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The August Order of the Jedi is a accumulation of Force Users who train together and learn from one another in a tranquil environment. Each member is unique in their own way, and pursue different aspects of wielding the Force so that it is original to their style and method of meditation . The Grand Masters are involved with each and every member, and ensure that each aspiring learner gains the proper training and experience that is required of a Jedi. The Order itself is centered upon the peaceful aspects of the Force, and they follow traditional Jedi teachings, along with any other new found discoveries. Because of this, their awareness of the Force and its complex components have enabled them to become somewhat of an elite force. To this day, they have survived several battles and succeeded in defending the Galaxy from all evil that dares to challenge their strength.

The Start of a New Order

The August Order of the Jedi was a revival of a past order of Jedi, which was destroyed and eradicated entirely by the Sith . It was originally formed on Dantooine, by a group of Force users, including Jedi Knight R. Oken-Vos (Eric Canonmill) and Jedi Master Atop Seid. Together, among many other Force Users who had prior knowledge on past Jedi history and artifacts , a new order was formed. Following the wise words of the Jedi code , and the teachings of past Jedi Masters on recovered Holocrons , they were able to train in the ways of the Jedi and restore the original methods of fighting and understanding the Force... Each member strived to avoid becoming tainted in the Dark Side's tempting grasp...

The Foundation

After the New Order being established, the three original Jedi who established the order became the Grand Masters

Grand Master and Supreme Chancellor Atop Seid

Grand Master R. Oken-Vos (Eric Canonmill)

almost instantly.

Grand Master R. Oken-Vos (Eric Canonmill), a Jedi Consular , was one of the members, the youngest out of the three, but concentrated most on his connection with the Force. He specializes in the Soresu stance...

Grand Master Atop Seid, a Jedi Guardian , was one of these founders who eventually became involved with political affairs, he is the eldest and most structured in the group, and developed his own style of Lightsaber fighting style...

Grand Master Brunswick

Grand Master Gabriel Brunswick, a Jedi Guardian , was the initial planner of the New Order, the one who set in stone the rules and standards for the group and was also the first Gray Jedi. He is currently missing, and his whereabouts are unknown...

With these leaders developing a strong Jedi Order, an influx of Force Users were drawn to the newly constructed Temple on Dantooine. With many constant attacks by Sith, minor groups, eventually becoming stronger and stronger, the Jedi proved themselves as exceptional defenders. Only a small few of the Jedi became Sith, and few took on the path of the Grey Jedi.

Upon changing the name of the Order to the August Order of the Jedi, it was decided that one primary Grand Master be selected to manage the Order. Grand Master R. Oken-Vos was selected, and Grand Master Seid elected High Chancellor of the Order (to attend to all political matters and organize diplomatic journeys).

Known Grey Jedi: KiWolf Darkfall

KiWolf Darkfall, a Lupinite Grey Jedi Knight

There were a select group of Jedi who decided to follow the path of the Sith, and therefore, left behind the teachings of the Jedi and the Temple, and pursued other ares of Sith training to gain more strength and power...

Others who took upon the role of Dark Jedi or Sith took it upon themselves to constantly challenge Jedi to duels.

The Council

The Jedi Council consisted of Jedi Legends and experienced Jedi Masters... It has been newly reformed to provide a far more effective leadership court. There are thirteen members of Council, the first being the Grand Master, along with twelve others upon his own selection.

The twelve other Council Members make the majority of decisions within the group, and act more as the leaders since they are almost always present and tied closer with Order-related events. The Grand Master regulates all, but concentrates primarily on relations with other Orders, bringing about concerns, and managing higher scale issues.

Behind the scenes

The August Order of the Jedi is a Star Wars role-play group situated in the Teen Grid, and started off as the Teen Grid version of the New Jedi Order. It was founded in 2006 by Thorein Lannock, however, due to inactivity of the group, it died a few years after..

Interior of NJO Temple (Archive Room)

In 2009, a revival group was formed in the Teen Grid to revive the New Jedi Order. It has been one of the longest surviving SWRP Groups on the Teen Grid. The revival group was put into action when Eric Canonmill, Atop Seid, and Kirk Wemyss planned several gatherings and meetings, soon enough gaining the approval of Thorein to form an official group. From there, a meeting was settled between three, the (new) founding fathers of the TG NJO.... Atop Seid, Eric Canonmill, and lastly, the new founder, Gabriel Brunswick... NJO remained alive, having been through many troubles and obstacles, but managing to overcome them. It is now undergoing a massive project of expansion and reconstruction, to protect the newly formed Grid Republic , a government founded by Atop Seid.

A while after the Grid Merge, NJO took action and began expanding into the Main Grid accommodating themselves and acclimating to the new SWRP environment. Due to copyright reasons, the group was required to change their name. In 2011, a meeting was held that would change the course of NJO forever. it was decided within the meeting that the name would be officially changed to the August Order of the Jedi, and the symbol for the group was changed not long after. To this day, it is located in Brighton.