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Analysis of Athena Ta'el ExoSuit


Athena Ta'el is a freelance specialist in rare and exotic technologies. She can often be found doing work for various Corporate Sector clients...At least that is what the galaxy at large thinks.  Those that operate on the darker side of the law know the truth, she specializes in acquiring technologies forbidden by either local or galactic authorities.

Early Life[]

She was born 37 years ago on a small unnamed backwater planet. She was just a child when a group of slavers managed to occupy the planet to exploit the natural resources (i.e. its citizens, who were being slowly rounded up and sold into slavery). Physically weak, but exceptionally brilliant she managed to avoid the attention of the slavers. Her parents were not so fortunate. She watched from a shielded room as they stunned her father, dragged him to the street, and threw him on the back of a cargo skid like a piece of meat. The slavers took much more time with her mother. When they finally left hours later, dragging the torn and broken body behind them, she emerged from her hiding place shaking with fear but also from an overwhelming need for vengeance. Quickly gathering the things she would need to survive from the broken remnants of her home, she fled towards the small commercial area of town where she would live moving from abandoned warehouse to warehouse for the next few years.

War Begins[]

She completed the first version of her ExoSuit when she was 15. The idea for the ExoSuit came to her as she was trying to survive another of the slaver's hunts. She had spent the last 2 days constantly moving and running and her body was being pushed well past its limits. She realized that if she was going to survive she would need to stay hidden. As the population dwindled the slavers were having to bring in more sophisticated (and thus more expensive) scanners. The simple shield boxes she had constructed as bolt holes would not protect her for much longer. It took nearly another 2 years but finally she had it completed! Not only would the suit hide her from the scanners, it significantly boosted her speed and strength, and even provided minimal protection against blaster fire! After 4 days of testing and adjusting to the system, she spent 1 more day resting and then began her personal war against the slavers.

Black Demon[]

Within 4 months over half the slaver crew was dead. Rumors of a black demon spread across the small settlement. The ExoSuit had performed amazingly, though she was getting concerned about the side effects. She had noticed she was becoming more moody and, yes she was a growing teen, but it seemed like her breast growth had significantly sped up, already she had gone from barely mosqoito bites to full grown womanhood in only a matter of months and things did not seem to be slowing down. She had begun gathering parts to build a more advanced medical scanner and was nearly finished on the night of her capture.

The slavers were not as stupid as she had naively thought. They had been able to see the patterns of her attack, picking them off one by one in the dark. When she attempted to sneak up on the lone perimeter guard she instead stepped right into a buried electro-net. The systems on the ExoSuit were quickly overloaded and went into shut down. Awake and dazed she struggled as more hands then she could count grabbed her and pulled her from the net. She fought, she kicked, she even managed to stab one of them with a small blade. Eventually though, she was subdued and brought before the remaining leadership. The self-protection circuit on her suit managed to stun on more of them before they were finally able to trigger the release. Wary of any further tricks she was thrown nude into a cell while they sent in droids to run a battery of tests.


The droids poked her, prodded her, stuck her with needles, ran all batteries of scan and tests. When they were done she finally passed out on the cold durasteel floor. When she awoke in the morning things had gotten even worse.

This was the first time in many months she had spent any extended time out of the ExoSuit. The droids, coldly efficient, were more than willing to share their diagnosis, she was suffering from wild hormone surges as well as muscular atrophy. Her body had been running on constant overdrive and now without the control systems of the suit to compensate her body was out of control. To make things worse, dependance on the suit had allowed her natural muscles to atrophy, she was the weak and helpless victim she had sworn never to become. When she realized what would happen when her captors realized this, the hormone surge that wracked her body made her shiver with both fear, and (most embarrassingly) lust.

When the slavers finally came for her 3 days later she was barely able to crawl across her cell. A single slaver scooped her up like a bag of grain, threw her over his shoulder and carried her into the main hanger. There on the remains of several supply sacks, unable to resist, her virginity was torn from her and then the men really began to have their fun. She lost track of time but eventually her captors tired of fucking an unmoving slab of meat. One of the men fancied himself a doctor and she was handed over to him for "improvement."

The Lab[]

She was brought to a spare cargo bay he used for his "hobbies." The moment the doors opened the smell of rotting flesh became overwhelming. She couldn't see much as she was wheeled in strapped to a gurney. Both her eyes were swollen nearly completely shut and the cargo bay was lit with only randomly placed dim red lights. Wherever she was able to focus though she saw a new horror. Bodies on slabs in various states of dissection, odd creatures swimming in tanks full of gore, arms and legs hanging from hooks (she could swear some of them were still moving).

Unable to put up even the weakest resistance, she was lifted from the gurney and a breathing mask secured to her. She was then dumped into a vat of filthy reused bacta solution. Two things happened while she spent the next week soaking in bacta to repair her muscles. First she was implanted with a cerebral control unit (banned in all civilized systems). She was unable to fight as she felt the control unit interact with and then finally merge with the pre-existing neural pathways she had used as an interface to her ExoSuit.

While the control unit continued to invade and violate her mind, the slavers had another little surprise for her. They had managed to identify her by now. Every last living member of her family, her cousins, uncles, aunts, all were brought in front of her while she was in the bacta. 1 by 1, men, women, boys and girls, all were horribly assaulted and killed. By the time they were done, the front of her tank was so covered in gore, all glimpses of the world beyond the tank were through a putrid red haze.

Athena Ta'el forced into slavery.

Two Minds, One Body[]

When they finally pulled her from the bacta solution, she felt strong, she felt healthier than she had in years, and above all she wanted to feel these bastard's blood run hot through her fingers. The moment her feet touched solid ground she would strike, she would rip the throat out of the "Doctor" and move on to the rest. That's when she heard The Voice for the first time.

It came from inside her own head. In a firm female voice it said, "You will not move." Fighting, struggling even screaming against the now silent Voice, she found the voice spoke true, she could not move. The "doctor" walked over and stared at my body as if eyeing up a prized piece of beef. He stopped two feet in front of her and that is when she again heard The Voice but this time coming out of her own mouth, "Unit is online. Full personality suppression has been enacted. As you theorized Sir the existing neural interface made the process quite easy. Per your programming instructions the original personality is being kept aware but separated from all muscular control systems. All sensory information is being passed to the subjugated personality."

What followed was what can only be described as an imprisonment within her own body. The implanted AI, CNTR7, referred to by the "doctor" as simply Cunt, had full control over her body, and the slavers had full control over Cunt. Months past as the slavers used her body to act out ever more gruesome and extreme fetishes. Through it all Cunt made sure she she watched and felt every sick act being done to her and by her.


Finally, their sickest fantasies fulfilled, one of the slavers seemed to remember how effective she had been as a killing machine to begin with. Confident in their control over her and unable to reverse engineer her original ExoSuit to work for another person, they decided to put, her body at least, back to work. Their plan worked for a while too. Cunt, now fully in control of both body and ExoSuit, performed their targeted assassinations perfectly. Years passed as she performed her wet work, according to Cunt, the original personality had finally gone dormant. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It had taken years, mental resources that she never would have dreamed she had, but she had slowly manage to chip away at Cunt's programming. She managed to fool the AI into believing after years of suppression her original personality had been crushed. In fact she was hiding, slowly learning how to influence Cunt into making certain choices. Now after years of torment she had her chance.

Cunt was now pursuing a target, and that target had chosen to hide inside a factory. Running through a passageway filled with a static electric discharge the target was nearly at the exit door. Normally in such a situation Cunt would have retreated and circled around the building using the enhanced speed provided by the ExoSuit. Instead, influenced by Athena, it made the choice of direct pursuit.

Athena remembering well the moment of her original capture years ago knew exactly what would happen when the energy discharge came in contact with the ExoSuit, and she was ready! Managing to ride the surge and direct it, she managed to fry most of the critical contacts and sever Cunt's muscular control of her body. Using a small piece of still functioning CPU inside the suit, she was able to place Cunt into the same mental trap where she had been all these years.

Her future[]

After her mental escape, her body still trembling from electrocution, she struggled out of the factory and into hiding. Using her technological brilliance, her underworld contacts from her time as Cunt, and the suit's unique interface abilities she has become a premier technological consultant for the Corporate Sector. This makes the perfect cover for her main job as a trader of forbidden technologies. Even this though is only a means to an end for her fights are not yet over.

Much as she was kept dormant for all those years, Cunt is now in that prison. Unable to completely destroy its links to her body it is still in there, waiting. The only way she has been able to keep Cunt out is to continue to wear and improve her ExoSuit. Should she ever remove the suit or should the suit short out again Cunt could regain full control. Lacking instructions from its original programmer, the "doctor" from the slaver camp, it will likely comply with any instructions given to it. She knows the "doctor" is still out there somewhere as well, all she can hope is that she will find him before he finds her.