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"Who the hell broadcasts their tactics over the holonet?"

— Arman upon reading an article about another Sith organization explaining exactly what their plans were for a war that had yet to begin.


Birth and Death Watch

Beginning life was relatively easy, as Arman was born into a Mandalorian family to Mandalorian parents... unfortunately his father decided he didn't want to follow Mand'alor anymore... and killed every member of the family save for Arman, his sisters, and his mother.

Their father then brought them to a Death Watch camp. By this time, his younger sister was one year old, he was two years old, and his older sister was four years old. Unfortunately..4 years later, their Incompetent father died, having failed yet another mission. it was at this point that Arman and the rest of his family were treated as prisoners, serving Death Watch in any way they were required. However, a few months went by, and the two sisters had escaped the camp. By this time, the Death Watch expected Arman to know where they were... he didn't. So, as punishment... he was forced to watch them tear his mother to shreds, watching and listening in horror as her screams echoed in the valley that the camp was based in. Shortly thereafter, they forced him into a vat of his mother's blood...where he spent two days inside until he was released and they trained him, manipulated him, and brainwashed him to serve them. This was completed by them branding the symbol of Death Watch into his face. For 5 years, he trained with knives with one of the elders of the camp and became well acquainted with them almost immediately... it was said that his first assignment was to execute one of the prisoners. The end result is not known, but if one were to ask Arman, he'd say that he did his job... and that he'd stabbed the prisoner sixty-seven times in the throat, face, and chest.

They never truly intended to make him a member of their clan... but they surely did plan on making him into a killing machine, purely loyal to them. However... what they hadn't planned on was him meeting Jemma Solus, the daughter of runaway Death Watch member, Levi Solus. The two quickly became friends when he was seven, and Jemma was six. A year later, when Jemma failed a task and people began to harass her for it, he spoke out in her defense and tried to get them to stop harassing her...the result was him being strapped to a table and a sheet of metal being heated up to nearly melting. It was then carried over, by tongs, by six members of the clan, and placed on his back for 45 seconds. this was enough to cause severe burning to the boy's flesh and to this day, he still carries the physical and mental scars.

His final mission as Death Watch was to accompany Jemma Solus to Uvena Prime...to make sure she killed Levi...or kill him if she failed.

Uvena Prime

Arman on Concordia, relearning to shoot after losing his left eye.

However, after a few days, this mission was scrapped as Arman, after trying to kill Levi, fell from the Inn's second floor and onto the ice and broke his elbow. He was then thrown in prison, where he betrayed Death Watch by begging Levi and anyone that would listen to help the two break free of Death Watch and become as he was, a Mandalorian.

For two years, Jemma and Arman lived with Levi and Gris Socarras. Things were relatively calm, well, except for the Revenant Armada attacks and such. Due to these experiences, Arman grew to hate the Armada and everything involved with it.

War and the tearing of the family

After the two years, war broke out between Mandalorians and... well... anyone that got in their way. Coruscant fell and was then handed to the Sith with the exception of many refugees who were evacuated onto Onderon by Mandalorians, lead by Mand'alor.  Arman, fed up with his questions never being answered and always treated as though he had no right to an opinion of his own by Levi decided to take matters into his own hands and go to Onderon via shuttle. When he arrived, he immediately began to ask questions of Mand'alor and learned as much as he could. This was cut short by Levi realizing that Arman was gone and questioning him over comms. This was the beginning of the end of their mutual respect. Arman turned off his comm in his buy'ce and continued to listen to Mand'alor despite Levi's demands that he return home.

During the war on Fondor, Arman spent his time working with Clan Dralshy'a walkers and learning how to shoot a rifle, a skill that still serves him well now. in addition, he learned to shoot with his right hand as well as his left, which over time and with enough training, helped him become ambidextrous. However, for the most part, he was kept away from the front lines, providing support with the walkers primarily on scouting missions with some of the lighter walkers. Once the war finalized, Arman stayed on Onderon with the exception of when he would visit Uvena Prime to see Jem again. with each visit, the two grew closer..to the point that he even hid the existance of Levi's clan, Runi, for fear that she would be hurt if he told anyone. However...the more he held it in, the more he began to distrust Levi, mostly for Levi's unwarrented hatred towards Mand'alor and those that followed him. But Levi was still family in his eyes.

Disaster struck when Zepp, a scout sent by Mand'alor, was killed by Levi when the latter felt threatened by the former. The entire affair threatened to not only expose Runi, but those who kept it secret in fear for loved ones being hurt.  War was proposed by an emotionally unstable  Niv Dralshy'a and a few others in an meeting of Mandalorian leaders. Arman, among others, pointed out that going to war over one man was a blindingly erroneous approach. It would be like sending an entire army after a child.

shortly thereafter, Arman and Levi got into yet another argument...this time over whether Mand'alor or Levi was out of line when Mand'alor visited to say that he was no longer considered Dar'manda and that it was an error in judgement. Arman tried to be civil... however it appeared that Levi felt that Arman was being hostile to him. This was to be one of the many arguments that came about in this period of time. The conversation later made its way to Kebii'tra Kata who instantly jumped on Arman verbally. Taking this to heart and not very well, he left Uvena, Jemma, Kebii'tra, and everything behind to stay on Onderon once more.


Arman's temporary armor, provided by clan Munit'kad.

shortly before beginning his training with Mand'alor te Reclaimer, Arman took what he saw on Fondor and created graphic designs for walkers which ultimately he sold to provide Mandalmotors with a structure to make designs out of said walker graphics. His other condition was that he be trained by Mand'alor. Mand'alor agreed and they began his training immediately. Thus began the trials:

Trial One

A'denla tested his skills in combat by taking him hunting for Nexu. One he managed to hit directly in the middle of its skull, while the other he was forced to take down in hand to claw combat which lasted for an hour.

Event one

Traveled to Byss with Mand'alor to strike up a negotiation for weapons with the Sith Empire

Event two

Travel to Byss a second time to help Kranak send the first shipment to the Sith Empire.

Event Three

Kidnapped by Death Watch, loses fingers and eye on left side.

Trial Two

Killed an Acklay after nearly being eaten, his left arm being snapped, and all this with two Beskade (swords)

Post Verd'goten (Keldabe)

Upon finishing his verd'goten, Arman moved to Keldabe, where he resided at an unknown location. He received his armor shortly after, as witnessed by two other Mandalorians and a reporter for GNN.

a few weeks after this event, he and Jemma ended up in an argument over a Clone Trooper who Arman had warned that if said trooper did anything to hurt her, he would give the trooper either a scar or a missing limb depending on the severity. Ironically, the argument lead to the two splitting as friends and ending any relationship that the two had.

First scouting mission

Squad leader
Kal Rez
Squad members
Arman T'ad Be'Socarras, Tamso Kad
Mission objective
Confirm rumors of Kyr'tsad presence in the Mandalore jungle
Mission summary
Objective completed, all members on both squads, enemy and own, injured in one way or another.
Mission result
Success, tactical withdrawal.

Stealing of the Iron Reaper

Iron Reaper in dock just above Klatooine's surface

Te Beskar Kyr'am entering Mandalore's atmosphere

A week after Tamso Kad recovered, she and Arman went to Klatooine for a bit of relaxation after her recovery from losing her left arm. Upon their arrival, they were accosted by a group of Klatooinian pirates who were interested in the Mandalorians for various reasons... however, more so in Tamso. Upon one of them trying to pry off her armor, Arman drew his scattershot and blaster off one's face before aiming at the one trying to take Tamso's armor and firing into his crotch at point blank range. Tamso, not to be outdone, broke one's nose before using her heavy repeater as a club to beat another to death. Upon completing this, they saw the Flagship of the pirate crew, the Iron Reaper, in dock. Seeing an opportunity, the two took it and opened fire on the rest of the ships in dock before entering orbit and then hyperspace. Upon arrival at Mandalore, the ship was renamed 'Te Beskar Kyr'am' or "the Iron death" This would prove to be a useful addition to their adventures.

Finding Vltar

Upon exiting the Mandalorian meeting of the day, Arman heard his holonet link device beeping. Upon doing so, he saw that there was a 100,000 Credit Bounty on the head of a "Human looking female with green eyes that goes by the name of Vltar"

After a failed attempt to find her in Mos Eisley, he and Tamso found said female in the arena on Geonosis... as it turned out, she was a Human Replica Droid from nearly 430 years previous. After a brief history lesson, Arman and Tamso decided to keep her instead of giving her over to the Bounty Hunter's Guild. they thought her to be a long term investment... and as it turns out...they were right. They had a few options.

  1. They could buy a new model and upload her AI into it (approx. 1+ million credits)
  2. Buy what parts they could find (still approx. 1+ million credits due to the lack of spare parts)
  3. Get a new model to replace her (1+ Mil credits once more)
  4. Steal a new model and upload her AI into it (bad relations with Cybot Industries)

The factors that they went over in their decision making process included:

  1. She was programmed in exotic entertainment, something that would prove useful for a target
  2. She was programmed in Diplomacy and could communicate in over 4 Million forms of communication
  3. She could gain new programming, such as combat and/or piloting.


Arman's winter styled beskar'gam. just the usual 'gam with white/gray undercloth

sneaking over a ridge for a better shot

Upon arrival on the harsh winter planet, Arman was given the role of marksman and took that job seriously. He was placed under the command of former Mand'alor and current Dralshy'a Ori'vod, Niv Dralshy'a, who split command in her ranks between herself, Kranak, an Ordo ge'verd, Arman, and the Alor of another clan, the last of which disappeared at some time during the fighting. In a battle that Arman believed could have been handled better, Arman was given command of fifty marksmen, of whom only one died, due to a stray blaster bolt from a defending Mirialan soldier. However, he lost a bit of respect for the Dralshy'a Ori'vod insofaras...he did not believe that command should have been given to either him or the ge'verd due to inexperience on the battlefield. However, it was not his place to question orders, so he followed them and continued to fight, ceasing only when Mand'alor offered his terms for Mirial's surrender, the consequences of not surendering having been made clear.

Mission to Nar Shaddaa

Upon the second week or so of the war on Mirial, Arman was given a simple assignment. Since a number of Mandalorians tended to work part time for Hutt clans, A'denla sent him to Nar Shaddaa to see who had denied the rally of Mand'alor and chosen instead to remain in the service of Hutts. On this mission, he found only two, both of which seemed to be accounted for in the long term, btu at the time he hadn't known that. While keeping tabs on the two, chaos broke out and he lost one. Knowing that his mission was completed, he returned to Mirial to report to Mand'alor.

Mirialan defeat and inner conflict

In this time, with the war over, he took the opportunity to look over recordings of the various battles and the salvaged recordings from various ambushes on Mandalorian squads.

In listening to a report from the only GNN reporter that he listened to, he was troubled by one part in particular:

"Prime Minister Lorso was forced to meet with the Mandalorians on their fleet in orbit around Mirial, pleading with them for a cure since the virus plaguing her people was found to be Karatos Plague. The Mandalorians would only give the Mirialans the cure if they surrendered the planet to them, to which she angrily agreed."

— Xera Dekul reporting on the end of the siege of Mirial

He had known that the Mirialans had surrendered, not the specifics. He kept in mind that not even Xera would get things 100% from the perspective of Mandalorians, but it caused a conflict within himself. He knew that it was an advantage that had to be pressed, but something felt wrong. For the most part, he associated it with his talks with Jemma on the matter and that he hadn't seen Tam in months. He would then begin to wander the galaxy.

With the war on Mirial over, Arman began to travel the galaxy in his vessel, focusing on salvaging old parts and scrap to sell on Tatooine to various merchants. Should Mand'alor call for another Rally, he'd be ready, first though, he had to face a few inner demons.

Salvage work

While on Tatooine, Arman ended up with a comm from a merchant from Keldabe that wanted a ship that he'd found and was willing to pay for it. After the buyer didn't show up in Keldabe, Arman talked to the Ordo Alor and ended up with 25,000 Credits for salvage he was going to give her for free. Arman decided that, given the situation, he wasn't going to argue it with her.

One Chapter closes and another begins

A few weeks after the selling of his scrap, he was on Nar Shaddaa, fighting a Death Watch member by the name of Teroch, which ended with Arman getting a blade to his thigh before being dragged into the Nar Shaddaa cityscape and shooting the jetpack of Teroch, ending with them crashing into the streets below.

Shortly thereafter, he met up with Jemma, and after a few days, ended up jettisoning her from his ship in an escape pod, tired of the games that they ended up playing. Thus, his heart hardened further, and he started a new chapter.

A New Man

With his eyes opened, Arman quickly rose to the challenges of everyday life that occured. Such challenges included an unruly bunch that chose to say that they would not rally to Mand'alor if it came to attacking Hutts, which ended with him behaving more like a rally master than the rally master present, as she was busy whining about attacking Hutts. A second challenge was a foreigner in Keldabe wearing Beskar'gam, which ended with the Pretender's head being splattered across a wall due to a point-blank scattershot shot.

Unknown foreigner: "What can I do to be like you?"
Arman T'ad: "Learn, become Mando'ade... but you'll never accomplish that, Auretii."
― Arman shortly before killing the intruding pretender.

A few weeks after this occured, Arman was attending Hutt Night when a particularly fiery Jedi called out Sihivus Verne for her cowardly acts of executing unarmed GLA operatives. This prompted a respect for the Chiss Jedi, Causing him to aid the Chiss, which led to open fighting between Mando'ade and Sith in the middle of the meeting. While managing to clip a few of the Sith, Arman was gravely injured, a lightsaber cutting through his stomach and a force push knocking him into a wall, nearly breaking his legs and back. Once the Mandalorians had retreated, one of the rally masters providing covering fire until the very end, Arman ended up taking refuge in an abandoned warehouse as he blacked out. When he came to, he was confronted by the daughter of one of the Sith that Arman had managed to clip during the battle. Due to them having fought earlier in the week and then this massive firefight, she and the Sith sought revenge, ending with Arman spending hours on their torture table. They had no use for him to talk...so they simply inflicted pain, using the force to tear apart his mind and reform it into an almost totally blank slate, leaving only his skills in place such as knowing Galactic Basic, movement, combat, etc. But the man that was Arman was no more.

Shortly after his memory removal, the former Mandalorian was enslaved and placed in a Spice mine at an undisclosed location. within the month, the enslaved young adult had broken free after sabotaging the generators within the mines, causing the upper levels to lose power. During a large slave revolt, he made his way out and hijacked a Ghtroc 720 full of spice. What he didn't know was that there was a crew member already on board, asleep in the bunks. Midway through the Hyperspace Jump, there was a scuffle between the crew member and the former slave, causing the ship's engines to begin leaking coolant, which in turn caused the ship's engines to malfunction. This malfunction/overheating caused the ship to pull out of hyperspace too early, over New Alderaan. The resulting impact in Downtown New Aldera left several dead and numerous injured as the freighter broke apart from the speed and the impact. surprisingly, the pilot himself suffered very few injuries from impact save for a skull fracture and an neck. most of his injuries were from the fight against the crew member, which included several stab wounds in his bicep and a slash on the right side of his chest under where the upper arm would come down on the side. He was placed in a private room under armed guard while they await his recovery to place him on trial for multiple counts of attempted manslaughter, reckless piloting, murder, and other smaller charges.

A Truly New Man

Faced with the choice of prison or Active duty in the military, Arman chose to serve in the military. Over time, his skills managed to come back and he served the Republic faithfully. Unbeknownst to them, the primary reason he served was because he'd finally found someone that he wished to protect..someone who saw the best in who he was in the present...not who he was in the past. 

Almost immediately after his joining, the Republic's 3rd was shipped to war on many fronts between the Republic and the Sith Empire, based on Krayiss II. Serving on Umbara, Belsavis, Nar Shaddaa, Felucia, and New Alderaan, the new soldier rose to the rank of Corporal, then Sergeant over a period of time. When he became Corporal, he began to debate new names..other than John Doe. when he became Sergeant, he chose the name of John Garm to signify his past and present. While serving, he ran into several people from his past, and actually worked out a treaty with A'denla, though the elder man made it clear that Garm was no longer welcomed in Keldabe. Though he never met Werde Werda previously, the faux Mandalorian made it clear that he would not rest until Garm was dead. After several attempts and retreats by the man, Garm hoped the man would see reason for once.

Leading the 3rd down the final run on Umbara, Sergeant Garm was able to take down each of their three targets before aiding in destroying the comm relay. When questioned by the SIS about Jemma Solus, he gave them the simple answer of where they could shove their inquiries.

Several months later, he was a part of the 3rd Mechanized Unit's squad that was sent to the Corbos Ore Refinery to defend it from an attack by unknown forces, later identified as Death Watch during an ambush. Several of the squad were taken down, resulting in the loss of a pinkie, which was surgically reattached and a deep stomach wound which forced Sergeant Garm to be removed from the active roster for a time in order to recover. 

The Republic and Vigilantism

After a reformation of questionable quality, John Garm was forced into a life of vigilantism after witnessing the rape of a friend while he was helpless to aid her. Due to this, he formed Obelisk, a paramilitary charity which not only aided the people of Coruscant in defendign themselves, but provided weapons, food, and medical supplies (along with hygiene supplies) for those that needed it most.

However, after a short period of time, Garm realized he was unable to continue with the small amount of manpower that he had left. Thus, he returned to the Republic and served through several more campaigns before becoming tired of the corruption, once more returning to the Mandalorians, one of whom he'd repaired relations with.

Runi and old acquaintences

Growing weary of constant warfare and bickering, John Garm returned to his old name and added the surname of Solus to honor his deceased father, Levi. It was here that he met up with an old friend, Sek'nos Fah who joined Runi shortly before he did. shortly thereafter, he helped Sek'nos' former student, Leda Swann feel comfortable with joining the clan. 

A New New man

after assisting an old Jedi acquaintance, Arman unfortunately was ambushed by a large cyborg, torn from his own body, and put into an experimental droid. the experience left him scarred, but less insane than before..

A few months later, Sek'nos, Arman, and Leda assisted Mand'alor's forces with an issue on Dxun that left Arman slightly bitter towards the other two, an issue that was resolved later through Runi Alor, Jemma Solus.


after several years of work with Runi and remarrying, Arman ended up being nearly cleaved in half defending a Jedi friend.




  • Arman is the fifth Mandalorian character that the rper has created. Previous played out characters include Mita'rash'athyn Kata (former Kata Ruus'alor), an unnamed Mandalorian force user, a former Munit'kad medical/toxins expert, and a Bothan that was to be in Nico Fett's Fett clan, but ended up failing in that regard due to some ooc stuff that occured
  • Arman was originally meant to be a character that revolved around one other character, namely Jemma Solus. This was because the rper had left SWRP and SL altogether in June of 2012 and returned only due to Jemma's rper asking the rper of Arman to return and play a character with her.
  • John has been in a total of 5 factions
  • When he knows no one is looking, he likes to climb trees and sit in the branches, relaxing for hours at a time.