beauty in bodily symmetry, geometric design, and matching color blends. To mar anything she considers beautiful, ESPECIALLY herself or another person, stirs within her great anger. Considering Ayeka Kel is very vain, to mar her own beauty is brazenly begging to be shot, cut down, or beaten to a pulp... whichever method comes to mind first. Ayeka's vanity has serious potential to lead her to the "Dark Side" of the Force.




While this might be considered a possible strength to many, it can be equally a weakness. Ayeka is exceedingly loyal, perhaps to a fault, to her friends and to the Hapes Consortium. She openly criticizes any form of government that isn't strictly a matriarchal monarchy. To support her argument, Hapes has had few internal wars throughout it;s history while the rest of the Galaxy, especially during the Old republic, Imperial, and New Republic eras, have had many devastating conflicts over what she considers in hindsight to be frivolous motives. had a Queen been in charge with women holding most if not all political offices, such major wars would never have occurred. This powerful loyalty to Hapes and coupled with her own arrogance makes her sound like a total bitch to those sensitive to such topics. As a result it can get in her in trouble if she angered the wrong people. Another issue concerning her loyalty is that she has a strong likelihood of getting herself into dangerous situations in order to serve those to whom she is loyal, with or without being requested to assist. If a friend was being threatened, she'd step in the middle of it in a heartbeat, paying no mind to her own well-being... at least not initially.




As outlined before, Ayeka is prideful and in many ways arrogant. She considers herself personally above most people and has respect to only those who earn it from her. To earn her respect, you have to show you are honorable, intelligent, not a misogynist, and demonstrate some kind of baseline respect for her. She usually respects authority figures, as long as she is loyal to or otherwise has no personal quarrel with the organization in which such figures have authority. By the same token, few individuals humble her to any degree; The Queen Mother of Hapes, a respectable Jedi master, or a foreign dignitary affiliated with a nation or organization she respects are examples. Another example of her arrogance is that she tends to not ask for assistance when she is involved with something, unless it's a situation she knows fully she cannot do alone. On the off-chance she asks for help, she expects the assistance to be exact, concise, and quick. if help doesn't come how she expects it, she may get frustrated with the person assisting her.




Being a Hapan of Upper class, Ayeka is paranoid. She had grown up in a society whose upper and ruling classes vie for political and economic control. Assassination attempts are commonplace and, morbidly, acceptable as a means to an end. Ayeka aims to live. As an example of her paranoia, she outfitted her penthouse with ablative coating on the doors and any area where wiring was just beyond the walls. The ablative materials resisted fusion cutters. The doors and windows are covered by energy shielding that resist blasters, slug throwers, assassin droids equipped with transparasteel cutting tools, and even light sabres to an extent. The security system is protected by a complex polymorphic encryption algorithm that is inherently difficult to hack, even for her. Just to add insult to injury, there is a sabotage virus loaded into the system that activates and uploads itself into any data pad or droid attempting to hack it. the virus wipes the slicing machine's memory, including the operating system. On the off-chance the front access way is broken into, there are two well-hidden Gun of Command mechanism emplacements aimed slightly inward from the door. If the access was recognized as unauthorized, the emplacements will fire and there is also a recording that plays commanding the now-dazed intruder to leave and commit suicide via the weapons they have brought with them. Ayeka's Bedroom door and balcony's sliding trasparasteel door are similarly rigged. Ayeka's house is classy and comfortably furnished, but can be a deadly place for unwanted visitors. However, Ayeka's paranoia has been conducive to her talent for being a tactician, so it's not a total weakness. Another example is the fact she always wears a light, flexible bodysuit under her clothing made out of armourweave, assuming the outfit she wears isn't itself made of the stuff.




Ayeka's call sign as a pilot is "Edge", due to her quick reflexes and wit.

Ayeka fluently speaks, reads, and writes both Galactic Standard Basic and Hapan. She has a tendency to slip in an out of both languages interchangeably, most notably when swearing.

The thick Hapan accent Ayeka speaks with is best described as being a High-English with a slight touch of French, bearing a dash of Swedish/Norwegian influence indicative of a native of the Hapan Rifle Worlds. It's supposed tobe a romance language.

Ayeka's Light sabres are self-made (like most Jedi light sabres), the first of which being her proudest achievement to date, as she built it with no formal training (a feat believed by most Jedi to be impossible). They are constructed from the finest materials her considerable budget could buy her. The Crystals she used are Hapan rainbow gems, following the legendary Queen Mother Tenal Ka Djo's example. The Rainbow gems are easily the most expensive part of her sabres; Just one of the living gemstones could buy a Mon Calamari capital ship. The real challenge was aligning them in a curved-hilt properly without the energy feeding back into the hilt and exploding in her hands. It took her two Hapan months to build her first light sabre and another month to build its identical twin after she bought another set of supplies later. The off-hand sabre's blade is intentionally shortened for use as a parrying shoto, but both sabres are adjustable. The color produced by rainbow gems used as light sabre crystals is an iridescent, shimmering blue. The blade is stable and strong, improving as the living crystals continue to grow at their painfully slow rate naturally coupled with the Jedi's own attunment with the gems.

Ayeka seems to prefer Form II: Makashi Sabre combat. This would seem obvious to many skilled Jedi and Sith who are familiar with the Technique and the shape of her light sabre hilts. It is a Fencing form, emphasizing graceful finesse, leverage, and a fine balance of offensive and defensive sabre-to-sabre combat. It lacks, however, in precise blaster-deflection. Ayeka learned about this form and became enamored with it. This is part of the reason for making a second light sabre for use as a parrying shoto; the off-hand sabre would compensate for her preferred form's weakness, but this also had the side-effect of forcing her to change the way she employed the technique. The extra sabre often confounds opponents expecting typical Form II combat in that she can parry both another light sabre and blaster bolts with the shoto and attack with the main hand sabre or, interchangeably, block or attack with both simultaneously. The Duelist style of Makashi coupled with two curved hilt light sabres makes it difficult to judge the striking angle and the strength of Ayeka's reinforced leverage which tends to work to her advantage in a tactical sense... at least until an opponent becomes used to it.

Although Ayeka does not openly talk about her sex life, she is openly bisexual and does not make any secret of it nor is she at all ashamed of herself. It's just the way she is. Most often, interestingly, she seems to lean more towards other women but is also slow to hit on anyone. Further, "fast people" turn her off. She is Married to Ishan Claesa Kel

Despite her hair being apparently straight, Ayeka's hair is actually wavy by nature... she has a habitually strightens it. She is a natural blonde, however. The actual length of her hair is something of a "secret"; She never goes out in public without her hair done up. To see how long her hair really is, you'll have to take the risk of catching her before she does her hair up, but that's easier said than done.... although certain special occasions might call for a fancier hair-do, which may or may not reveal the true length of her golden locks.

Due to her Hapan Heritage, Ayeka is genetically unable to see well in the dark. She rectifies this natural disability with light-enhancing contacts that amplify available ambient light in low-light conditions. These can only be seen upon a close and observant inspection of her eyes; one will see faint circuitry and a slight shimmer around her irises. (Update:) having lost the contacts, she had learned touse the Force more effectively to compensate for her nightblindness. She possesses a mild form of Force sight.