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The Assembly of Darkness (AoD) is a Sith Order that was formed on the planet of Vjun which was once ruled by Emperor Kestrel ((RR Almodovar)).

The Assembly of Darkness was based on the planets Vjun and Korriban but the groups current primary location is unknown at this time.


"The Assembly of Darkness is well beyond your grasp...and will always remain so....WE are here to warn you... you must not interfere with the work of the Dark Side. The Sith have risen again! NOTHING can prevent that."

— Lord Kestrel

"The Sith Empire is alive again, and we are the spark! The flames will wash over your crumbling Jedi Religion and consume all your works... Establishing the glorious days of a lost Golden Age, far greater than any of us can know. "

— Lord Kestrel addressing the Jedi


  • Advisor -AoD-
    • An Advisor to the AoD, often from another sith order, Military group, Political faction, etc. Their position is as an ally.
  • Apprentice -AoD-
    • The Role of acceptance, a Darth has taken this person under their wing and deemed them worthy to learn the sith ways.
  • Darth -AoD-
    • Those that have completed their training with the Assembly. A Darth may take on an apprentice.
  • High Corrector -AoD-
    • The watchdog of the Assembly, Appointed by Kestrel Himself to watch over the groups ideals.....They act to keep the Order on task and in line through Kestrel's ideals. Any imperfections found, will be rooted out and destroyed.
  • Inquisitor -AoD-
    • The Philosophical role of the AoD, a rank akin to Marauder but just under Darth. A solitary rank as one completed their Sith Training.
  • Marauder -AoD-
    • An independant individual, ruthless, intelligent, and cunning. Often used for missions requiring stealth and sugical precision...Marauders work alone or more rarely in pairs. The eyes and Ears of the Assembly.
  • Master Council -AoD-
    • A position of recognition and accomplishment in the Assembly. A Master Council member has not only completed training and retains the Darth Rank, but has shown onwavering loyalty to the AoD and the Sith.
  • Mercenary -AoD-
    • Mercenaries in the employ or alligned with the Assembly.
  • Recruit -AoD-