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Artimis Zann Raiden was a human, male criminal of the Black Sun Syndicate as well as the Bloodtalon Syndicate. Later in life he became once more affiliated with the Sith Empire of Byss where he served as a high-ranking member of the Imperial Sith Military.

Character Biography

Artimis Do'jima Raiden was born to a Imperial noble family living on Corulag. His youth was a tough one his parents were always to preoccupied to actually spend time with him sending him off to the Imperial Academy at the age of 12. This led to Artimis becoming quite knowledgeable of the Empire's inner workings but at the age of 15 he was kicked out of the academy due to near killing an officer that continuously shouted at how useless Artimis was. At one point he simply flipped and ended up fighting the officer. 

As he was kicked out of the Academy he put all the skills he learned such as the usage of blasters and other weaponry to make a mark as one of the younger criminals as his parents were deeply ashamed of his behavior in the academy. 

Artimis at the age of 16 ended up joining the Black Sun Syndicate as an enforcer quickly working his way through the ranks becoming the rank  Vigo at the age of 20 through several violent means such as the attempt of murder on a local politician who was working on plans that would route out the Black Sun Syndicate.

He made many contact with a ambitious hutt called Ku'gan The Hutt. It was during these days that he heard news that his parents had died Artimis made way to Coruscant to honor their passing and give them the burial they required.

Artimis was now 23 and felt that the Black sun Syndicate did not have much else to offer. Ku'gan the hutt was seeking a person to lead a small band of his personal guard against the local Imperial Garrison. Artimis knowing the inner workings of the Empire due to his studys at the Imperial Academy applied for the job and was provided it.

He spend two years as the leader of the so called Rebel Loyalists financed by Ku'gan to cause mayhem and disorder for the empire on Tatooine it was at this point that he had several run ins with his old Companion Cayce Urriah whom at that point was leading the Black Sun syndicate into a newer brighter future. Artimis assigned one of his most experienced officers to take over the Rebellion as he rejoined Cayce at the rank of Vigo hoping to form a new generation of Black Sun pirates.

 For several years they had been succesful in doing this. 

At this point Artimis met Kaiser whom he soon after adopted into his family name being the eldest at this point. Kaiser and Artimis continued to serve the Black Sun for a while until they once again realized this was not the way they wanted to live Kaiser being a Lord of the Sith took Artimis in as his apprentice and began to teach him in the arts of the Dark side the Raiden family always had a strong bond with the Force even though Artimis his late parents denied any of this due to their fear of the Dark Council and the history of the Raiden family as Sith Lords. At this point Artimis was 30 years old he had learned much of the Dark side and the ways of the Sith.

Artimis ended up dating and marrying a young girl who would later turn out to be a former jedi who'm left her order to see more of the galaxy on her own. They conceived several children.  Stallion Raiden whom joined the Dantooine Jedi Order however this was all a ingenious plan of Artimis.

His wife was killed not long after this in the bar she was working at as a bar tender. Artimis was furious he traveled to Korriban together with his now adopted brother Kaiser they joined the academy in search of a way to destroy those who killed his wife, After several years on Korriban Artimis now being nearly at the start of his 40's Kaiser and Artimis formed a group of mercenary's together with his brother Kaiser. This ultimately led to the founding of the now Bloodtalon Syndicate. 

They killed the ones who killed his wife however Artimis grew a liking to the pirates he got back into contact with Ku'gan and so the Bloodtalon Syndicate changed from a bunch of mercenaries hired to kill the murderers of his wife into a tightly runned Crime syndicate doing all kinds of deals and later on owning several factories that produced items such as Specialized Spice to Cybernetic limbs. 

This made Artimis a very very wealthy man wealthy enough to reclaim the Nobility for his family name through the Imperial Office of Treasury. Together with his adopted brother Kaiser together with the help of Black Sun Leader Kabriel Le'Sanit founded the Galactic Syndicate Union a group of similar minds all in the criminal worlds.  

The GSU became one of the most prosperous business ventures Artimis Kaiser and Kabriel Le'Sanit founded. Completely independent from Empire or Republic they formed their own Governmental embodiment leading to a golden age of crime and piracy many old family's often speak of the Golden Days of Crime even today. 

This also led to the events of the "Sacking Of Bothawui" Senator Obie Solo at the time became High Chancelor Of The Alliance and began a crusade against the growing Crime Sectors of the galaxy together with common threats towards Artimis his Bloodtalon Syndicate and Kabriel Le'Sanit his Black Sun. 

Unfortunately Kaiser felt the calling of the depths of the force and he left the Bloodtalon Syndicate it was then that Artimis met a man called Faragila Raiden a former soldier who ran out of luck and sought new opportunities, preferably with a big income.

The Bloodtalon Syndicate prospered for several years after the formation of the GSU but later got into Darker Days due to several cases of In fighting.

Artimis was mortally wounded during a incursion with several remnants of the Alliance this led to him requiring many cybernetics to ensure he lived. However considering he had managed to purchase several factories these costs were near nothing to him. 

Artimis at the age of 50 reformed the Bloodtalon Syndicate into a mixture of Piracy and Organized Criminal Activity. This however was a sore decision and led to the Bloodtalons slow disintegration now only a fraction of the former Bloodtalon Power remains.   Artimis met up with the queen of Bakura at the time Queen Ma'at Nephthys which led to another run in with the Jedi Orders positioned on Bakura at the time. The Queen chose to pardon Artimis for his past crimes against the republic however this was not openly accepted by the Jedi due to the amount of murder and mayhem the Galactic Syndicate Union Caused. 

Artimis then left to the newly formed Sith Homeworld on Byss. He managed to get in good favor with much of the Dark Council due to his past assistance in terms of Empire vs Republic / Alliance battles.  He was presented with a Force imbued Sword by Darth Sar'Rai as a reward for his past war efforts. Artimis can often be found at the Imperial Court these days where he enjoys a life of luxury and great business opportunities. 

However Artimis still is plotting and working close to any big Criminal Organization hoping to return the so called Golden Days of Crime.

 [OOC Date: 10-6-2017]   

 With the crime scenes being diminished to hardly any big influence at least on the planets Artimis Operates at. He signed an agreement with the Imperial Sith Navy Positioned on Byss.    

 The agreement entails that he was to be acting Rear Admiral to the Imperial Naval fleet due to his proficiency in naval combat. A considerable sum of credits was what drew Artimis in. He always had a soft spot for considerable sums of credits as in his eyes billions of credits equals a life well spent.    

 Now Semi retired from the Underworld Dealings as this deal was more lucrative.   

 He spends his days traveling the Imperial Planets in constant check ups on fleet status.    

 [OOC Date: 10-1-19]    

 After spending a few years amongst the Sith Empire elite Artimis found his duty's became more dull each passing days he longed for the olden days where he ren a succesfull criminal syndicate as most of the former Bloodtalon associates carried on with their lives after their glorious days. Artimis decided to buy a property on the smugglers moon of nar shaddaa. Setting up a spice den which was moderately succesfull one day Artimis returned to byss to officially resign as Rear Admiral of the Sith Empire's fleet during his time on byss someone burned down his spice den on nar shaddaa with rumors said the hutts were to blame but when confronted all denied any involvement saying they had nothing to do with it. Wether or not this was true is still unknown till this day.    

 With the destruction of his spice den on nal hutta Artimis decided to contact an old friend he presumed to be dead since the sacking of bothawui The Baron or Kabriel Le'sanit whom earlier send a messenger to Artimis with the request to have Artimis return the gear of le'sanit he held in a secure location ever since the sacking of Bothawui. Wondering if the rumors were true Artimis made his way to Corellia where he was supposedly going to meet up with his old 'brother in crime' Le'sanit.    

 [OOC Date:5-4-19]         

 After meeting up with Le'sanit Artimis took up the position of Vigo once more this time for a Reformed Black Sun Syndicate that is more focused on crime's off the Radar.         

 Artimis took the charge over a Spice Lounge named the Sun's Lounge on corellia spending several weeks getting into contact with several groups of mercenaries. He however personally favored the one led by a man called Reekel. an effective crew to work with Artimis quickly rose to a position of 'power' meeting up with several interested partie's such as the Sith named Darth Talon.         

 Artimis is currently investing much of his saved credits on property's to give the Black Sun a great Advantage on Corellia from Gambling halls to Spice Lounges Rumor has it even a Real Estate Property's on Vreni Beach such as Beach houses.                   

 [OOC Date: 12-7-19]         

 Months passed and Artimis managed to gain quite the amount of credits through the Spice Lounge although shared between him and Kabriel Le'sanit the business was quite lucrative.         

 At this point Artimis had given new life to his former Corporation known as Theonex Industries.         

 Providing the Galaxy with prestine cybernetic implants and prosthetics he found that this made even more credits then he earned with the Spice Lounge. He spend several weeks obtaining the required equipment and soon opened the door of his first Corporate building on the planet of Corellia which he now seemed to call home.         

 In the meanwhile the Black Sun Syndicate transformed into a self running syndicate employing the help of Sera Runo and a Mysterious lady named Jewel.         

 He soon focused on his newly obtained corporation. Going around the Galaxy to get several lucrative deals with privately owned military company's selling them Prosthetics and Implants that buffed the day to day affairs of the soldiers through allowing deeper ability to micro-manage their troopers through the implants which show all the required medical statistics to their Headquarters.         

 At this point Artimis already managed to gain quite some deep connections within the Corellian Government even running for Office !.         

 Many thought Artimis whom was known as a man of business would be unable to provide stability to the people of corellia but through his corporate connections he managed gain quite some Business Alliances providing with more jobs for the poor people of Corellia. Artimis hoped he would be elected if not for the Prime Minister position perhaps a position within the Corellian Government that will allow him to bring even more trade and company's to the planet.         

 [OOC Writen Date:22-4-21]

Having obtained a chairman seat on Corellia Artimis profited for a month or so at this point the Corellian Government Colapsed the exact reason why is unknown but it has been proven that Artimis was not involved in this event.

Theonex dissapeared from the galactic scene and Artimis once more fell back to Byss where he was hired by Empress Rowe as a privateer raiding ships here and there in the name of the 'Sith Empire' he gained the Empress her trust and more leeway with her fleet.

At this point Artimis no longer was a official member of the Black Sun Syndicate although still heavily invested in the dealings of the underworld as if he was grasped by it for all eternity seen his history. it is said he is slowly beginning to work on reviving the once prestigeus Bloodtalon Syndicate taking over a large part of Florrum by employing the ships he had under his command through his Privateering Contract with the Sith Empire.

Artimis now settled on Florrum would get back to hopefully rebuild what he had lost so many years ago

[To be Continued]

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OOC in-formation

Artimis Raiden is a character that Darktoorper Amat has played since 2008 all the history is based on actual events and there are several sources you can look up such as the Galactic News Network.