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Arami is a planet in the Arami system that was first colonized by the Hutts in its early history. Along with Ko Vari and Tatooine, it was one of three planets where races were held to celebrate Boonta's Eve.

The planet Arami is a swampy grass lands planet covered by dangerous creatures most of which have never been documented but watch your step in the swamps because the occasional rancor has been reported.

Arami is a planet populated by a vast array of villainy and scum coming from all corners of the universe. there is no shortage of bounty hunters, smugglers and mercs to be found on Arami if you can pay the right price and with criminals like the Hutts and Sith operating on the planet you can be sure the price is no small thing.

currently Arami is under the control of the Imperials who have put in place a state of the art imperial base in there efforts to try and take control of an out of control planet.

Arami Star System

The Arami system is a star system located within the Outer Rim Territories.

the Mid Rim

Sim Groups, Owners and Admins

Arami Sim Owner: Gregory Collinson


Sara Blackrain

Plasmastorm Balazic

Neri Nayar

Owen Tiratzo

Grancha Dasmijn


Arami Imperial Forces - Imperial trooper group

Tyia - Force Believing Religious Group

Desilijic - Hutt Clan Ran by Grancha the Hutt

Gratto's second hand Shop - Toydarian Store and weapons Group