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"You have grown complacent, Disciple Numaus. I am your reckoning."

-Avix Cabaril, confronting Sith Disciple Numaus Desua

Avix Cabaril, was a notorious street gang leader and narcotics dealer on the administrative level 1050 of Coruscant. He later would leave this life to pursue the Dark Side as an accomplished Sith Disciple of the ancient order, Dark Lords of The Sith.

Early Life (229 ABY)

Avix Cabaril was born on the planet Coruscant, the son of a prostitute and unknown father. Avix and his mother lived in a public housing unit provided by the Coruscant Housing Authority on level 1050. Avix, growing up on the violent and chaotic lower level quickly adapted to life and rose to become a prominent death stick dealer in order to provide a steady income for he and his mother.

Slab City Locos (249 ABY)

Avix had grown a large client base in his business - eventually running an entire Coruscant city block pushing various narcotics, the most prominent being the hallucinogenic drug death sticks. His crew were known at the Slab City Locos - and consisted of low level dealers and enforcers of various species.

"Anything you need, I can supply. Boss has got that fodder on lock."

-Nil Rohtul, Member of Slab City Locos to unnamed club patron.

Avix had organized a large gang purchase from smugglers whom had stolen a large shipment of death sticks from a pharmaceutical lab in CoCo Town. Avix had personally known one of the men involved, and had initially trusted him. Upon the night of the deal taking place - it was revealed the man Avix had known and the entire organization was an undercover sting by Coruscant law enforcement agencies. A pistol battle ensued, with many members of the Slab City Locos being killed. Avix managed to break free and run but was eventually cornered in an ally. During this time of great desperation Avix learned of his force ability and unknowingly sent a large force push, which knocked the agents back. Avix managed to flee the scene and utilized his network to flee level 1050 for a higher position in the city, where authorities would not recognize him. It was at this time, in a nightclub that Avix was approached by a cloaked man, whose face was indistinguishable. He spoke to Avix, and his words would compel the narcotics dealer to flee Coruscant and change his life forever.

"Go, travel to the deep core. Upon Byss you will find that which you seek. Or you will die as scum and your life will be of no consequence to anyone."

-Unnamed Male

Dark Lords of The Sith (249 ABY-Present)

Avix would heed the mans advice, taking the small fortune he had amassed, he would flee the ecumenopolis of Coruscant. His destination was the Sith Empire, whose capital world was Byss located within the deep core of the galaxy. Upon arriving Avix applied for imperial citizenship and for admittance to the ancient Sith Order, Dark Lords of The Sith. He was accepted, and after a profound shift in character Avix immediately began to erase parts of his former self which he desired no one to know. Since then Avix has become known as a seasoned Disciple, under the tutelage first of the Pau'an Sith Lord Darth Senex - and finally the Hand to the Emperor, Darth Ulterius.