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Antzz Michalski was a Jedi Council Master within the Kalway Order of Jedi.

Life of Antzz

It all started many years back when Antzz was a young boy when Antzz lived on a space station with my father. Antzz’s father was a mechanic who repaired ships and droids. Then one day the space station was boarded by the sith, the attackers killed many people including my father. Antzz and the other survivors were captured and taken to different planets to work. In secret, Antzz somehow learned new abilities known only by those of the Jedi order.

One day Antzz overheard a conversation about a bounty hunter who was going to the planet of the Jedi known as Yavin IV. Antzz managed to escape the sith and smuggle himself on board his ship. For many days Antzz was drifting through Yavin IV until a Jedi (Master Zav) sensed the force within him.

Antzz Knighthood.png

The Jedi showed him the ways of the force until Antzz was old enough to be assigned to a master (Sir Miha). Over time Antzz has proven himself as a Jedi knight and taken a padawan. Over many years of training padawans, Antzz would reach the rank of KOJ master.

Many years have passed within the Kalway Order Jedi, but also there has been the fall of many sith orders. Antzz has proven himself once more, now he sits along with other council masters but also as a lead sentinel.

Antzz In Danger.png


Antzz is a very friendly person, that has been taught to be respectful to other species and not judge them to easily. Antzz is also a kind person that likes to help other people when they need help.