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"Many fear the unknown. And only if one is full of ignorance he will not proceed to look for knowledge in every field. With ignorance men would never seek for way to travel in the universe. With ignorance there would be only war know to mankind and to any kind."

— Ashla Tey, during her Jedi training on Kashyyyk.

Ashla Onahlan Teyasseeks, also known as Ashla Tey, is a young Togruta female born on Shili. She is the Dark Master of Legion of Yulan as well as the Hand to Cortaan Yulan, the overlord of the Legion.




Ashla has quite a filigree figure, despite her height. She is considered to be underweight, however she is very fit with smooth muscles gently showing off through her skin when used. She was a delicate hourglass shaped figure, thanks to the good genes and lots of physical activity.

Her skin has a gently orange tone and her arms are covered with delicate tattoos. On her face she was elongated white markings curvig over her eyes, on her forehead and cheeks, which have turned to have more sharp edges over time.

When she was younger her white lekku had light blue markings, howver with time they turned darker and darker, to finally become almost black. Naturally her lekku have become longer as she aged.

Her eyes - originally dark brown - have turned white after Darth Sar'Rai dug her thumbs into her eyes during her time in Byss' prison.

On her back she has numerous horizontal scars, an effect of exactly 50 lashes she has received on Byss as a part of her punishment for crimes against the Empire.

Both of her hands had to be amputated after she had them pierced in Byss' prison. She had custom prosthetics made for her soon after she left the prison. She often wears gloves over her hands despite having synthetic skin ofer the metal prosthetics.

She is found beautiful by a lot of men of different species.



Early years

Ashla was able to tap into the Force from a very young age, using it mostly to sense people's feelings and while playing. As she grew up, she would be able to see things before they happned and that was when her parents have noticed it. They didn't want to send her to a Jedi temple though, as both of them were Forc users and decided to train her themselves.

Late childhoood

After her parents died, she survived not only thanks to het agility and wit, but also thanks to the extnesive - as for her young age - usage of the Force. She often used it to influence weak minded to give her food or animals to protect her.

Jedi training

She developed a belief in the Living Force, living purely in the moment and doing her best to imporve her Force abilities. She quickly gained power, staying humble with that thanks to her Master's training and lectures.

After Byss' prison

She has lost the faith in the Jedi ways after she left the prison, as noone has come to help her escape. She learned to trust the Force even more and due to her blindness she had to learn how to use the Force sight, which she has quickly mastered. She decided to leave the Order soon after, tapping more and more into the Dark Side, after a while giving into it completely.

Time at Legion of Yulan

With time she slowly let go of the Dark Side, letting the Light back in her life. Now she uses both sides of the Force equally, being a strong believer of the Unifying Force, supporting the view that there is only one Force with many aspects to it.

"How you use the Force does not dictate weather you are good or bad, its what you do with it that matters."

Unlike many people who are associated with the Dark Side, Ashla is often merciful and forgiving, however her temper shows off just often, causing quite a damage to those who are there to witness it.



Ashla uses two sabers, both looking very similar to each other. Both are made from sleek, lightweight metal. They have been found by a mandalorian warrior in an ancient jedi temple and handed to her as a gift back when she was a Jedi padawan.

Originally she had a blue crystal in the right one and a silver one in the left saber. However after turning to the dark side, she has exchanged them to a rare purple one in the right and a synthetic red one in the left. Even though she doesn't use the old crystals anymore, she always has them with herself, locked safely in one of the pouches attached to her belt.

Her combat technique is believed to be very unique. She wields her right saber in the normal way, while the left ine is held backwards. Her fighting style involves elements of many techniques, however the most visible ones are Forms IV, VI and VII.

She also incorporates acrobatic movements into her fighting style, being very flexible and agile. She often combines Force techniques into her combat. She was also seen using the Force to disignite her opponents saber, as well as stopping her oponent mid-movement in a perfect stillness.

Other weapons

Apart for the sabers, Ashla also uses a purple blaster, which she has constructed herself. She doesn't use it unless she has to stay undercover and cannot show that she is a Force wielder.

During combat she also takes advantage of her prosthetic hands, which give her grip more strength and allows her to hold still an opponent who is physically much stronger than her.


  • Cortaan Yulan - Overlord of LoY and her Master. He had taken her under his wing after she lef the Jedi Order and trained her ever since. After she finished her trianing and gaining the rank of a Dark Lady Cortaan continued to assign her to important task and after a while, pormted her to a rank of Dark Master and made her his Hand. Ashla doesn't know much about him and he always has seemed mysterious to her, however she holds deep respect for him and humbly carries out the tasks he gives her.
  • Dimitri J. Dragovar - A Dark Lord of the Sith Triumvirate. To an outsiders eye their relation seems to be close, but still professional. They are close, however no one really knows what it's all about. She trusts him fully, perhaps he is the only one she trusts like this. She was seen many times showing concern for him, which may seem strange for an outsider. Officially they are only allies. What the truth is, only a few ones know.
  • Ray Kressh - Her apprentice. A young Sith pureblood male. They have met in very surprising way, as she was shot down his ship. She treats him more like a good friend than her underling or an apprientice. She has trained him for a few years now and has repsect for him. When they fight together they seem to be unstoppable. With the end of his training coming close, Ashla puts more pressure on him, giving him more and more tasks to complete.
  • Argnar - Her second apprentice. A young human male. Instantly after they met she has sensed a strong Force presence in him. As he is very stubborn and insolent, she often feels irritated by him, yet she has set her mind on training him, slowly taking care of his temper.
  • Vinshu Blessed - Her Master while training as a Jedi. He has found her when she was only 16 and saved her from certain death. He has been more of a fatherly figure to her than just a Master. He thought her everything she knows and trained her in lightsaber combat, letting her develop a personal fighting style. He went missing after Battle of Trandosha and she has never heard of him ever since. He is believed to be dead.


  • Ashla is excellent with all sort of droids and technical stuff, also being a great pilot.
  • She is like all togrutas and twi'leks an excellent dancer. Her flexibility is also something she often uses during combat, being a specialist in martial arts as well as in acrobatics. 
  • Ashla has a great voice and loves to hum while walking.


  • Ashla is played by Miss Riddle (merryxo.resident)
  • They both share many personality traits, as well as the temper
  • Ashla is the same height as the girl that RPs as her