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Jynael: I remember reading about compassion, empathy, and humility, and how as Jedi we should strive to show these at all times. But, according to the code there is no emotion. Are these things not considered emotions?

Atlantis: " you make good point, my padawan. Jedi are not without emotion. We strive to train ourselves not to let them overwhelm us and cloud our thinking. We don't let them rule us but we can still feel them."


Midi-chlorians Count: 13057

Council master Atlantis 001.png

Atlantis was born on home world of Ryloth.   Her parents were known as sir and lady Empire. They were known as great Hunters.   Atlantis was three when she last seen her parents alive.  She recalls having vision of parents death before it happen.  They were killed by two mercenaries which Atlantis learn later the identity of one of them.   She  was sold to a slaver by the name of Simja Smbos who is criminal kingpin on  Nar Shaddaa.  Atlantis recall her life as slave was hard and she remember the beating she got and so she doesn't like to talk about it that much.   Sometime later,  A Mercenary by the name of Tooje Tobos won Atlantis from Simja in game of Pazaak.  She was 15 when went to live with Him and to her he was like her second father.  He taught her things and  told story about the jedi.  Being around them He knew that Atlantis had gift and before he died he made promise that she would join with them.   Atlantis was 20 when she join Kalway and by the time  Tooje  had died.   

Some years later, she found out that Tooje was one of the Mercenaries who killed her parents.  another vision and a letter from dease Tooje which he wrote before his death with instruction not to give to Atlantis until she had join jedi order.  With help her master Alessandra Felidoron, Atlantis found in her heart to forgive Tooje Tobos and so now she believe his soul is at rest.  Close to the time Atlantis was about to finish her training and moving on to her knight hood, Simja Smbos  put bounty on her head.     Sal Herzian was the bounty you travel to Yavin IV to capture her and bring back to Simja.    He was defeated by  Atlantis and Her master Aless.  After all her training Atlantis was promoted to Knight. 


Atlantis is out going,  loves looking at the stars at night,  a bit of a  day dreamer, and alway looking at the bright side of things.

Dreams/Goals/purpose in life[]

Atlantis wants to help and protect those who can't  help and protect them self.    Plans on training others and becoming a Mater some day.   Her  purpose in life is to protect her family  the kalway order the best way she can.